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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of September 30 - Apples and Honey

Apples and Honey

Save a Prayer 

Staggered, bewildered, and bereft , the participants of Baby Connie’s christening stumble from the sanctuary in emotionally rendered tatters, each trying to wrap his or her mind around the revelations.  Olivia realizes the true meaning of her visions, and hopefully also the meaning of “symbolism” from here on out.   Lulu and Dante are in shock, of course, that the baby they have grown to love, whose arrival they have excitedly anticipated for nine months, isn’t actually theirs at all, and it’s more than likely that after the confusion lifts, white-hot rage won’t be far behind.  Maxie collapses, physically and emotionally after relief of a burden she’s carried as long as the baby – but none of this is over, least of all for her.  In fact, it’s just beginning.


This Woman’s Work 

Mutter is flummoxed. Little Britta has found her voice and her backbone and isn’t afraid to throw both around the room when Mutter comes to visit liebchen Ben. For probably the first time in her life, Britt has been cared for and given regard as a human being without expectation; Nikolas Cassadine has treated her as a person, rather than a pawn …and Britt realizes she might just deserve that. It gives her the impetus to stand up to her mother – also something she’s probably done for the first time ever—but her actions have consequences. When Nikolas returns home he finds an unconscious houseguest and a dire situation on his hands. When he and Britt meet with Anna, she admits the trail has gone cold – but Anna is not without leads. 

Blood of Eden
After Carlos and Patrick’s elephant dance, Sabrina is having some difficulty reconciling the sting of truth in her ex’s accusations.  Patrick finally admits that he’s kept his ring on, because if he removes it, it means that Robin truly isn’t out there somewhere. It's hard to let go of this idea which has given him so much comfort in dark places – but it’s an idea which is no longer fair to either of them. 

When Carlos sends flowers to Sabrina at home and at work, she’s exasperated and fed up, confident in her future with Patrick.  When she sees the snarky note delivered with the hospital bouquet, she takes off in a snit, bent on confronting Carlos. Patrick sees Sam, who is finally about to take Danny home, and when she thanks him for his support and advice about Silas, Patrick admits he had urged her to move on when he hadn’t actually, truly done the same…until now. 

In the Air Tonight
It’s quite a coincidence, Alexis muses to Derek/Julian/Samdaddy/Boxerman – that Sam’s father’s name is the same as a name she’s hearing a lot of lately – that of Julian Jerome.  Duke shows Alexis a photo of Julian from many years ago, but Alexis is honestly unsure if it’s the same man she met all those years ago in New Hampshire.  But Alexis being Alexis…this isn’t going to fade away now that she’s thinking on it. Is there a possible connection? And could Julian Jerome still be alive in the world?

Also next week:  Luke finds someone is working on a cure, but only enough for one person—and it’s not him.  Morgan helps Ava move into her new place and insists he has nowhere else to go, while Kiki still reels from recent discoveries. Michael convinces her to stay with him, at least for now. 


Save A Prayer:  Duran Duran, Rio
This Woman's Work:   Kate Bush, The Sensual World
Blood of Eden: Peter Gabriel, Us
In the Air Tonight: Phil Collins, Face Value 

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GH's Buchanan Sworn In as US Citizen

Buchanan Sworn In As US Citizen


Ian Buchanan sent out a cryptic tweet the evening of Sept. 26: “My best love to all! I have a REALLY BIG day tomorrow. Xoxo." 

Well-wishers responded with encouraging replies, not quite knowing what exactly Buchanan’s ‘big day’ was all about. Turns out he was sworn in as a newly-minted, full-fledged United States Citizen at 8am Friday morning, with almost 5,000 others at The Convention Center in Los Angeles.

“It was a very festive occasion and beautiful sight,” he says happily. “A sea of waving American flags and new Americans!” 

Buchanan, a native of Scotland, emigrated to the States in 1981 to work as an actor, studying with the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in New York before becoming a well-known and beloved presence on several daytime shows.  His most iconic role of Duke Lavery on General Hospital began in 1986, a character he continues to play today in a front-burner story on the legendary drama.

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Listen to Angela: GH Teasers - Tip



Dante takes a walk with baby Connie and runs into an emotionally wrung-out Spinelli.  Carlos and Patrick meet, and the exchange is about as friendly as two bull elephants in full molt.  Carlos makes a point of Patrick still wearing his wedding ring, while a mortified Sabrina chivvies him towards the door.  

Luke isn’t doing very well, his condition worsening by the day, but he continues in his pursuit of Jerry Jacks, while Lulu tells Tracy she knows about her father’s predicament.   Nikolas’ solicitous care begins to win Britt over as she and Ben find a safe place in Wyndemere.

Week of September 30:

Luke is told a doctor is working on the cure he’s searching for, while Anna gets news she cannot quite believe.  Duke knows more than he lets on, but he tells Alexis he knows how to prove his theory.  Patrick considers a big step in moving on, Franco begins to paint, and Morgan helps Ava move into her new home. 

 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet.

General Hospital: The Wait is Over. The Truth Comes Out.

"I'm coming, Baby. I swear it."

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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of September 23 - Feathers Land Heavy

Feathers Land Heavy

Wish You Were Here 

The Pazzi Conspiracy of 1478 was one influential family’s attempt to usurp the authority and power of another -- namely the deMedicis of Florence. The Pazzi family concocted a plan to murder the Medici brothers, Giuliano and Lorenzo, and inveigled many Pazzi family members as well as community leaders into their plot – even clergy. They struck during High Mass at Il Duomo, in front of a crowd of at least 10,000 people. Lorenzo, seriously wounded, managed to escape.  However, younger brother Giuliano was not as fortunate. Bernardo Bandi and Francesco de’ Pazzi stabbed him 19 times and left him to bleed out on the marble floor of the sacristy.The shockwaves rippled across the region for years afterward, shifting the power bases and redefining boundaries.

The landscape may be different in Port Charles, and the Metro Court isn’t quite The Duomo, but the carnage is equal in scale and influence.  Six hundred years ago the explosion was metaphorical, while here it is both actual and allegorical -- and while Sonny Corinthos isn’t actually bleeding out on the flagstone patio of his ex-wife’s hotel, the emotional and filial fallout is equally messy and probably twice as gory.  Carly, predictably appalled and exasperated, confronts him directly and challenges whether he’s been taking his medication. Olivia, meanwhile, has gone gatekeeper and tries to dissuade Shawn from discussing his suspicions regarding the explosion and who might be behind it.  The new enforcer is wary when he sees an easy, flirting exchange between Alexis and Derek, and he later informs Alexis he knows the enemy’s name.
Kiss That Frog
Carlos’ arrival is not exactly a welcome surprise for Sabrina, and even less so for Patrick when she tells him her boyfriend’s back and there’s gonna be---well, you know.  After his discussion with Sam, the brain surgeon has been examining his heart and considering the conversation in context of his own life --  and the woman in it. He is discombobulated when he walks in on Sabrina in one of the exam rooms, treating her ex -- who is, by the way, utterly shirtless. 

Viewers may be pleased by this, but Patrick is not. Carlos begins to introduce himself, but Patrick cuts to the quick and accuses him of wanting Sabrina back.  Things get interesting when Carlos, evidently no shrinking violet and not lacking in ego himself, makes some blunt observations which clearly hit their marks, causing Sabrina to oust him from the room.   

It’s hard to reassure your current boyfriend that your ex-boyfriend’s accusations are absurd when you yourself have considered the same thoughts. 

If I Fell 

It’s kind of an understatement to say Silas is in deep, in more ways than one, and initially not in the good way. Sam is angry, embarrassed, chagrined, and hurt at seeing his (albeit one-sided) clinch with a hot and bothered Ava, and Silas needs to explain what she saw…and what she didn’t actually see.  It’s not exactly a gutting at High Mass, but it’s potentially just as painful. With a rejected, fuming ex upstairs and an equally boiling girlfriend-to-be shooting daggers at him downstairs, he draws on his ability to remain calm in volatile situations. 

Parties in Port Charles being often emotionally as well as physically devastating, they decide to duck out and go back to Danny’s room, where they have their first ‘date’ -- an improvised, impromptu dinner.  Silas opens up a little more to Sam, allowing another corner of the picture to sharpen.  Sam, like any woman would be, is curious and at the same time apprehensive about Ava.  And like any woman, she asks Silas for the details...

The swoon of babymaking gives way to the reality of midnight feedings as Dante and Lulu soldier on together through a rough first night with little Connie. Gratefully, they accept Olivia's assistance getting ready for the christening. After filling them in on the debacle of the party, Sonny's meltdown, and the various explosions real and allegorical, Mama Falconeri is aghast to learn Connie has no godparents to stand up for her.  Meanwhile, a disintegrating Spinelli has a tense encounter with Maxie, and then, as if the Universe wasn't busy enough, runs into Dante and the baby. Her own devastation eating at her like beetles on balsa wood, Maxie wonders if she'll have the strength she needs to get through the christening without incident...but this is Port Charles, and there are more than three people at this celebration. 

Odds aren’t good.

Also next week:  Lulu reveals to Tracy that she knows about Luke’s condition, while the man himself finds angels and demons lurking in unexpected places.  Britt and Ben settle in at Wyndemere with Nikolas. 


Wish You Were Here:  Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
Kiss That Frog:  Peter Gabriel, Us
If I Fell:  The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night 
Daughters:  John Mayer, Heavier Things 

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 General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet. 


All General Hospital previews written and posted on this site are entirely from source material given to me by ABC PR.
  I do not source any material published on my site from message boards or other sites. ABC PR is aware of my previews and content. Thanks for reading. :)