Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Got Juice

My Mom sent this to me. Only in New York, folks. 

(Update: Since the original post, I've learned that this is a group of actors/performers who routinely invade public places and joyfully flummox their fellow citizens with displays of song, dance, and general buffoonery on a level not seen since television's Fame.  Love it!)


The Eraser said...

:O wow!

Irish Girl said...

Totally. :)

Anonymous said...

reply to your msg in the suliet thread of fanforum:

For your information,we are aware of the fact that rockford files is in nbc and v is in abc!! we were indulging in a little wishful thinking for our part! that's why i find it very funny that serious tone of your writing. geez,we were indulging our wishes for those two. and also, wishing for a movie for them is I know is a shot in a dark,but it doesn't stop us suliet fans hoping that maybe just maybe it might happened in the future. who knows what the future might bring,right? so don't come to the thread lecturing us unless you are skate fan pretending to be a suliet fan .

good day to you,

Irish Girl said...

Wow. Drop down on the meds, dear. Clearly you need to. If it wasn't so serious, then why are you venting your spleen so volubly? Chill out and take a laxative, willya?