Thursday, January 31, 2013

Live Free or Die...Or, you know...whatever.

Dear Senator Shaheen:

I've been out of NH for a few years, but I sincerely doubt that since I was there, the state has turned into a mass of heaving indecision and paralyzing doubt.

When you go on Hardball, you better be ready to answer questions with substance and content, not try to symbolically grab Chris Matthews' hand and sing Kumbaya.  You repeated yourself on every question with some crap about "standards" and 'working together' -- admirable aspirations, to be sure, but not an answer to any of his questions, and evidently the only answer you knew how to give.

You may not have noticed (play back the tape), but by the time you gave that answer to him for the third time, he was fed up with you. Who could blame him? You displayed absolutely no courage, no conviction, and no opinion. Which, by the way, you presumably have, and presumably is why you were elected. If this is not the case, then why the hell does NH need you?

Grow up. You represented New Hampshire horribly and looked like an empty-headed buffoon. If you can't show up ready to offer useful discourse, then shut the f*ck up and stay in your office until election day.


A disgusted former constituent

Jeanne Shaheen's Official Website

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