Wednesday, July 03, 2013

General Hospital Preview for Week of July 8, 2013

Between dreams and nightmares lie the undisclosed secrets of every human heart. This is a teddy bear and tissues week, so snuggle up and Listen to Angela’s General Hospital preview for the week of July 8, 2013.


Olivia and Sonny are circling each other around the 500-lb gorilla in the room after their 4th of July clinch, both acutely aware of the open road in front of them. However, Connie may provide a speed bump in the journey, resolving to go after what she wants with renewed confidence.  Sonny and Shawn go to work on Phase I of Operation Flush Franco, which does not exactly commence unnoticed. Olivia whacks Sonny upside the head once she finds out about it, which of course charges the air between them and might lead to no air between them.  We may get to see other rooms in the house…

As apology for the disaster on Independence Day, Britt extends a peace offering to Emma.  Hurt when Patrick and Sabrina baldly cast doubt upon her motivations and condition, she finds friendship and support from a new ally.  


Quartermaines and Cassadines converge on General Hospital for bone marrow testing, which leads Michael and Kiki on yet another nose-to-nose collision. Yeah, that kind of collision. Problem is, this doesn’t go unnoticed either (for a mob family, the Corinthos men sure aren’t that great at stealth), and both Kiki and Michael find themselves under the boot of a most unlikely threat.

Franco doesn’t name names when Dante comes to get a statement, but he is able to forge new inroads with his daughter as he recovers from his altercation and expresses an apparently sincere desire to be Danny’s donor. But will he be a match?

Mercy Street

Everyone wants to know about Ava—from Anna and Duke to Spinelli and others – and when she runs into Silas, there’s a history lying silent which makes them both tense and awkward – but they agree to talk.  Unstrung, Silas visits an anxious Sam, saying he wants to check on Danny. But Silas reveals the true reason he’s there, as he begins to open up the Pandora of his past – even as Ava confides the same to Tracy. 

Later, Silas and Sam visit Heather to find out her viability as a bone marrow match. Considering her abject disdain for Sam, one wonders what might convince her – or terrify her – enough to cooperate…but triumph is short-lived as Rafe and Molly discover Danny’s condition is worsening. Sam and Silas are devastated at the baby’s deterioration, and the clock is ticking fast. What now?

Also next week:  Maxie decides she needs to come clean, Ellie rethinks children, Lulu and Dante pick out baby names, Laura misfires, and TJ is stunned by Shawn’s admission.

Looking Ahead to July 15:  Sonny is juggling, Laura and Scott are at loggerheads, Michael confesses to Morgan, and Sam’s Mama Bear lets loose a roar.


Anonymous said...

You get an A+ for these. Love Sam/Silas finally we are going to see our couple

Debbie said...

Thank you Angela! These have to be the best previews I have read this year!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO looking forward to Silas and Sam!! SIAM=HOT Time for Silas to get closer to his SAMANTHA LUV IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY IT is about time we get some Sam/Silas ME and KeMo have incredible natural HOT chemistry that is off the charts!!! No MORE time to waste lets get some SIAM!!

Roc N Rose said...

Angela, creative and tantalizing as usual. Looks like our Silas is going to be a 'busy boy'...from Ava to Heather...just WOW!
Happy Independence Day to you.

tea Rose said...

Angela, saw that some of your twitter followers were having trouble subscribing to your blog site. I clicked on the "join this site" button, then signed in using my Google account without any problems. Just FYI, the name I used previously to post comments (Roc N Rose), is now changed (tea Rose). As I posted earlier, thoroughly enjoy your unique and creatively crafted previews. They read like 'mini soap stories'. Our boy Silas is going to have a busy week...can't wait to see ME's awesomeness come shining through . Oh, as much as I enjoy the Daytime Confidential folks, I totally disagree with their recent podcast assessment that "lightening did not strike twice" with ME & KeMo's Silas & Sam characters. I believe their ONSCREEN SOULMATE CHEMISTRY is very much intact because of/inspite of their 'snarky repartee'. Hope you are having a great July 4th weekend. Taylor

Anonymous said...

Wow! It sounds as if we're in for a good week in Port Charles if this preview is anything to go by. Thanks for the sneak peek, Angela!

(And yes--I always "listen to Angela." I love you on Twitter, and now I love you here as well!)

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Thanks for the really lovely comments and feedback, everybody! I appreciate it. Enjoy the shows next week: they're looking good, aren't they? :)