Friday, August 30, 2013

GH: Labor Day Weekend Episode Featuring Baby Ariel

Ariel Drake Returns to Reprise Landmark Performance; Twitter Cheers

Monday’s episode of General Hospital features the epic, much-lauded debut and final performance of Baby Ariel Drake, played by Ariel Drake.  In a departure from normal programming, ABC has announced it will re-air the benchmark episode from July 5, 2013 after much clamoring from fans about how she “lit up the screen”,  and many deliveries of Chatty Cathy dolls to Prospect Studios.  

Ariel’s time at GH was brief but illuminating. Cast as a companion for the increasingly troubled and potty-mouthed Emma, she had only a few moments of screen time before a spectacular Celtic-style sendoff, during which some distraught fans called the ABC comment line, insisting they could hear “mewls” emanating from the melting plastic.

The landmark July 5 episode airs this September 2 at 2pm EST/1pm PST, with supporting performances from The Britch, Max and Magic Milo, and Spencer Cassadine. 

 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of September 2 - Whisper Silly Things

Whisper Silly Things

Falling Down 

In just about every conceivable way, A.J. Quartermaine is dried out; parched and arid from alcohol, disappointment, and fear. In one revolution of the Earth on axis, he has gone from proud father and CEO to an off-the wagon suspect in a brutal murder. Every alcoholic knows about ‘hitting bottom’, and for AJ, this is almost as low as it can get. Almost. Still unclear about the events of the night in question, he’s nevertheless confident the police will have to release him, since they haven’t found the murder weapon. Unbeknownst to AJ, however, Morgan stumbles up on a gun, hidden on the Quartermaine property – but is it the gun that killed Connie? 

Use Somebody

At his limit, Patrick pushes Britt until she gives up a different name for her baby’s father – but whether or not it’s actually true is the big question. Patrick is utterly broadsided, but recovers quickly enough to give her both barrels, unleashing a gestational period’s worth of anger, tension, fear, and regret on her until Nik happens along and tosses the good doctor out on his ear.  Spent and exhausted, Britt finally tells Nikolas: she lied to Patrick to try and trick him into a relationship. 

For Nikolas, it brings some rather painful memories of the Helena/Aiden paternity debacle, from which he fled Port Charles in complete emotional ruin eighteen months ago.  His initial reaction to Britt is not one of fuzzy sympathy.  Later, though, Brad finds himself confronted by six feet of angry, protective Cassadine, demanding he take responsibility as a father. Perhaps deflecting, perhaps panicking, or perhaps because he actually sees something, Brad calls Nik out on his rather emphatic diatribe, suggesting that maybe Nik hasn’t confronted what he’s actually beginning to feel for Britt. 

A Man and A Woman

After months of terror and waiting, and the false hope of Franco’s donor viability, everyone is crossing every jointed limb and supplicating deities high and low that Derek Wells’ hemoglobin is the miracle that will save Danny’s life.  For Sam, whose strong suit is not conducive to patience and waiting, it’s been an exercise in self-control and restraint.  When Silas gives her the news she’s been waiting for, self-control and restraint fall down with a resounding thud for both.  This time, instead of a hug, it’s a kiss – one that has a flustered, confused Sam apologizing and telling him it won’t happen again. But this time Silas diverges from what might be an expected deflection -- there’s something more; something else between them.   And evidently, he’s not ignoring it anymore. 

Man of the World

Brad’s having a hard week.  He’s got so many balls in the air that it’s been difficult protecting his own.  If it wasn’t bad enough to be in Nikolas Cassadine’s crosshairs, Felix Dubois might be an even worse confrontation to navigate.  Everybody’s really upset; Patrick still at boiling point over the new revelations, and Sabrina simmering on behalf of her boyfriend. Felix, being the good best friend of the boyfriend’s girlfriend, is outraged on behalf of both of them. So when he demands answers from Brad, it’s really three people standing in front of the increasingly stressed-out King of the Lab. Words are exchanged, insults fly—and then Felix finds himself with a little more than he bargained for when he walked in.  Patrick, still oozing with indignant wrath, interrupts them at a rather close moment, and fills Felix in on the rest of the story.  Feeling hoodwinked and foolish, Felix can’t get past Brad’s duplicity, even when Brad professes his feelings are genuine and real. 

Also Next Week:   Carly has a talk with Liz about AJ, while Franco is discharged in time for his pretrial hearing.  Diane takes a mysterious delivery from Brad and drops a bombshell in court. Olivia and Morgan bond over mutual loss, and Patrick breaks the news to Emma about the baby. 


Falling Down:  Duran Duran, Red Carpet Massacre
Use Somebody: Kings Of Leon, Only By the Night
A Man and a Woman:  U2, How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
Man of the World:  Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits 

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

General Hospital Casting News: Jeffrey Vincent Parise Heading to Port Charles

Here Comes "Carlos"...

From Access Hollywood:   

“General Hospital” is getting a new resident. 

Jeffrey Vincent Parise is heading to Port Charles as a new character named Carlos, Access Hollywood can exclusively reveal...

Read the rest of the article at  Access Hollywood .

General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eileen Davidson Returns to Y&R


Just weeks after her exit from Days of Our Lives, Eileen Davidson is set for a return to her signature role of Ashley Abbot on the CBS drama The Young and The Restless.  The twice-Emmy-nominated Davidson originated the role in March 1982 and created a core character who became an integral part of the show's backbone and spirit. After six years on the show, she left to pursue other projects, recommending Brenda Epperson to the producers as her replacement. She returned to Y&R again from 1999-2007, after which she moved to The Bold and the Beautiful before her second stint at Days as Kristen DiMera. 

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William DeVry on RHeart Chat Wednesday, August 28

RHeart Radio Hosts William DeVry  

William DeVry (Julian/Derek, GH) is stopping by RHeart Radio for a chat tomorrow night at 7pm EST! So hop online, have a listen, and call in to ask this extremely entertaining and genuinely charming actor your questions.

Julian Jerome, alias "Derek Wells", came to Port Charles with a purpose and a plan: to take down Sonny's conglomerate and reclaim territory held by the once-powerful Jerome crime family. However, revelations and developments Julian never expected are piling up in rapid succession -- and the question is, how will they affect him, his plans, and his future? 

Tune in tomorrow! Here's the link:

GH Video Promo Week of August 26 - Four Fathers

 Four Fathers ...Four Bombshells

Friday, August 23, 2013

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for week of August 26 - A Dark Well at Noon

A Dark Well at Noon

Chains of Love

Consider the cork in the finest bottle of Veuve Cliquot. The stress builds just to the right point that all it takes is …just a little twist. And in one long, continuous release of gas, pressure, and volume – all pours forth in an inexorable stream until the vessel is empty. Thus we find the situation with one Maxie Jones and her erstwhile soulmate, Damian Spinelli.  Both are laboring under the weight of lies and and the pain of smothered truth, so much so that neither will be able to bear the strain much longer. When Dante and Lulu discover a furious Spin and distraught Ellie arguing in the hallway, Spin manages to weave and dodge away from the mess – proving he’s much better at hiding truth than discovering it.

Escaping momentarily from her boyfriend’s wrath and baleful glares, Ellie hightails it up to the roof of GH – the sought-after spot for all reflective moments in life – and discovers Franco there,  hovering on a precipice.  Dealing with his own issues of deception, daughters, and depressing reveals, his reaction upon hearing Ellie’s predicament, while shocking, also makes a convoluted sort of sense.

Heaving in between nightmare and waking horror, Maxie forms a plan while Spinelli reels in emotional truss over what’s happening, and upon confronting Maxie, the floodgates open. Loudly. Dante and Lulu, increasingly concerned over Maxie’s almost obsessive behavior and attachment to the baby, arrive on the scene as emotions and words escalate in stark, specific relief. 

Don’t Lose My Number 

Just as Olivia has her terrifying, blood-laden vision, Sonny finds Connie on the floor of her office, bleeding out from a gunshot wound.  A desperate plea, a final few moments, some leftover truths…and it’s over.  Sonny is in a blind rage of grief, and the hunt for a killer begins…two things which are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
Like all children – or family members – of alcoholics, Michael has begun to take on the role of caretaker for a damaged, defeated AJ, who is on a downward slide so steep that it seems to have its own gravity well. When AJ is hauled in for questioning by Anna and Dante, he denies his involvement and points them in a different direction – but wonders if he could actually be the culprit. His lawyer – the intrepid and ubiquitous Diane Miller – snarls at him to keep quiet and say nothing, as there’s no concrete evidence linking him to the murder.


Reason to Believe
Britt’s been cooling her jets in the hoosegow for some time – so long that even Felix seems concerned and wonders to Patrick and Sabrina if she may have disappeared.  But her release back into the wild is engineered by the only actual friend she probably has – Nikolas, who puts up bail money and gets her out of at least one prison.  But Britt’s barely able to breathe before Patrick, concerned by recent revelations about Mutters and such, drops a bombshell on her; he’s going to sue for custody of the baby. Full custody.  And he’ll go to the wall and through it if he has to. 

Also next week:  Derek starts remembering details and wants to tell everyone the truth – but will he?  Molly reconciles with TJ, leaving Taylor and Rafe to throw in cahoots with one another in one of the most unlikely alliances Port Charles may have seen.  Morgan discovers Kiki and Michael have been talking and spending time together, while Ava informs him – and Kiki – of Connie’s death.  

Chains of Love:  Erasure, The Innocents
Don't Lose My Number: Phil Collins, No Jacket Required
Reason To Believe:  Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells a Story 

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of August 20 - Depth Markers

Depth Markers

I Got A Name
Michael has a lot of stress in his life at the moment, what with keeping tabs on AJ and trying to corral him from trouble – while at the same time grappling with Morgan and the truth about Kiki.  After hearing of her younger son’s sleight of hand, Carly, remembering the disaster of her entanglement with yet another set of Quartermaine brothers, goes to Morgan and begs him to give it up, knowing it can only end in a mushroom cloud. Problem is, Morgan seems to be bound and determined to ride the rocket all the way to the bottom – even in the face of ultimate doom.  

AJ is careening, adrift after Tracy’s merciless, gleeful gloating assault on everything from his manhood, to his professional abilities, and his overall worth as a human being. Already tipping dangerously, AJ falls, giving in to his demons in a white-hot rage and telling anyone who will listen about his current woe and who’s to blame for it. It’s the kind of loose talk that, once said, cannot be unsaid, but would definitely be remembered. Especially if confided in the right—or wrong—person who happens to be on hand. 

Morning Bell

At long last, the donor match is found for Danny Boy, and now it’s up to Silas to perform the transplant procedure which could save the baby’s life.  Derek is overheard calling himself by his real name, but manages to wriggle out of being discovered just in time. Not so lucky with the timing thing is Ava, who barrels into Franco’s hospital room, presumably to stop Kiki from spilling the beans about her paternity. But of course all hope is lost for that, and now Ava has two more hurt, angry people demanding answers that she may not be willing to provide. 

Live to Tell

Not one to go halfway with anything, Maxie lives up to her name and goes to the wall when she commits to something. But sometimes going to the wall means hitting it head-on, and that’s the part that does the damage. 

Mariah Maximiliana Jones has complications, and not just with the little wonder she’s about to bring into the world. Her wall is emotional, physical, mental…spiritual, and is entirely self-constructed from her own good intentions…and bad decisions.  Things only go from bad to worse as she lies helpless with her secrets, and whatever control she has is slipping fast, as a colony of bats from a tolling belfry. If there’s one thing she should know by now, it’s that secrets have a way of flying out at the least convenient time. 

Anything She Does

Sonny and Olivia wait with Mac, Felicia, Luke, and Laura as Maxie fights and battles through one of the worst days of her life.  Already raw from the week she’s had and her weakening relationship with Sonny, Connie is hyper-alert to everyone around her and to everything they say – particularly when she shouldn’t be.  Unfortunately for her, she can’t seem to stop herself from stumbling across other people’s shadows, and this time what hides there finds her faced with heavy lead and a cold heart.


I Got a Name:  Jim Croce, Jim Croce
Morning Bell:  Radiohead, Amnesiac
Live To Tell: Madonna, True Blue
Anything She Does: Genesis, Invisible Touch 

 You can find information, lyrics, and artist bios on the song titles in this preview at  

General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet.  


All General Hospital previews written and posted on this site are entirely from source material given to me by ABC PR.

I do not source any material published on my site from message boards or other sites. ABC PR is aware of my previews and content.

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