Friday, June 28, 2013

General Hospital Preview for Week of July 1, 2013

Once again we have rolled round to another Independence Day, and once again our beloved pals in Port Charles are finding themselves at cusps of circumstance and change in their lives.  Bring out your sparklers, get ready to light up the firecrackers, and Listen to Angela for this week’s General Hospital Preview…

Long Road Out of Eden  

The better angels of her nature on a coffee break, Carly leaps into the fray with Ava and Franco over the status of Morgan’s habitat enclosure.  Naturally Carly, being who she is, believes Morgan would be better off in the flora and fauna of Momland rather than the Kiki Cave. Franco, equally determined, reminds Carly that he knows some wee details about her recent escapades which could still affect her own habitat.  But Franco knows more than he’s letting on and being a gamesman, keeps a few plays in reserve.  

Sonny sees no reason why Olivia shouldn’t recuperate in the comfort of his own home, displaying fine alpha male sensibilities, as well as hilariously clueless Y-chromosomal obliviousness. Olivia’s injured, sore, and exhausted, but even she sees the possible fly in the ointment and suggests to Sonny that perhaps Connie might have issues with this new cohabitation. Sonny nods once, peremptorily, and goes out to feed and water the bodyguards. 

Go Your Own Way

Realizing that Alexis will only entertain thoughts of cohabitation with him if he ends his storied career as Enforcer/Counselor to criminal figureheads, Shawn decides to write a lovely resignation letter and present it to Sonny…perhaps with flowers and lovely Chianti.  But words from another inspire him to stay true to what he wants; Milo has had an epiphany (no, not that one), and decides to move on to a new opportunity offered to him. 

Tracy pleads, cajoles, threatens and berates, but she can’t convince Luke to stay, and she can’t go with him. Lulu reveals to Laura that her father has been acting strangely lately, and the two trundle over to corner him.  Finding only Tracy, Laura takes opportunity by the hand and corners her instead.  This is the kind of conversation for which margaritas and popcorn were made. 

Let’s Have a Kiki 

Emma has a meltdown over the new, lifelike doll Mac and Felicia have given her, as she is still confused and unsure of the impending arrival of a new sibling. Sabrina climbs out on the ledge and pulls her back in. Then, in an inexplicable show of trust and ingenuous faith, Emma shows her new doll to Britt. Five thumbs on both hands, Britt finds the doll has interesting anatomical features which, in turn, cause her to accidentally set things afire.  Well, nobody ever accused her of doing things by halves. 

The Fourth of July Fireworks blossom and explode over the waters of Port Charles, while some booms resonate below. Liz is angry with Nik for withholding secrets from her (maybe he and AJ should really hang out), and she decides to watch the celebrations with Aiden and AJ in the park –while Nik and Spencer watch from Spoon Island and come across an unexpected guest.  Michael discovers his brother’s girlfriend in –erm—knots, and this does not help matters of resolve between the two. 

Other tidbits:  Felix dresses TJ down, Milo finds support from Max, and Deception gains momentum. 

INDEPENDENCE DAY:  General Hospital (original airdate 3/27/13)-- After taking drastic measures with injured Nikolas in his hospital bed, Luke prepares to search for Lulu on the missing Haunted Star with Dante and Anna’s help. Laura arrives in time to join Luke on the adventure.  Meanwhile, Carly debuts the Metrocourt Ballroom to Lucy and Sabrina and Felix find themselves in a tiff as they prepare for the Nurses Ball.  Alexis and Shawn get a sweet surprise from Sam, Molly and TJ.

Looking ahead to week of July 8: Silas gives Sam heartbreaking news, and Sam confronts Alexis for answers. Sabrina and Patrick want the same from Britt, while Maxie sees someone from her past. Michael finds himself in deep, Kiki is wary of Franco’s efforts, and Ava reveals a new detail in her history...

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Roc N Rose said...

Angela, another creative and tantalizing preview. Just another day in the lives of our favorite Port Charles families. Should be an interesting 4th of July. Wish we were getting a glimpse of Siam HEAT below the explosion of Fireworks...WoW, can't believe it has been a year since their first journey began . Speaking of heat, looks like you got a little rain in AZ. Maybe it's the heat that draws your "fans" in, like a moth to a flame. I thought you handled the delusional twitter follower today with patience and class :-)). And your dialogue with Jamey, what can I say, he's so anal .
Oh, did you get my reply, to your response, to my original email (whew, that's confusing)? Take a peak when you can. Enjoy the rain. ~ Taylor.