Wednesday, February 21, 2007

History Repeating

The other day I ranted at Britney Spears' mother in this blog, asking where the hell has she been while her daughter was falling apart in front of our eyes. Well, I want to retract that rant and in its place issue an apology.

From what I've been able to find out, Mama Spears did try--several times--to intervene, even to the point of near-bullying her daughter to get help. So did her father. It appears that Britney is the only one who doesn't want to take action. As of 1pm today, it has been learned that she has again checked herself out of rehab at Promises in Malibu--again, after less than 24 hours in the facility.

I don't know if anyone is going to be able to help her. Things are falling apart, and the center is not holding. We may be looking at another Anna Nicole situation, and God bless her family for trying to stop it.


Jean said...

I don't normally pay any attention to Brit, but this is just tragic.

Irish Girl said...

I know, it's really terribly sad. I'm not at all a Britwatcher, either, but something like this is just impossible to ignore.


Jean said...

Pssst... you've got mail.

Irish Girl said...

Ooh, cool..

irish mom said...

hey there so much talk about Britney heard on the radio yesterday that she checked into betty ford and shaved her head why I say clean start fresh new lfe came in bald reborn ??????? who knows love your blog always and of course whats not to love xoxoxox mom