Friday, July 26, 2013

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of July 29 - Building the Avalanche

 Building the Avalanche

Ghost of a Chance

Aside from Mrs.Bates, there is no more sublime of mothers than a certain dancing Obrecht, who has swooped in to check on the projects she’s had simmering in town for months.  Her increasingly wavering offspring is ready to call the whole thing off and spill everything to Patrick, but Mutter is steadfast in her commitment to see things through to the endgame, and tells Brittster to just suck it up. This is difficult for Britt, seeing as Sabrina and Felix are coming at her from the other side and have even dragged Spinelli into the conspiracy.

Fresh off a successful surgery removing Franco’s tumor, Patrick is reflective over the impending arrival of the new baby and discusses the implications with Sabrina.  Moving around the chessboard with a dexterity unbefitting a pawn, Sabrina runs into Dr. Olbrecht, but at the time doesn’t realize the significance of the encounter, and it might behoove her to leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind her. Just in case.

Kaval Sviri

Riding the rolling wave of both her recent and distant histories, Alexis is firm when she tells Molly her relationship with Shawn is over.  Her main concern, however, is finding a way of remembering the name of the father – who shall henceforth be called SamDaddy until we’re sure we actually know his name. At her wits’ end, she and Sam finally go to the one person who could help tie it down – Kevin Collins, who may have a way of helping her remember things Alexis has buried deep.

Sam, who has probably taken more body blows in the last week than Chris Kluwe in the 4th Quarter, braces herself for one more as Patrick fills her in on Franco’s surgery, prognosis, and viability as a marrow donor.  As if that wasn’t enough, she’s still reconciling the monster in her mind with the reality in her sightlines. She and Carly have a long talk about Franco, the past, and what lies between the present and the future.
What lies beneath the present and the past is what drives Silas, who is determined to find the truth about Kiki.  Not only are his and her futures affected – so is the entire gameboard.  If Kiki is his daughter, Silas wants to know, even as he forges new ground with Rafe and strengthens ties with his nephew, who, upon hearing that Molly is thinking of reconciling with TJ, Rafe takes a deep breath and—

Running in the Family

Connie’s been trying to hold things together, but it ain’t easy for a newly-integrated DID girl with a mob boss boyfriend, and on top of that, her beloved Crimson turns out to be dancing on the edge of ruin, and she has an extremely short window to find a big story to save the Port Charles Press. Her boss, Derek Wells, is putting even more pressure on her already-overtaxed psyche. Unhappy with her performance, he fires her, but she cuts a deal that gives her a brief reprieve—if she delivers the goods.

Growing more desperate (didn’t think that was possible), Morgan’s nightmares drive him to confide in Sonny, of all people, about relationships and women. Sonny’s own issues of inferiority as a parent are shown in specific relief when he agrees to keep Morgan’s confidence about Kiki. The barrel begins to roll downhill when Connie senses the drama and pokes and prods for answers. Sonny dodges, but he’s trapped in a confined space with her, so…all he can do is canary and then beg her to keep her mouth shut. Something is so backward about that.  Connie then finds herself in a quandary between knowing the truth and saving her job.
A View to a Kill

AJ’s surprise victory in the battle for ELQ has left Tracy in a fit of frustrated pique which, while delightful to watch, is also somewhat fraught with mayhem.  As she casts around for a new alternative, AJ and Elizabeth take time for a romantic celebration alone. 

Ava and Duke have an unsettling tete-a-tete, after which he and Anna pay a visit to Sonny to talk about…mutual adversaries.  Later, Ava and Derek meet, but funny—they seem to already know each other. What are the odds? 

Song titles:  
Ghost of A Chance:  Rush, Roll the Bones
Running in the Family: Level 42, Running in the Family 
A View to a Kill: Duran Duran, Decade

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Young and the Restless Teasers - Update

Quick update, everybody: I got my dates wrong. I will be publishing teasers for Y&R, but not until August 2. Sorry about that, but I wanted you to know, and to tell you that they are indeed coming. Bear with me. And again, sorry for the mixup.

Listen to Angela: GH Teasers - The Walrus Said

The Walrus Said

DNA Doesn’t Lie…

 This week on General Hospital:

Compassion and common ground can exist in the darkest places; Carly and Franco walk the abyss.  Michael and Felix team up to snare Brad, but will he fall or be forewarned?  Also, the struggle for control of ELQ reaches a zenith, with astounding alliances on a brand-new chessboard. 

Coming up week of July 29:

Sam and Carly have a talk that speaks of many things, Britt comes clean and reveals some truths of her own.  Patrick and Sabrina open up to one another and reach a new level of trust, while Duke and Anna compare notes on Ava.  Alexis undergoes hypnosis, Sonny gets it from all sides, and Silas has Danny’s test results. 

 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Listen to Angela: General Hospital Preview for Week of July 22, 2013

Burning Bushes and Light Brigades

Wish in This World

Convinced in the validity of parlor games, planchettes, and phantoms, all brought to us by the letter “J”, Molly and Rafe cudgel over what it could mean, but Alexis can offer no help.   Taylor is shockingly emotional and crushed when TJ bluntly reveals his actual feelings for her. As she dissolves into a predictably unhappy mess of adolescent girl, TJ is at a loss for what to do.  Later, he and Molly talk, and to the chagrin of both Taylor and Rafe, Molly considers working things out with her rather helpless ex-boyfriend.

Michael Corinthos would probably gladly switch places with...well, anyone right now, really. A bar, some alcohol, and a random girl seem like helpful solutions to forgetting Kiki, but the mind and the heart are powerful things.  All hell breaks loose when Kiki and Morgan make the shocking announcement of their nuptials, sending everyone akimbo. When Carly discovers the impending blessedness, she makes a beeline for the obvious – Ava, who, unsurprisingly, is juggling confrontation like a mime in Central Park.  The battle for ELQ pretzels once again as new, surprising, and somewhat hair-raising alliances are formed.

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Since her attempt at scaring Britt off didn’t work, Liz reverses course and buttonholes Nikolas, who not surprisingly dismisses her warning as flat-out jealousy and standard Elizabethan M.O. – the Brook Lynn saga having been barely three years ago. Nik brings the matter up with Britt, and they have a surprisingly candid discussion, and Nik, perhaps recalling what it’s like being judged on outward appearances, makes a decision.   

Armed with intel for which her mother valiantly battled and is still repairing her French tips, Laura hies off and demands answers from Tracy, who, perhaps exhausted from the pressure-cooker of confidences she carries, finally and almost gratefully folds. They strategize a plan for finding Luke, while Scotty continues to demonstrate a level of maturity and self-awareness that awes as well as frightens.

Ordinary World

After realizing that Franco has absconded with Danny –who, by this time, is so used to being a magnet for psychopaths that he just naps in leather-clad arms – Sam, Silas, and Carly discuss their next move as Dante organizes an official search. Carly believes she may know where “Jason” has gone, and steps up to bat for both Sam and the memory of her best friend.  At the end of all things, Franco is confused and disoriented, and utterly flummoxed by Carly’s demeanor towards him, while Patrick prepares for the complicated surgery to remove the tumor. 

Exhausted, Sam and Silas spend some time alone together in a bonding moment, and ultimately learn that Franco may indeed be a match for Danny. In an ironic yet poignant affirmation, Sam finds herself praying for Franco’s survival, while Rafe and Silas’ relationship thaws and warms. 

Also Next Week:  Tracy and Ava make a move, while AJ finds support from an unlikely source. Silas is still suspicious of Kiki’s age, while Michael and Felix conspire in an unusual and unbelievable plan to trap Brad the Lab Rat. Shenanigans.

Song Titles:
Wish in This World:  Edwin McCain, Messenger
The Ground Beneath Her Feet: U2, The Million Dollar Hotel
Ordinary World: Duran Duran, Duran Duran/The Wedding Album

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General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet.