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Mummers and Guisers - GH Storybullet for Friday, January 31

Mummers and Guisers

Patrick and Mutter have a few words. 

This is not love in an elevator. 

Franco has an uncomfortable moment. 


Emma displays her unnerving observational skills. 

Kiki may be headed for trouble. 

 Spencer and Cameron meet the Chupacabra. 


Victor Cassadine comes a-visitin'.  


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mummers and Guisers - GH Storybullet for Thursday , January 30

Mummers and Guisers

Ava dodges Sam's questions, but gives some crucial information. 

Silas and Franco brainstorm together.

Elizabeth has a dilemma. 


Robert has news for Robin.  

Kiki has a new idea. 

Carly sees an advantage and takes it. 

 Michael wants answers from Franco. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mummers and Guisers - GH Storybullet for Tuesday, January 28

Mummers and Guisers

Lulu and Nathan commiserate over failed relationships. 

Duke is convinced he has things under control. 

Rafe admits he went to Anna about the warehouse shooting. 

Morgan is torn between loyalties. 

The Jerome schism begins to show. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Ten With Melissa Gilbert

With Melissa Gilbert

I grew up with Melissa. 

Not literally, of course, but she and I are only a few years apart in age, and I watched Little House on The Prarie along with practically everyone else in the world as she played a fictionalized version of Laura Ingalls with sassy aplomb and humor – which she has in abundance. She’s tough, having grown up in show business, raised in the heart of Los Angeles, and she takes no crap from anybody. Everything she is has been earned – her resume, her creativity, her family, her scars, and her accomplishments. None of it was handed to her, and I think if anyone had tried, they’d have found the silver platter knocked forcibly to the floor.

To say she’s had an impressive career is a woefully inadequate description; all you have to do is go to IMDB and look at her credits as an actor and producer and see the amazing phalanx of actors she’s worked with and known all her life.  She’s also kinda badass, having taken on Hollywood politics and served as SAG president from 2001-2005, and raised four decent, hardworking, functional children. 

Tough she is, and resilient, but she’s also one of the kindest souls you’ll ever come across – unassuming, at ease with herself and her fame without feeling any need to assert it in order to talk to you.  She knows who she is, even if you don’t. But if you take the time to listen, she’ll tell you who she is.


ARD: Okay, first things first: You got married! (to actor/director Timothy Busfield – “The Fosters”, “The Client List”) One of the things I’ve always admired about you is your complete fearlessness in love – or, at least, you seem fearless to me. Do you feel that way about yourself? 

MG: I’m pretty fearless in general. Definitely fearless when it comes to love which, in the past, has gotten me into some…well…let’s just call them unhealthy situations. Every love I’ve had before now it seems I’ve twisted myself to be someone I’m not. Someone they needed me to be. I think I was also afraid that if they saw the real me, warts and all (not literally), they’d leave.
The relationship I had before Tim was the best and, hopefully, final example. He liked me to dress a certain way, so I did. He hated my perfume…a custom made scent I’ve worn for years, so I stopped wearing it. He didn’t understand me politically or spiritually so I shut those parts down...OH! And he didn’t like me without make-up, so I wore make-up all the time.

My sweet husband came barreling into my life exactly when I needed him. I had really grieved the last break-up. I think it was because I was really done with the emotionally unavailable, man. I was finished! Then this kind, brilliant, spiritual, politically liberal, funny, sexy man was right in front of me. He brought me home, to me. I am so comfortable and just happy, all of the time. It took nearly 50 years but I am finally living in bliss and comfort.


ARD:  You’re a born-and-bred Angeleno, and you’ve up and moved to Michigan!  That had to be a fairly big adjustment. What do you miss most about L.A., and what do you love most about Michigan? 

MG:  Fearless, right? I leapt and the net appeared. I knew this move to a small town was what we needed. We wanted a quieter, pressure free life….and that is what we have here.

I miss nothing about LA except for my family and girlfriends there. It’s actually easier to list what I don’t miss; I don’t miss eating in a restaurant and everyone craning their heads to see who just walked in. I don’t miss everyone talking about show business all the freakin’ time. I don’t miss all of the women with the same lips, noses, cheek s and boobs. I don’t miss the pressure to be unhealthily skinny. I don’t miss the constantly unchanging weather. I don’t miss traffic and I really don’t miss smog.
What I love most about Michigan is that it’s everything LA isn’t.


ARD:  You and Bruce (Boxleitner, her ex-husband) have one of the healthiest relationships I’ve seen after a divorce – Hollywood or otherwise. It’s incredibly admirable, but it couldn’t have been a cakewalk for either of you. How did you work that together, and what decisions and priorities did you choose?
MG: Well, thank you for that. It wasn’t easy. The beginning was incredibly wrenching and painful. I don’t want to get into the why and how and stuff. I can tell you that after the initial hurt began to dissipate, we made a conscious decision to remain loving toward one another. I think Bruce really felt it when we mediated our divorce. No lawyers, no fighting, in just a few hours. I proved to him that I wasn’t out to ruin him financially and take his kids away and all that.
We actually went out to lunch after our mediation session and really had a nice talk. We continue to raise our youngest son together. We were a big part of each other’s lives for twenty years. That can’t just go away. He’s a dear friend to me. We are really good at being friends. That won’t end ever.


ARD:  Little House is playing on a television somewhere in the world even as I ask this question: What do you remember most about your first day on the show, and what do you remember most about your last? 

MG:  First day, Michael Landon putting cigarettes out in the palm of his ski gloves and then putting the butts in his pocket until he could get to a trash can.
The last day, I remember feeling like someone had died. I remember crying uncontrollably off and on, all day. The whole cast and crew were doing the same.



ARD: How close do you feel to Laura Ingalls? Is she removed a bit from the Laura you played, or do you feel close to the real one more?  Have you had an opportunity to see her homes – I’d love to see Rocky Ridge Farm.
MG:  I didn’t get to Laura’s homesteads until I went on tour with the musical. I have always felt close to her. I think as a kid it was way more subconscious. A few years back at the museum in Walnut Grove, I think, they took me back into a special vault and they took one of her nightgowns out for me to see. They let me touch it. It’s kind of a woo-woo thing but I swear I felt her there, in my heart and brain. Like this flood of who she really was infused me at that moment. It made me cry.


ARD:  You and Alison (Arngrim, who played Nellie Oleson) have been thick and fast since you were kids. I like to imagine you get a lot of double-takes when you’re spotted sharing lunch with each other instead of throwing it. What’s your favorite way to screw with people’s heads? 

MG: People screw with their own heads enough when we are together. When we were kids and we’d go places to hang out, folks would walk up to us and put me behind them, shielding me from Alison. It always made me laugh.

ARD:  You grew up with and still know –well, just about everyone, it seems, in the business. Who do you not know that you would invite to dinner, and what would you cook for them?

MG:  Ryan Gosling…and I’d make him whatever he wanted….naked except for an apron…Seriously, I think having Judy Dench to dinner would be a kick and I’d make her a traditional English roast dinner.  
ARD:  Your book, A Prairie Tale, was a bestseller – I loved it, by the way – and now you’re about to publish a cookbook.  Are they your own recipe creations, or a collection of yours and family/friends? Comfort food, fancy food…gluten free food?  I’ve heard you’re a fabulous cook.  

MG:  Ah yes. It’s more than a cookbook, it’s also part scrapbook filled with memories and behind the scenes pictures from Little House. The recipes are all mine. All comfort foods. It’s called My Prairie Cookbook. It will be released around the 40th anniversary of the first airing of the show.

ARD:  Recently you’ve been working on a movie that deals with bipolar disorder (I myself am bipolar II), and I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Can you talk a little about your character and the story, and how your perspective on bipolar disorder was affected as a result of the story?

MG:  I can’t really talk about it much because I don’t know what is going to happen with it or when. It’s a really tiny independent feature...really tiny. It’s called One Song. Sally Kellerman and Mike Farrell play my parents in it. I play the black sheep of the family. In and out of facilities to deal with bi-polar disorder.

I come home unannounced and off meds but that part isn’t revealed until a big family dinner where my character comes in and just wrecks the meal.

I did extensive research. Watched hours of favorite is Stephen Fry’s. I just love him. I also watched every film that had a character in it that either had bi=polar disorder or some undiagnosed iteration of it. I wanted to watch other actors’ interpretations. See how deep they went or not. I loved Richard Gere in Mr. Jones, and of course Jessica Lange in Frances

ARD:  Now that you’re in Michigan and out of the Hollywood orbit, so to speak, what’s the plan? You’re not retiring, are you?

MG:  Oh hell no!! Tim and I have a film in development here… a couple actually. We also have a series in the process of being written that we will likely pitch next year. We are also on the verge of starting a theater company here in our little town. We have loads of plans. Don’t know that I’ll ever retire but, in about 10 years, I’m going to let my hair go as white as it wants.

That’ll be me…the lady with the long white braid down her back walking from her home to her office to her theater to do yet another show, while the latest film they produced is in post at their post production facility down the street…stopping to get a chai at the coffee house and make out with her husband.

Of course, I will be followed by my dogs….that will never change.

 Melissa's book, A Prairie Tale, can be purchased at Amazon 

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of January 27 - Mummers and Guisers

Mummers and Guisers

The Day Before You Came
Silas is hauled off to the hoosegow in handcuffs, and despite reassurances, his nephew Rafe is unsettled by this turn of events, having become closer to his uncle in recent weeks and grown to admire and respect the elder Clay.  While the kid reels at the new development, TJ takes the opportunity to make a taunting crack about Rafe’s family connections in front of Molly  -- as if TJ himself didn’t have a few demerits in that department himself. Rafe, however, immediately retaliates with a helpful and revelatory reminder of this fact.

While Silas cools his heels in lockup, Nathan is over the moons at first, making a mysterious and cryptic call and generally pulling his impressive muscles with back-patting himself.  Anna brings him back down to the mat with a crash, informing him that he has just 48 hours to get something more concrete on his target – or the good doctor will be released into the loving arms of his girlfriend and Dr. Obrecht, both of whom loathe Baby Colombo. 

Said girlfriend is livid at the mad reversal of fortune, and Sam fumes to Dante over his partner’s obvious glee and alacrity in Silas’ predicament. Dante is sympathetic, but of course unable to help – and is distracted by thoughts of his wife, to which Sam is also sympathetic and of course unable to help. Nathan, on the other hand, is able to help – well, help Lulu, with whom he commiserates over lost love and failed relationships. This is a surprising sight to Dante when he discovers them comparing notes.

Down in the dungeon, an epic recap of mammoth reckoning takes place as Silas and Franco compare notes on their respective situations, shuffling the decks and tossing ideas back and forth.  Sam gets nothing out of Ava, who vehemently denies any involvement in Nina’s coma – but Silas and Franco both come to the inescapable conclusion they’re both being framed. Now they just need to figure out who is responsible and how to prove it. 

I Have the Touch

Tina Estrada just wants to see her psychiatrist, just like she does regularly each week to keep her on an even keel. Dr. Collins is her mainstay, her rock, her safe haven. And there’s a strange nurse in his office who has never been there before and she doesn’t recognize. It does not bode well for the ‘nurse’, whose scrub-clad form cannot hide the fear in his face, and he is subsequently hauled off  to the protective walls of the PCPD, where he theoretically can cause nor wreak more havoc. However, this is Franco…

After Franco and Silas have their brainstorming-cum-jailhouse jam session, Kiki has an idea of who might be framing her almost-daddy.  With an apologetic shrug at Silas, she hies off to visit Miscavige, which probably gets more visitors nowadays than the Metro Court Hotel, whereupon a suspicious-looking person invites her to see Heather Webber’s room.

Baby Jane is at that moment still haymaking over at the Cassadine stables, gloating to Carly about Franco’s arrest and savoring her inevitable victory.  When the kids – those meddling kids…!  -- return to the scene, presumably to retrieve swords and breastplates,  Heather comes up with a horrible way of distracting them and taking care of Carly in one fell swoop. 

Something About You

Anna’s juggling act over the past few weeks has been nothing short of awesome – in every sense of that word. She has welcomed her once-dead child back into life again, nullified her nemesis and worst enemy with the help of her ex-husband and colleague, tracked down a wanted fugitive, collared another maybe-murderer, and begun breaking in a new recruit, all while looking casually fabulous. The fly in the ointment is, unfortunately, the light of her life, the sun to her moon, the Duke to her Duchess – Duke Lavery.  While she is still cudgeling over Nikolas’ startling news about a non-existent job interview, the truth of the situation is dropped on her head with all the subtlety of a drunken Irishman.
Duke is not going to stop doing what he feels he needs to do, and this puts he and Anna at a philosophical and ideological loggerhead.  Anna finds counsel and consolation with Robert, who gives her some sage advice before he departs Port Charles for Wisconsin – er, parts unknown.

Demolition Man
Now that he knows of his son’s duplicity, the reality and depth of Morgan’s betrayal, Sonny has only to decide what to do about it and where to buy his next set of barware.  Despite the sting and the very real heartbreak he feels, Sonny still loves his son.  But he can’t protect Morgan  -- not as long as the prodigal is in the same sandbox as the Jeromes.
That sandbox is slowly, but surely, showing lines.  The Jerome siblings’ united front may be cracking, and a schism begins to manifest as dueling priorities and goals redefine and redraw the picture.  Julian presses Ava to reveal what she knows about Nina’s coma and the circumstances of how it happened, and things get very tense.   When Julian confides to Alexis that he truly wants to be part of Sam and Lucas’ lives, an unexpectedly close moment results, and may reshape not only Julian’s relationship with Alexis – but with everyone in his life. 

Also Next Week:  Ava gives Morgan a gun for protection. Elizabeth challenges Sabrina, while Tracy demands Anna open a case on a missing Luke.  Lucy begs Felicia to keep quiet about her indiscretion, and Victor Cassadine returns to Port Charles with scandalous news and shocking plans. 


The Day Before You Came:  ABBA, The First Ten Years
I Have the Touch: Peter Gabriel, Security
Something About You: Level 42, The World Machine
Demolition Man: Def Leppard, Euphoria  

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