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A Step Inside Mercury - GH Preview for Week of March 2, 2015

A Step Inside Mercury

Have a Nice Day

For a guy who’s been whomped by a getaway SUV, had his face literally rearranged, his brain scrambled, and his freedom curtailed, Jake is actually doing surprisingly well. He may not remember his name or where he came from, but his flirting and wooing skills are in fairly good working order. When Elizabeth opens up about her current situation with Ric, Jake hopes he might still have a chance with her – and says so. After her fiery defense against Commissioner Sloane, Jake is nonplussed by an unexpected – and unsettling offer from the man who could also grant his release. But with no credentials, no proof of any educational background or experience – let along no chance of avoiding jail – can he really say no? Ultimately, he gets help from another source, who helps him make the decision to take the job or not.

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone

Ava’s memorial looms in front of Kiki like a hammer waiting to fall; all her life it’s always been just her and her mother. This is the woman who raised her, loved her, and protected her – and although Kiki is very glad to have her father in her life, she’s struggling to process how radically this will change everything.  She’s also torn over her decision not to fight for custody of Avery, especially in light of Michael’s crusade to claim the baby.  

As preparations are made, Morgan asks a favor from Sonny, while Kiki calls Silas to fill him in on the memorial details, still unaware that her father is harboring and hiding her mother at New York Methodist.  Silas, himself torn at keeping the secret from Kiki, is also hard-pressed to keep Ava from tearing out the IV lines and making a break for the subway.

Back in Port Charles, Julian tells Sonny he’s back up and running again, and also takes a moment to have a chat with Michael – warning him that he will step in if he feels it’s necessary to protect Avery from becoming the rope and the prize in a vendetta tug-of-war.  Michael, however, has no intention of letting this drag out that long. When a new wrinkle springs up in the courtroom, Alexis becomes suspicious of Michael, and it doesn’t take long for Carly to suss out what’s going on. It could be a huge game-changer that inveigles the judge to hand down a swift and implacable decision.

Hole in the River

There is a long road behind Bobbie and Scotty; they’ve known each other for decades. They’ve fought and loved and won and lost. They’ve been friends and lovers and enemies and allies. Along with Luke and Laura, they’ve had the most tangled, the most wrought, and the most fraught of histories of probably anyone in Port Charles. And even in the worst of times, they’ve all known the best in each other, whether they wanted to say it or not.

Now, as the realization of Luke’s condition is starkly apparent, his sister and his nemesis are left to reveal just how deep the dark well goes; Luke has gone much further than they realized at first, and the immeasurability of the fall is terrifying.  Shaken and reaching for purchase, Tracy finds the one constant she can always count on: Monica, who is a sister through more than marriage alone. Exhausted, Tracy confesses her fears for and about Luke, and when new information comes to light about the Spencer family, it may produce much-sought after answers for her. But – it could also break her. The only question is how much she can, or will bend.

Also next week:  Olivia tells Dante the rabbit died. Franco and Nina team up with an unlikely ally, Nathan is up-front with Maxie about their relationship, while Spinelli shocks Maxie with his actions. Silas helps uncover a truth, while Carly implores Sonny not to make hasty decisions. Nikolas reveals information about Jake to Sam.


Have a Nice Day:  Bon Jovi, Have a Nice Day
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone:  Paula Cole, This Fire
Hole in the River: Crowded House, Crowded House  

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