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Outside Gethsemane - GH StoryBullet for Wednesday, April 30

Outside Gethsemane 

Julian finds himself on the receiving end of Luke's piquant wrath.

Jordan insists to Shawn that she's on the straight and narrow. 

Liz and Nik are torn when Lulu makes a request. 

Mutter is confident in her scheme for amnesty....

...while sister Magda is equally sure she has a foolproof plan in place. 

Meanwhile, Britt hears news from Nathan which results in this expression.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Listen To Angela: GH Preview for Week of April 28 - Outside Gethsemane

Outside Gethsemane

Black Widow 

Carlos is pissed. After a frustrating stint in stir with the endlessly chatty Franco, anyone would be ready to spill guts just to bargain for a way out of hoosegow, but Carlos’ motivation goes far beyond Franco.  After hearing about Sabrina’s car accident and the peril it caused for her and her baby, that was enough for him to nearly blow the top off his lushly curly head.  But now he goes for an all-out Free Carlos! campaign, making a staggering confession to the ever-persevering, protecting and serving cops at PCPD, despite Ava’s less-than subtle warning and with his passion for vengeance on full throttle. 

Ava, meanwhile, has placed herself in rather uncomfortable stations, and she finds herself on the receiving end of more questions, when Kiki, after discussing the matter with Michael, decides to visit her mother and ask just how well Ava knows Carlos.  On top of that, Anna and her posse find some crucial evidence in AJ’s case – evidence that could possibly be a game changer and reveal everything. Despite this development, Carly and Franco are determined to be vigilant and dig even deeper – as they are positive Ava has a lot more to hide.

At Close Range 

The pyroclastic flow rolls inexorably downhill, as Morgan, enraged and brokenhearted, is trying to find an outlet –any outlet—upon which to vent his pain and shock.  Bad enough to find your lover cheating on you. Even worse when it’s your own father with whom said lover is cheating, and even worse than that is the memory of people warning him about Ava – his mother, Kiki, even Michael – ringing in his ears.

Displaced and yet eerily focused, he interrupts a rather intimate and romantic dinner between Julian and Alexis, burning to tell Julian about Ava’s cryptic shenanigans. When Julian relays the information to Luke – who has been busy feeding Shawn  nefarious insinuations about Ric Lansing --the increasingly weirdly-coiffed imposter hands down a lethal and implacable ultimatum.


Unaware that Nathan has been tasked to keep an eye on her, Britt is singularly focused on the survival of Patrick and Sabrina’s tiny baby boy, who is struggling to stay alive in the NICU.  As the anguished parents wait with a mix of hope and sheer terror, Patrick is suddenly and unexpectedly presented with an opportunity to get in touch with someone he loves – but will he leave his son’s side to do so?  Later, Britt has news for him and Sabrina as she updates them on their baby’s progress.

Britt herself is surprised and shocked when Nathan delivers a revelation that absolutely floors her, even as he’s reeling from the information himself. Their mother and aunt are still tucked snugly in the everlasting stronghold of Anna Devane’s battlements, but neither are planning to stay long. Having schemed and strategized creatively during their stay, both Mutter and Magda are supremely confident that their individual plans will secure release and restoration – but who actually has the last word on the subject and the power to make the decisions?  Nathan, still full of questions, finds himself floored just as much as his sister, when Madeline drops him with another secret – and then tells him to keep quiet about it.

Lady Snowblood

TJ is excited and happy when he is accepted into the college of his choice, but he also confesses to Molly that it makes him miss his father, who would have been just as thrilled and proud.  His guardian is exasperated and worried – particularly when Luke’s hinting places doubt in his mind about Ric, which are unsettling enough in an already dicey climate between two crime families. Shawn is completely fed up with Jordan’s involvement at the gallery and threatens to expose her past to TJ. All of her past.  However, Jordan shows a keen interest in the Jerome family business and no evident inclination to divest herself, proving her loyalty once more – further cementing her place and heightening the stakes for Shawn.

Also Next Week:  Alexis and Ned are happy to see each other after so many years, and have a chance to catch up and commiserate.  Olivia wants to work things out with Sonny, despite the explosive fight they had, while Levi comes face-to-face with a less-than-impressed Mac Scorpio. A mysterious man comes to town with a special delivery, and a perplexed Sam questions Patricks’ odd behavior towards her.


Black Widow:  (1987) Director – Bob Rafaelson/ Writer – Ronald Bass 
At Close Range: (1986) Director – James Foley/Writers – Elliot Lewitt, Nicholas Kazan
Inception: (2010) Director/Writer – Christopher Nolan 
Lady Snowblood: (1973) Director – Toshiya Fujita/ Writers – Kazuo Kamimura, Kazuo Koike 

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All General Hospital previews written and posted on this site are entirely from source material given to me by ABC.

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Listen To Angela: GH Preview for Week of April 21 - The Feather of Maat

I apologize for the lateness of this preview.  Computer problems and life got in the way, as sometimes happens; with any luck, next week won't be as bumpy. Thanks for being patient. :) 

The Feather of Maat

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Ava is feeling confident and smug, having tied off the problem of Carlos with what she thinks is a pretty red bow.  Of course, she has no idea that her former paramour and pseudo-babydaddy Franco finagled a spot in the cell next door to Carlos.  Having already sussed out the beleaguered hit man’s motivation to protect Sabrina from Ava’s retribution, Franco has already gone to work skillfully picking apart the madness in her method. Practiced and persistent, Franco patiently and inexorably whittles away with a singular focus for which he is quite well known.  When he fills Carly in on his discoveries, some new information gives him pause to wonder if Ava might have followed through on her threats, and both he and Carly agree it’s time to go to Anna.

 Now, Voyager

Surprised but pleased to find Sabrina prepared to attend Emma’s dance recital, Patrick is also relieved when his daughter – after an initial ambivalence and understandable demand for extant proof -- expresses excitement and anticipation over the arrival – finally – of a new baby brother. They head off happily to the recital, where Spencer, frightened for Emma’s safety after his confrontation with Luke, sneaks backstage to warn her.  With enemies coming from more than one front, Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina find themselves in a dangerous position none of them expected or understand, and it is Anna and Nathan who ultimately are left to figure out the aftermath. 

The Ghost and The Whale

Despite a moment’s distraction with the weirdness between Spencer and Luke, Sonny is tormented and tense.  He doesn’t want to be here at the Quartermaine Mansion, but having pledged his support to Michael, he sets his jaw with masochistic determination and digs in – much to the displeasure and outrage of Monica Quartermaine, who lets it be known just how unwelcome her son’s nemesis is. When he runs into an equally distracted and distressed Ava, he’s flummoxed at finding her at the mansion, of all places.  Sensing his wavering resolve, an impassioned and vehement Ava pleads with Sonny not to destroy them both.  The walls are starting to feel very close for both of them – surrounded by enemies, and no one to confide in but one another.

Also: Ned, Kiki, and Morgan set a trap for Luke, while Monica mourns her last son. Sabrina and Patrick hear some frightening news, and Carlos confronts Ava.  Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal from the person he least expected.


Kiss of the Spider Woman:  Director:  Hector Babenco /Writer:  Manuel Puig (1985)
Now, Voyager:  Director: Irving Rapper/Writer:  Casey Robinson (1942)
The Ghost and the Whale:  Directors: James and Anthony Gaudioso /Writer:  Anthony Gaudioso (2014)

 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and


All General Hospital previews written and posted on this site are entirely from source material given to me by ABC.

  I do not source any material published on my site from message boards or other sites. ABC is aware of my previews and content. Thanks for reading. :)

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Ten With Ian Buchanan

With Ian Buchanan

Ian is a gentle soul walking the earth. Curious, intelligent, unassuming and generous, he always seems to have a ready and open smile for everyone, a kind comment, and time to tell great stories.  He’s the person who injects the mild diffuser to a volatile situation or leavens a moment with a self-deprecating quip to make people laugh.

Born in Scotland, Buchanan emigrated to the United States in 1981 to pursue an acting career. He studied with the respected Strasberg Institute in New York City before launching a long and distinguished career in television. One of my favorite appearances was with Peter Falk in “Columbo: Columbo Cries Wolf”, in which he played a smarmy, ne’er-do-well Casanova-in-cahoots with Deirdre Hall.  Things didn’t end well for his character in that episode, but Ian speaks fondly of the time he spent with the legendary Peter Falk.  

As accomplished a television actor as he is, he also has a great love and long relationship with live theatre – one he nurtures and pushes with commitment and joy. Like most artists, he likes to stretch himself beyond a comfort zone of expression and leap off an edge or two now and again, and begins a run as King Henry II in The Lion in Winter at the Colony Theatre in Burbank from April 19 to May 18 – a demanding role that explores the psyche of a powerful man feeling powerless against the inevitability of time.

The first time I saw Ian was at the same time as Anna Devane did: Across a crowded room, with the strains of the Tango playing on my television. He stretched out his arm, offered his hand…and invited her to dance.   The love affair with Duke Lavery had begun, and two decades later, Ian is still dancing, still holding his hand out, and making everyone so glad we said yes.


ARD: You recently became a bona-fide American citizen. What was the final push, as it were, that influenced you to take that very definitive, very personal step?

IB:  I became a citizen out of love for this country, gratitude for what it has given me, the right to vote and the next logical step in The American Dream.


ARD: You were a member of The Citizens Band, which can get pretty controversial and daring both politically and socially.  What was the scariest thing you did there as an artist?

IB: I am still a member of TCB. Scariest? Sing from the heart and dance from the soul.


ARD: I know you’re an avid reader who devours books in multiples. What book would you send to an adversary, and what book would you give a friend?

IB: One Hundred Years of Solitude -- to either.


ARD: I want to ask something about your Scottish heritage, but can’t think of a really good one. What question do you wish people would ask you about Scotland or being Scottish?

IB:  I wish they would ask me to define my Scottishness.


ARD:  Okay. Define your Scottishness in ten words. Either in a sentence or ten separate words.

IB:  Melancholic, brooding, pagan, whirling, irreverent, loyal, cautious, thrifty, humorous and reserved.


ARD:  The brooch Anna wore at her wedding to Duke belonged to your grandmother, yes?
How did that come about?

IB: I had three pieces of jewelry that were my Grandmothers. I may have stolen them! One was a Luckinbooth Brouch, which I happily handed over to GH, Anna and Finola.


ARD:  Duke Lavery was gone for 23 years before returning to Port Charles in 2012—to the giddy delight of GH fans. Did you have a sense that could or would happen?

IB:  It is something that I wanted but seemed less and less likely as the years and soaps disappeared. F.V. and R.C. are the only people who could make it happen and make me very happy in the process.


ARD:  When you got the call to play Duke again, was there any hesitation about playing him after so long? What kind of relationship do you have with him?

IB:  I like Duke. I understand him better now. He's grown up since I last was him but in many ways he's still the same. I find him to be unique. He's not a people pleaser which I like!


ARD: You played Martin Dysart in Equus – a fairly challenging and terrifying play, albeit not so much for the nudity, I would guess. What did you take from Dysart and Equus that is solely yours, and what do you think you share with other actors who have done the show?

IB:  The young one was nude, not me. It's a tough role and the ambiguity has to be played fearlessly so that the thing Dysart feels he has lived without, passion, is something that he has and can't feel. It's a role I would play again in a heartbeat. It changed me as an actor and that I share with many of the actors who have played him.


ARD:  Describe your perfect day.

IB:  Peace and quiet. An hour at the gym. An hour at the bookstore. Cocktails with friends. early dinner at home and bed with a great book. That happens once a month! The reality is action packed maneuvering with a mind that never stops. Either one is good.

Performances of The Lion in Winter are Thursdays and Fridays 8pm, Saturdays at 3pm and 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm. Ticket prices are from $20-49.00; group discounts are available.

Previews: Wednesday April 16, Thursday April 17, and Friday April 18 at 8pm. Opening Night Performance with Reception: All Tickets $55.00.The Colony Theatre is located at 555 North Third Street, next to the Burbank Town Center Mall; tickets can be purchased by calling 818-558-7000 or online at The Colony Theatre.