Friday, July 12, 2013

Listen To Angela: General Hospital Preview for Week of July 15, 2013

People falling apart, lies falling apart, and all the things we can’t leave behind come back to haunt us again.  It’s no easy feat living with hidden things, and sooner or later the house is just too small.  Grab the fire hose and sledgehammers and Listen to Angela’s General Hospital preview for the week of July 15 – the walls are starting to crack. 

And the House Fell Down

Stretched to her limit at this point, and raw from her encounter with Georgie, Maxie finds herself not only ready, but almost eager to unburden herself in more ways than one.  With the baby fast approaching a due date, Maxie knows she’s close to the point of no return.  Determined, she begins to confess to Lulu – only to have Olivia interrupt their tete-a-tete.  Discouraged and deflated, Maxie loses steam and instead invites the excited parents to join her at Lamaze…because that won’t make her feel any worse than she already does, right?  But it can. When Dante is called away by the PCPD, a new coach fills in for him. Guess who. 

Ever hapless for a brain surgeon, Patrick is cajoled into becoming Britt’s coach at birthing class, and Sabrina isn’t exactly thrilled with this development. Go figure.  Then, Patrick is called away to treat a patient, and Britt finds a Prince Charming to fill in for him. This, in turn (and predictably), sends Elizabeth into a bit of a snit – despite the fact that Nik saw a cozy moment between her and AJ – and she makes it her business to warn Britt off her backup – er, friend. Hair tossing, lip-curling, and dueling glares ensue. 

Holding Back the Years

It’s not easy living with a memory. It’s doubly difficult living with the flesh-and-blood of reality walking alongside you in this life.

Maddened by Laura’s enduring concern and preoccupation with Luke, Scotty confronts his wife and triggers a shot across the bow, followed by volleys of regret, resentment, and wounded hearts built up over decades.  Across town, Lesley Webber is caught red-handed by erstwhile colleague and rival Monica as she rifles through medical records (this hospital must have daily confidentiality lawsuits) to find the scoop on Luke.  Another trigger, another shot, and another creek becomes a river as the two women finally confront that which lies between them.

Heads We’re Dancing

Thinking quickly, as seems to be her mien, Ava conceals her daughter and her visit to Franco when Silas catches her wandering the ER, and instead attempts to talk to him again about their past. But Silas is having none of it; what’s past is past for a reason, and he has no interest in revisiting it or their relationship.  But now he’s suspicious; he starts to grill Franco with questions, only to be interrupted (what is it with these interruptions?) by Ava.  When Kiki introduces herself as Franco’s daughter, Silas zeroes in and starts asking pointed questions.  Naw, that won’t freak her out at all, Doc. Ava flat-out denies to Silas that Kiki is his.  But Morgan overhears, somehow connects the dots, and confronts her later. Nurturing and solicitous as ever, Ava erm, “advises” Morgan to keep his mouth shut about Kiki’s paternity.

Five Short Minutes of Love

Michael’s on a winding road without a TomTom, and is sending himself round the bend trying to creatively find ways of avoiding Kiki.  Finally he goes to his brother with an open heart and confesses everything, including his feelings for the woman in their lives.  Morgan walks away, sending Michael further over the edge and belly-up to the bar at the Floating Rib. Felix, who seems to be in the key places at key times, works a little wingman magic and facilitates a diversion for his frustrated friend. 

Also next week: Sonny waffles and gets both barrels from Dante, while Connie gets the same from Olivia.  Rafe and Molly talk about fathers.  Patrick makes a shocking diagnosis, Sam has a violent confrontation over Danny, and Tracy tries to contact Luke.

Teasers for Week of June 22 will be posted on Monday


Debbie Corte said...

So I guess Morgan will keep Avas secret seeing as he would lose Kiki to Michael if the truth came out

kdmask said...

you KNOW Maxie and Britt are going into labor the same day. Just know it. LOL