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GH Preview for Week of July 28 - Large Hadron Collider

 Large Hadron Collider

I Wouldn’t Need You

After walking in on what looks like flagrante delicto between her new ex-boyfriend and his pill-happy wife, Sam is stunned and devastated, thinking Silas has moved on with the speed of a Kardashian at Spring Break. Confused and heartbroken at the shocking turn of events, and completely unaware that Silas’ complicity in them was deviously manipulated through pharmacological means, Sam takes stock. Her sharp, clever P.I. brain kicks in, and after a revelation, she inveigles Patrick to help her get the goods on Nina – who Sam now firmly believes is up to no good.

Silas resurfaces with zero memory of the previous evening’s events – the scotch, the drunken ballroom dancing to the sofa, the hurt look on Sam’s face – everything is a blank.  Nina, however, is undaunted, as she keeps up the momentum and unveils a new surprise.

All Downhill From Here

Carly is working frantically as the rope and the prize between Sonny and Franco. Her beleaguered ex-hubby is antsy that Franco knows The Big Secret about, well – Sonny plugging A.J. like a Hatfield at a McCoy wedding. Sonny isn’t as sure as she is that Franco is going to keep his mouth shut, and probably with good reason – seeing as Ava is at the same time begging her former lover/current thorn to help her. Persistent and demonstrably desperate, Ava pressures and hounds until Franco just wants to stop the voices – and is caught looking into Carly’s private hard drive.

Dare You To Move

Jordan’s cover is severely at risk when Mickey starts digging into her past, and the DEA Agent shares with Anna her thoughts on Julian’s actions. Jordan can sense she’s getting that much closer to discovering the true identity of the real ‘boss’ of Julian’s operation—which she also knows ups the ante on her life.  Taking the ball and running with it, Dante begins an investigation of his own, using the information Jordan provided.

Over the edge and on the warpath after an explosion targeting those he loves, Julian tells Jordan who was behind it. He wants answers from “Luke”, but his slippery boss is more interested in what leverage Ava has on Sonny Corinthos.  Maneuvering carefully around the chessboard, Julian then reveals to Sonny that he, too, knows what happened with AJ.  Increasingly, the secret about AJ Quartermaine’s death – and the ripples which still radiate from that event -- is coalescing around a singular center, circling and eddying like a relentless, inevitable superstorm. Rough beasts slouch towards Port Charles…their hour come round at last.

Also Next Week: Tracy learns of a new hope for Alice, and Ned overhears her discussing it with Fluke.  Brad encourages Britt to come clean, as Nik becomes more distraught and worried over the missing Spencer.  Ava tells Julian about a new business venture, and Olivia crashes with a befuddled, but accommodating Ned Ashton. 

Wednesday, July 30:  WWE star David Otunga guest stars as himself.


I Wouldn’t Need You:  Norah Jones, The Fall
All Downhill From Here: New Found Glory,  Catalyst
Dare You To Move:  Switchfoot, The Beautiful Letdown 

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