Friday, February 28, 2014

Head Count - GH StoryBullet for Friday, February 28

Head Count

The unraveling begins. 

Like everyone, Elizabeth is flummoxed and shocked at Robin's decision. 

Nikolas explains Elizabeth's visit.

Lulu is having difficulty coming to grips with Baby Ben's paternity.

Anna investigates the assault on AJ. Already things don't add up.

 Ava is intent on covering her tracks. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Head Count - GH StoryBullet for Wednesday, February 26

Head Count

Either Delia created a stellar diversionary tactic, or Ava just found out what's in Ryan's Shepherd's Pie. 

Sam and Silas are aghast to discover Ava's in New York. 

Mayhem continues at the Davis home. This time, Molly and Ric are nowhere in sight. 

...Because Ric is igniting a whole new powder keg. 

Luke is not well, not well at all. 

 Patrick confides in Sabrina. 

Carly and Robin have a chat. Heh. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Head Count - GH StoryBullet for Wednesday, February 26

Head Count

According to sources, Nathan will be wearing shorts. 

Michael is buying some shorts soon. 

Franco and Carly don't care about shorts. Fluffy bathrobes are where it's at. 

No idea if there are shorts under here, but judging from Sam's expression, they're coming off. 

Delia should probably stop carrying coffeepots around. 'Cause she's about to drop another one. 

 Shawn contemplates the eternal question: Boxers, or briefs? Also, where's my kid this morning? 

Olivia also gives no rips about shorts. Okay, wrong choice of words. 

Carlos is wearing hit man haute couture. Screw the talk about shorts. 




Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Head Count - GH StoryBullet for Tuesday, February 25

Head Count

 Sonny is not happy with the current state of affairs. 

Ric Lansing. That is all. 

There are few things more terrifying than Alexis Davis in Mama Bear mode.  Julian is just a bonus. 

Sam and Silas have a plan, but they need a little help from a friend. 


Ava needs Carlos to do some dirty work. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of February 24 - Head Count

Head Count


Reach Up for the Sunrise

People may have written AJ off – and maybe they can’t be faulted for it, as he’s been lurching and leaning all over Port Charles for the last few weeks, bottle tucked securely in his pocket as he meanders around the cemetery.  But lucidity and recall are tentatively making overtures, poking holes in the whiskey-laden curtain on his brain.  Unbalanced and shaky he may be, but there are certain things about that night Connie was killed which are coming back to him with shocking clarity, and this return to sentient life is not good news for Ava.   

However, she’s in a bit of a pickle, because she can’t take direct action to solve her problem – so she meets up with an old friend and cajoles him into helping her.  So, being the pal is, he agrees, and goes off to beat the living daylights out of AJ.  This may end up being a grave miscalculation though. An addict AJ may be, but he’s no fool – and he almost immediately begins to wonder who’s behind the attack – and why they’re so rattled as to want him removed from the earthly plane. 

All I Want

Some heretofore dangling ends have begun
to come together for Sonny Corinthos, who is also not stupid or lacking in cognitive ability. Shawn’s dogged research has yielded some extremely interesting results, as he was able to trace the funding for Julian’s rival operations, and the results are illuminating.  Julian switches over from grandpappy mode to throw his arm around an unnerved TJ, buttonholing the kid for an overdue chat about the warehouse shooting. Rattled, TJ beelines right for Sonny and Shawn and informs them of the encounter, whereas in turn Shawn beelines for Alexis and lets her know about it. This is of course unsettling for Alexis; she’s begun to trust Julian despite herself.  Quite understandably, she begins to question that decision. 

Over in the Big Apple, Silas and Sam have concocted a new plan to clear his name, albeit a tentative one with more than one sticky widget.  Unexpected circumstances arise, and Delia frantically attempts to warn Sam. However, since Sam and Silas are…otherwise engaged, and Sam doesn’t get the message. 

Later, the Three Amigos sit down to strategize and review their plan for the erstwhile pharmacist, Mr. Nakamura, but before they can put it into play, they receive some stunning news. Silas finally realizes he needs to deal with some things he’s had on the shelf for far too long, and makes a crucial decision about his life and his future. 

Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone

Back in Port Charles, Patrick and Robin have some devastating choices of their own to make – choices with far-reaching consequences, and which may be irrevocable.  A distraught Patrick, worried sick for his daughter and bereft at what is about to happen, confides to Sabrina about what’s happening with Robin, while Robin herself braces to tell friends and family the news.  Predictably, her announcement is received with a mix of shock, sadness, and anger – and not a little suspicion on Anna’s part.  Mum knows her daughter better than anyone, and knows when something is being held back. 


Reach Up for the Sunrise:  Duran Duran, Astronaut
All I Want:  Natalie Merchant, Wonder
Iris:  Goo Goo Dolls, Dizzy Up the Girl 
Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone:  Glass Tiger, The Best Mellow Gold  

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fairy Tales and Frost Heaves - GH StoryBullet for Friday, February 21

Fairy Tales and Frost Heaves

Sam is startled and touched at Julian's olive branch. 

Molly has plans. Alexis has questions. 

 TJ has plans. Olivia has questions. 

Silas is learning the ropes of parenting a young adult daughter. 

 Michael goes to Sonny for relationship advice. No irony there. 

Robin wants a united front telling Emma what's about to happen. Patrick wants an actual united front.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fairy Tales and Frost Heaves - GH StoryBullet for Thursday, February 20

Fairy Tales and Frost Heaves

Pleased to meet you...hope you guessed my name...

Dante properly introduces himself to Ben. 

Britt offers an apology to Sabrina. 

Elizabeth confesses to Nik. 

Lucy and Tracy butt heads. Hee. 

Anna discovers something shocking.