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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of October 28 - Sunrise on Mars

Sunrise on Mars

Away From the Sun

For nearly two long, solitary years, Robin has walked a circular path around the memories of her family. She is haunted by the remembered sound of morning laughter, the smell of her child’s hair when Emma rushes into her arms for a hug, and the warmth of her husband’s arms when she does the same with him. It is something she has dreamed of, yearned for, and seen in the framework of her mind for as long as she has been under shackle.  And it is just minutes within reach from her now.

Wyndemere is but a short boat ride to the lights of Port Charles, which she can see from the windows, and the temptation might be too great for her. Nikolas catches her in a weakened moment, and has to remind her of what’s at stake if she loses her focus and her sense.  The Devane/Scorpio duo is still crawling the wall of their daughter’s former prison, under the watchful and gleeful eye of Jerry Jacks. One false move, one wrong turn, and he will kill them.  

It’s enough to make anyone twitchy, but add to that the sandpaper solace of Liesl Obrecht and the familiar sound of Liz and her children trick-or-treating at the door, and it’s just too much. When Robin overhears Spencer invite everyone to the hospital Halloween party, the wheels of Robin’s mind begin to spin, and anyone who has seen a Scorpio begin to make a plan had better resign to the inevitable.


Lulu’s desperation is different. It’s bordered on the edges with the darkness of desolation and the cold hard sheen of purpose: Keep baby Connie at all costs.  She’s terrified; every knock at the door is the marshal, come to take the baby from her. Every phone call a summons to some legal matter. Every sound is an alarm and every thought is panic. As Spinelli and Lulu make preparations to welcome their daughter back home, Lulu’s Spencer instincts are kicking in.  Everything in her wants to take Connie and go on the run; just disappear somewhere – just like her mother and father did with Lucky. Of course, the Falconeris wouldn’t be running from a mob kingpin – they’d be running from the law.

Planet Earth

After the coffee massacre of 2013, Olivia sees that Sonny is perturbed, and asks about the vandalized beans down on the docks.  Reticent, Sonny tries to put her off despite her relentless, dogged questioning, but it’s like trying to stop the wind.  Olivia tries to dissuade Sonny from further violence and escalation, but that’s like trying to move a mountain. To Olivia’s mind, any outcome cannot be a good one, and she considers telling Dante what she has learned regarding Julian Jerome, Derek Wells, and how they are connected.

The man in question is pleased to get a visit from Alexis and his grandson, who is now fully recovering from his battle with Leukemia and is responding beautifully to the transplant.  However, Derek’s serenity cracks and spiders a bit when Alexis offhandedly informs him that Sam and Silas are in New York City together, running down a lead about Julian Jerome and his possible connection to Ava.  He visits his sister later – in what appears to be an inconvenient moment – and then receives word from Sonny for a meet.

He’s Mine

It’s not going to be a good week for Ava, from all indications.  The news that the object of her obsession is in New York with another woman is not likely to rest well with her, and as we have seen, she doesn’t deal well when things don’t go the way she wants. On top of that, she runs into the extremely angry mother of the object of her projection. Mayhem ensues, with shades of “Lace”, Krystle Carrington, and Alexis Colby.

After fixing her hair, Carly receives an invitation from a dogged, if resolute Franco – and she has a condition before accepting. Franco, for his part, is being watched by a lurking, shadowy person-thing who issues to him a stark warning. And as if her cup didn’t already runneth over, Carly opens her door to a Halloweening Derek Wells, to whom she is aloof and wary, thinking there might be more going on between he and Ava than he’s let on.

Also next week: Morgan brings something back to Sonny – but it’s not exactly the same as when it left. Silas and Sam meet Delia and confront her for answers.  Duke has a shocking run-in, and Robin walks a tightrope on Halloween.


Away From the Sun – 3 Doors Down, Away From the Sun
This – Darius Rucker, Charleston, SC, 1966
Planet Earth – Duran Duran, Planet Earth
He’s Mine – Rodney Atkins, Take a Back Road

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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of October 21 - Concave Middle Distance

Concave Middle Distance

The word prodigal means “wastefully extravagant” – by either word or deed – extreme, reckless; over the top. It derives from the Latin prodigus, from prodigere -- to drive away, or squander.

Most of us have heard the parable of the Prodigal Son, from the Book of Luke:  At his younger son’s request, a father remits the boy’s inheritance to him before the father dies. The boy goes off, money burning a hole in his pocket, and proceeds to revel, play, debauch, and live on the edge until, inevitably, the money runs out and the party is over.

When a famine hits the area, the younger son is forced to muck a pig sty in order to keep from starving, and it isn’t long before he’s thinking the pigs have better rations than he does. That’s when he finally puts his pride in his pocket and returns home, shamefacedly, ready to offer himself in service to his father’s household as a worker.  The father, overjoyed at the return of his son, for whom he has lived in terrible fear and worry, gathers him up and holds a feast to celebrate his return. The older son, outraged at what he perceives as an easy pass, at first refuses to participate, reminding dear old Dad that he didn’t leave home and fritter away his inheritance.

His father remonstrates him; that’s not the point. The point is that they are celebrating that this son came back. This son is alive. This son wants to love and be loved by them again, and this son wants to make amends.  “Everything I have is yours,” the father says, “but it is appropriate to celebrate and be glad, for this, your brother, was dead, and is alive again. He was lost, and is found.”

It’s a powerful story of spiritual rebirth, forgiveness, and redemption – of the idea that you can go home again, even after so many mistakes and bad decisions.  Of the power of a parent’s love, and their capacity for utter forgiveness for their children.  The parent wants to love and support the child – but it is, ultimately, that child’s decisions and actions which determine whether or not they’re allowed to do so – and to what extent. 

Sometimes, the prodigal doesn’t come home the same way he or she left.  And sometimes they don’t come home at all.

On Cassadine Island, things have gone from exasperating to flat-out infuriating, as a standoff ensues between the warring factions – Nikolas’ staff being absolutely no help at all – and Robert and Anna find themselves surrounded for the duration by their daughter’s handiwork. Terrified for Robin, not knowing if she’s still alive, newly dead, or even within spitting distance of where they are, they begin to compare notes and weigh their options on what to do next. 
Mac gets back to Port Charles and Maxie in time for her to regale him with the latest news about the baby, and her plans to reclaim her daughter. As a father, Mac is supportive, but he also knows it isn’t as cut and dried as a legal brief. There is a gutting in store, and he wants to make sure Maxie is prepared for it, because he also knows the opposing side will give no quarter. 
Crazy On You
Pouring on the sugar with his ambitious campaign to become the new District Attorney, Scott is happy to have the assistance of his former squeeze Lucy Coe, who has never been at a loss for words or the seasoned pitch.  With everything clocking along as planned, the last thing he wants or expects is the appearance of a crazed ex, but he’s absolutely floored to come face to face with a rather incensed Heather Webber.  It doesn’t matter that Heather’s ire is borne of a recent revelation about Franco’s blatant opportunism – she only wishes she’d thought of it first – but Scott is the one directly in the line of fire, and even he isn’t foolhardy enough not to dive for cover. 

When You Were Young
Sam starts playing the threads and speculates: could Julian Jerome indeed be Ava’s brother that Kiki and Silas were discussing?  It’s a question with staying power, and it won’t let go.  Alexis goes to Lucy and asks her to reach into her memories of Victor Jerome’s life and connections; is there anyone around who might have more information?  Sam and Silas head for New York City, armed with Lucy’s information – intent on unmasking the past and the mystery of Sam’s origins.

Red Rain
Prodigious eavesdropping has caused Morgan to draw conclusions based on what he perceives as evidence, and it’s about to raise the stakes on his future and any chance he has of turning back. With an ego fueled by rage, his perceptions of Derek and Ava’s relationship, combined with the body blow of witnessing Michael’s apparent favored status with Sonny, cause him to place his own life in jeopardy without knowing it. He’s become a liability; Derek wants him removed, even as Sonny’s world is again struck with force, affecting both legal and questionable enterprises. Sonny goes to an unexpected source for information, which startles and disquiets Michael – because it’s the last place anyone would expect to find a Corinthos.

Also Next Week:  Sabrina tells Felix about the phone call Patrick received from “Robin”, and Felix wonders if Britt made the call. Kiki signs annulment papers.  Diane reassures Michael about AJ’s chances at trial if Scott is elected, and later confronts Franco about his paintings. 


Heaven: Live, Birds of Pray 
Crazy on You: Heart, Dreamboat Annie 
When You Were Young: The Killers, Sam’s Town 
Red Rain: Peter Gabriel, So 

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The Young and the Restless Teasers for Week of October 21 - Seawall


Sharon encourages Dylan to fight for his relationship with Avery, while
Devon shocks everyone in town with an unexpected announcement. Michael's hearing goes sideways in a startling turn of events, while Jack reaches out to Jill, while Ashley Abbott returns to her hometown to offer support in the wake of Delia's death.  

Cast News and Appearances: 

Judith Chapman is appearing in her ongoing show "Vivien" at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia 
  •  14th Street Playhouse, Stage 2 
  •  Friday 11/2/13 and Saturday 11/2/13 8pm
  •  Sunday, 11/3/13 2pm
  •  Tickets:   Woodruff Center Tickets


Michael Muhney will host the 16th Annual L.A. Cancer Challenge, Sunday 10/27/13. Click here for details: 

Melody Thomas Scott will appear at the following events:

Eileen Davidson Returns As Ashley Abbott 10/25/13


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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of October 14 - The Elements of Lying Down

The Elements of Lying Down

Drops of Jupiter

Call it what you want – wishful thinking, manifesting hope, delusion, or outright insanity – Patrick can’t shake the feeling Robin is out there somewhere, cognizant and lucid.  He also thinks he may be venturing into Heather territory, could be totally losing it, and is hearing voices – well, one voice – simply because he has its owner present in his mind. Consider being in Sabrina’s shoes when he confides this to you – trustingly, openly, desperately. You don’t want to hurt the man you love, but you also don’t want to feed into what, for all intents and purposes, is a fantasy. What do you do? What do you say?

Back on the Island, the Dharma Initiative continues to build the hatch – er, whoa, wait a minute…


Back on the island, a lucid and cognizant Robin continues her work on the Polonium antidote, and is stunned when Jerry reveals to her who the test subject actually was.  Unfortunately for Jerry, Robin informs him that he needs to recover said tester, because it is only from Luke that a replica of the antidote can be extracted – and only by Robin herself.  This undeniably puts a damper on Jerry’s holiday plans, but there isn’t a heck of a lot he can do about it.

After the cluster of fumbles that was their first date, mixed with the bite of a jealous ex, Silas would very much like another try at giving Sam a nice evening where perhaps they could eat a meal at a real table with real chairs and metal cutlery. So, in true, blunt Silas fashion, he asks her for a do-over.  It’s a tossup as to whether they’ll be at his place with him wearing a ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron, or it's the duck at Metro Court. I’m rooting for the apron.

Later, Silas gets a visit from his newly-liberated daughter – both Kiki and Michael having realized they can’t live on love alone and need gainful employment to keep their nest feathered. While talking with her father, Kiki is startled when Silas reveals some information about Ava – information she didn't know. 

A Little Less Conversation
A frantic Franco is tearing out what hair he has left. He’s an artist who can’t seem to produce any actual art, with Heather Webber as his muse playing Cyrano de Bergerac to his art dealer. Derek (yes, I’m calling him Derek this week) is impervious to the threats a once-menacing Franco hurls in his rival’s direction, and Carly remains disdainfully elusive. 

When Franco tries to explain the purpose of Diane and the duck at Metro court, Carly is suitably outraged, disbelieving, and piqued, and flounces off to find herself at the business end of an invitation to lunch.  Tongue may or may not be on the menu. 

After a short stint in Hypomania, land of no boundaries and endless enthusiasm, Sonny’s bags drop with a thud.  He begins connecting dots that had only before seemed like happy balls of sunshine, lighting the way of truth and hidden lies, and actually realizes that maybe some things at which he had scoffed might be worth further consideration. He meets with former mob counterpart and rival, the astute Duke Lavery, who shares some details about Julian Jerome’s death – how it happened, when it happened – and who identified the body.  

After a bout with his demons -- which cost him valuable time and leverage -- a nearly-blindsided Sonny is not in a good mood at all, ready for a fight, and he isn’t about to lose the scent now.  Now it’s a hunt – and will he find the enemy before he’s blindsided again?  

Also Next Week :   Morgan learns some new things about Ava’s past and makes some extreme decisions. Patrick confides in Liz about the phone call he received, Sonny starts putting it together, and Sam catches Alexis talking to a lab tech about ‘tests’. 


Drops of Jupiter: Train, Drops of Jupiter 
Moonshadow: Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat 
A Little Less Conversation: Elvis Presley, Almost In Love 
Superstition: Stevie Wonder, Talking Book 

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Listen to Angela: GH Teasers - Bump


On Robin’s birthday, Patrick takes a moment to remember, while Duke and Olivia talk about her mystifying vision of Faison.  Diane is ready for business, but receives a startling invitation instead, while Derek and Carly meet for dinner. Molly and Rafe celebrate Danny’s recovery and are flummoxed when they return to Sam’s house and are startled by what they find. Maxie and Spinelli realize that getting Connie back isn’t going to be as easy as just asking.

Coming up next week:  Britt confides everything to Nikolas, knowing it might change their relationship, and finds her nightmares becoming reality. Sonny wants more information on his newly-designated enemy, and asks Duke for some help.  Franco warns Derek, while Morgan goes to Diane for advice.  Luke and Tracy begin again, while Silas and Sam pick up where they left off. 

 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet.