Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GH Preview for Week of July 28 - Large Hadron Collider

 Large Hadron Collider

I Wouldn’t Need You

After walking in on what looks like flagrante delicto between her new ex-boyfriend and his pill-happy wife, Sam is stunned and devastated, thinking Silas has moved on with the speed of a Kardashian at Spring Break. Confused and heartbroken at the shocking turn of events, and completely unaware that Silas’ complicity in them was deviously manipulated through pharmacological means, Sam takes stock. Her sharp, clever P.I. brain kicks in, and after a revelation, she inveigles Patrick to help her get the goods on Nina – who Sam now firmly believes is up to no good.

Silas resurfaces with zero memory of the previous evening’s events – the scotch, the drunken ballroom dancing to the sofa, the hurt look on Sam’s face – everything is a blank.  Nina, however, is undaunted, as she keeps up the momentum and unveils a new surprise.

All Downhill From Here

Carly is working frantically as the rope and the prize between Sonny and Franco. Her beleaguered ex-hubby is antsy that Franco knows The Big Secret about, well – Sonny plugging A.J. like a Hatfield at a McCoy wedding. Sonny isn’t as sure as she is that Franco is going to keep his mouth shut, and probably with good reason – seeing as Ava is at the same time begging her former lover/current thorn to help her. Persistent and demonstrably desperate, Ava pressures and hounds until Franco just wants to stop the voices – and is caught looking into Carly’s private hard drive.

Dare You To Move

Jordan’s cover is severely at risk when Mickey starts digging into her past, and the DEA Agent shares with Anna her thoughts on Julian’s actions. Jordan can sense she’s getting that much closer to discovering the true identity of the real ‘boss’ of Julian’s operation—which she also knows ups the ante on her life.  Taking the ball and running with it, Dante begins an investigation of his own, using the information Jordan provided.

Over the edge and on the warpath after an explosion targeting those he loves, Julian tells Jordan who was behind it. He wants answers from “Luke”, but his slippery boss is more interested in what leverage Ava has on Sonny Corinthos.  Maneuvering carefully around the chessboard, Julian then reveals to Sonny that he, too, knows what happened with AJ.  Increasingly, the secret about AJ Quartermaine’s death – and the ripples which still radiate from that event -- is coalescing around a singular center, circling and eddying like a relentless, inevitable superstorm. Rough beasts slouch towards Port Charles…their hour come round at last.

Also Next Week: Tracy learns of a new hope for Alice, and Ned overhears her discussing it with Fluke.  Brad encourages Britt to come clean, as Nik becomes more distraught and worried over the missing Spencer.  Ava tells Julian about a new business venture, and Olivia crashes with a befuddled, but accommodating Ned Ashton. 

Wednesday, July 30:  WWE star David Otunga guest stars as himself.


I Wouldn’t Need You:  Norah Jones, The Fall
All Downhill From Here: New Found Glory,  Catalyst
Dare You To Move:  Switchfoot, The Beautiful Letdown 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

GH Preview for Week of July 14 - What We Know of Sins

 What We Know of Sins

It’s De-Lovely

With a bone in her teeth and a song in her heart, Maxie is locked and loaded and ready to track down the culprit who gave Levi up to the INS drones. Her suspicion lands squarely at first on Nathan, who of course has made no secret of his disdain for the saucy Aussie and devout desire to have him gone. Nathan is confronted with some rather damning evidence, but of course denies vehemently any involvement in calling the feds. So, Maxie wonders, if it wasn’t Nathan, was it Mac? Or even Dante?  Piqued and exasperated at the turn of events, she tosses Nathan out on his well-maintained keister, and then is horrified to find out from Levi that he may have to leave the country. This, in turn, precipitates Maxie thinking of possible solutions and later, a mind-blowing announcement. Or, you know – mind blowing for anyone who’s never, ever met Maxie.

The Reflex 
Having observed Kiki reaching out to Morgan for comfort, Tracy wastes no time in Carpe Diem’ing  and needling Michael about the former couple’s closeness in this time of crisis, hoping to throw her nemesis off-balance and distract him from other issues at hand. Michael, with rather admirable forthrightness, directly approaches Morgan to talk about Kiki and ask what’s going on.  In the meantime, Tracy uses the opportunity to beeline for Alice again, promising the increasingly stressed-out housekeeper she will do everything in her power to help Alice find a new heart – at a price, of course, and in addition to unswerving loyalty and silence.  At this point, Tracy might want to stand back from the bed, lest Alice make her an involuntary donor.


Fresh from the mayhem that is, was, and forever will be Delia Ryan, Sonny is about to tear his own eyes out from exasperation at everyone making waves and unsettling his carefully laid strategies for subterfuge and denial.  He still has Ava in the house and under foot, scheming and manipulating even in her sleep. His younger son still despises him; he’s terrified his older son will feel the same way if Michael ever finds out who really killed AJ. On top of that, the latest 
wrinkle in the thread count is his ex-wife’s boyfriend. When 
Sonny finds out that Franco almost told Michael everything he knows, the white-hot rage threatens to rival Etna. Sonny and Franco have it out, with Sonny threatening a bemused and frustrated Franco against saying anything about AJ’s death.  But this is Franco, and very little deters him for very long at all.

See Off This Mountain
Spooked and freaked out at Rafe’s pointed accusations and confident prediction of failure and retribution, Nina finds herself scrambling for psychological purchase – or as close to it as she ever gets – and finds assistance from a new friend.  As Silas and Sam lean on each other and, along with others who loved Rafe prepare to let the boy go, Nina finds herself feeling something strange…something unsettling and foreign.

A cusp is before her; she can choose to go one way or the other. She can put away her bitterness and her vitriol, her thirst for revenge and desire to cause pain, and simply go forward to make a new life…or she can continue on the path she’s currently traveling. This is the moment. She considers coming clean to Silas, to Sam, to everyone – considers making a clean break with the past and all its weight. And then another choice, another opportunity arises for her…something incriminating she can use in her quest to tear Silas and Sam apart. She has moments to make the decision, and once made, it can’t be unmade.

Also Next Week: The hope that Rafe’s heart might save Alice hits a snag, as Obrecht apprises the Quartermaines of a new problem; Obrecht pressures Anna to deal with the drug problem in Port Charles.  Dante and Lulu are curious about the contents of Sonny’s mysterious flash drive. Nikolas is on to Spencer’s schemes, but the little prince is indefatigable in his determination. Lucas confides in Julian about his love life, and Jordan is offered a dangerous proposition.

It’s De-Lovely: Cole Porter, The Essential Collection 
The Reflex: Duran Duran, Seven and The Ragged Tiger 
Faith: George Michael, Twenty-Five 
See Off This Mountain: Edwin McCain, Messenger 

 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and ABC.com


All General Hospital previews written and posted on this site are entirely from source material given to me by ABC.

  I do not source any material published on my site from message boards or other sites. ABC is aware of my previews and content. Thanks for reading. :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of July 8 - The Universe Next Door

 The Universe Next Door

Be Somebody

As Alice – the true touchstone and rock of the Quartermaine family—lies prone on a hospital gurney before them, they listen with mounting trepidation as Monica explains:  Alice is getting worse, and the situation will require extraordinary measures for her to survive. Reeling, they grope for answers as Alice, focused and stalwart as ever, is hellbent on corralling Michael and warning him of Tracy’s machinations, come hell or high water. Alice may be on a gurney, but this is a minor obstacle is but a fly on rhinoceros skin to The Dominator – and means big trouble for Edward’s little girl.  However – said little girl also watched her own father crawl across the floor in agony while she brandished his heart medication. Granted, she thought he was faking (he wasn’t), but it doesn’t diminish the unholy lengths to which Tracy will go in single-minded combat.  This sets the stage for a major confrontation in the IV jungle.

Two Princes

Levi is determined that the information about his residency visa not be divulged to the general public and pesky INS officials. Thus, despite having viewed first hand Nathan’s version of ‘one armed paper hanger’, he rather recklessly warns the well-maintained – and sole breadwinning member of the group – not to go blabbing to anyone.  Which Nathan takes with the requisite amount of serious weight and respect. Meanwhile, Maxie finds herself in conflict once again as she runs interference, finding her increasingly strong feelings for Nathan—as well as his obvious disdain for men’s fashion – to be very confusing and upsetting...and rather titillating.
Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are keeping busy waiting for D’Artagnan to show up;  Brad, on the loose while Britt plots her triumphal march back to Wyndemere, stumbles onto a close moment between his ex-boyfriend.  Er, both of them. This results in an epic, apocalyptic argument between Felix and Brad, one of such pith and moment that it morphs into…less pith and more moment. Ahem.

Mother Nature’s Son

After an attempt to confess everything to Patrick, Rafe’s seizure has rendered him unconscious and in need of life-saving surgery. While Molly tried to remember details through the haze of a concussion, Rafe is rushed to the OR to be operated on – by none other than the enraged neurosurgeon whose emotional state makes Silas openly question his suitability to perform the procedure, which leads to blunt animosity between the two physicians. But it has to be Patrick; no other surgeon is available or could get to GH in time to save Rafe’s life.

Grudgingly, Patrick heads to the OR, as Silas and Sam wait anxiously. Given the fact Patrick’s last patient died, they might have reason to worry. Silas blames himself for Rafe’s downward spiral to Sam – who later asks Patrick about certain events that transpired.
Nina, frustrated at the annoying propensity of the universe to hinder her carefully-formed strategies, has a wee hissy before redirecting her efforts once again to a new scheme. However, just as she’s begun playing the fiddle again, she’s stopped in her tracks by a shocking surprise.

Also This Week:

Delia and Ava’s attempt at cat burglary fails miserably and lands them both in hot water, and Anna and Jordan discuss their next move. Rafe’s tragedy weighs heavily on a conflicted Julian.


Be Somebody:  Paula Cole, Amen
Two Princes: Spin Doctors, Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Mother Nature’s Son: The Beatles, The White Album 

 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and ABC.com


All General Hospital previews written and posted on this site are entirely from source material given to me by ABC.

  I do not source any material published on my site from message boards or other sites. ABC is aware of my previews and content. Thanks for reading. :)