Friday, January 21, 2011

Genius in Idiocy

I have a daily tradition on my FB, Twitter, and blog pages where I post a quote from a favorite writer, philosopher, character, actor, etc.  It's a fun way to begin the day.  I am now going to add to that a quote at the END of the day, but it requires a disclaimer/explanation.  The theme will be, basically, Stupid Things Said by Religious Fanatics.  A lot of them are Christian in origin, although many spring from the font of other religious doctrines.  I think the reason so many are Christian is because out of all of them, Christian fundamentalists are the least tolerant of all of them, and work themselves into a bigger lather than the Scrubbing Bubbles on a sugar high.

I myself am not a churchgoer, and follow no specific dogma; my belief is that there are many roads to God, whoever or whatever He/She/It might be. My thinking is that all religions and doctrines have valid points and valuable lessons, and often cock an eyebrow when I see two opposing philosophies advocating the same thing, wondering if they know how much they''re in agreement.

I'm an agnostic; I think that there is very possibly something out there that is greater than us, but I also think I'm not omniscient enough to know what that might be.  I'm also a student of history and philosophy, of gnosticism and theology; I question, I ruminate, I debate.  I have no problem at all with others choosing to follow a particular faith, creed, doctrine, or secular religion; in fact, I enjoy discussing it with them--as adults, in a mature, non-judgmental and intelligent manner. 

What I have a problem with is stupidity and hypocrisy.  So, please don't take offense to upcoming posts; or, if you do, understand I'm not attacking your religion. I'm pointing a finger at the individual quoted as a prime candidate for Idiot of the Year award--those people who take a religion and give it a bad name for everyone else associated with it. 

Danke. You may now resume your regularly scheduled programming. 

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