Monday, June 24, 2013

General Hospital Preview for Week of June 24, 2013 

Well, here we go, y’all – Summer has begun, and the sizzle and pop commences with the delivery of a bullet, the squeak of sexual tension, and the boom of worlds colliding.  It’s going to be messier than ice cream on the Fourth of July, and twice as sticky. Grab a spoon.


Everyone wonders who shot Olivia (including, presumably, Olivia), who is beginning to recover nicely and decides to have an up-front confab with her beloved cousin about certain common elements in both their lives.  Sonny, beleaguered with the exasperating knowledge that Carly may not actually have been at fault for the shooting, and thus depriving him the satisfaction of watching her squirm, offers his home to Olivia while she recuperates. Yeah. That’s gonna be fodder for either hilarious comedy or sizzling sexual tension. Or maybe a combination of both. 

The Spencer Ex-Wives Club, consisting of Laura and Tracy, are both fretting over the health, well-being, and slightly manic behavior of their erstwhile mate.  Luke is bound and determined, it seems, to deflect  and decamp from the reality of his situation, engendering  exasperation in the hearts and minds of viewers and ex-spouses alike. But even Luke can’t shadowbox forever.  In the end, it is Tracy who, once again, salvages the situation and buffs the edges, particularly when Luke makes promises he may not be able to keep.

Girl on Fire

Pressure is mounting on Maxie’s small shoulders as she goes for her first ultrasound with Lulu and Dante...and once she knows the baby’s sex, she begins to find it isn’t so easy to detach as she thought it would be.  When Spinelli catches her in a vulnerable moment, it may be too hard for her to hide her heart – and she may not want to.

Kiki Jerome, meanwhile, is dealing with a different sort of pressure; she and Michael are—understandably—freaking out over their still-growing feelings for each other and trying desperately to squelch them.  Meanwhile, Kiki has extra bananas in her cornflakes with the Unholy Alliance joined by Ava and Franco – who embark on a partnership designed to achieve their respective goals.  It’s sort of like Sauron and Saruman, but with better hair and clothes.

Here Comes the Flood

Other shenanigans:  Scotty feels queasy when his current and ex-wives join an alliance all their own, while Liz reels from news of AJ and Carly’s carnal carnival night.  Nik does some fast talking, but does it help, or hurt?  AJ, meanwhile, has a revelation of his own coming for which he is likely woefully unprepared.

Felix opens his mouth, and finds to his horror that things keep falling out of it, while sister Taylor spills milk on Molly’s floor as TJ prays for daylight. Preparations for Felicia and Mac’s wedding kick into high gear as they ask Anna and Duke to stand up for them – no word on a wedding date yet, but in this town, you know that Kevlar is a good wardrobe choice.

Looking ahead to next week -  Couples on the edge:  Carly and Sonny, Alexis and Shawn, and Luke and Tracy all have sit-downs of pith and moment, and the town sees  both real and metaphorical fireworks as some relationships founder, while others are forged.

Note:  On Thursday, July 4, an Encore episode (TBA) of General Hospital will be broadcast.


francine march said...

Do you know who is playing Luke's Dr??

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Francine, Luke's doctor is played by John Rubenstein, whom you might remember from "Desperate Housewives" and "Parenthood". You can check his credits on IMDB here:


Roc N Rose said...

Angela, as always, you are a gifted wordsmith. Your previews are like mini soap stories, not just a regurgitation of other spoilers. It seems we will have to continue to be patient for our Siam story to evolve (sigh), while enjoying other GH stories. Your Blog page design is great. Will you continue to post your previews here, as well as TV Source Magazine? Also, I will be sending you an email. Thanks so much.

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Thanks for the kind words, Rose! And yes, I will be posting previews here each week for as long as they let me do it! ;)

Have a great night!