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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of October 14 - The Elements of Lying Down

The Elements of Lying Down

Drops of Jupiter

Call it what you want – wishful thinking, manifesting hope, delusion, or outright insanity – Patrick can’t shake the feeling Robin is out there somewhere, cognizant and lucid.  He also thinks he may be venturing into Heather territory, could be totally losing it, and is hearing voices – well, one voice – simply because he has its owner present in his mind. Consider being in Sabrina’s shoes when he confides this to you – trustingly, openly, desperately. You don’t want to hurt the man you love, but you also don’t want to feed into what, for all intents and purposes, is a fantasy. What do you do? What do you say?

Back on the Island, the Dharma Initiative continues to build the hatch – er, whoa, wait a minute…


Back on the island, a lucid and cognizant Robin continues her work on the Polonium antidote, and is stunned when Jerry reveals to her who the test subject actually was.  Unfortunately for Jerry, Robin informs him that he needs to recover said tester, because it is only from Luke that a replica of the antidote can be extracted – and only by Robin herself.  This undeniably puts a damper on Jerry’s holiday plans, but there isn’t a heck of a lot he can do about it.

After the cluster of fumbles that was their first date, mixed with the bite of a jealous ex, Silas would very much like another try at giving Sam a nice evening where perhaps they could eat a meal at a real table with real chairs and metal cutlery. So, in true, blunt Silas fashion, he asks her for a do-over.  It’s a tossup as to whether they’ll be at his place with him wearing a ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron, or it's the duck at Metro Court. I’m rooting for the apron.

Later, Silas gets a visit from his newly-liberated daughter – both Kiki and Michael having realized they can’t live on love alone and need gainful employment to keep their nest feathered. While talking with her father, Kiki is startled when Silas reveals some information about Ava – information she didn't know. 

A Little Less Conversation
A frantic Franco is tearing out what hair he has left. He’s an artist who can’t seem to produce any actual art, with Heather Webber as his muse playing Cyrano de Bergerac to his art dealer. Derek (yes, I’m calling him Derek this week) is impervious to the threats a once-menacing Franco hurls in his rival’s direction, and Carly remains disdainfully elusive. 

When Franco tries to explain the purpose of Diane and the duck at Metro court, Carly is suitably outraged, disbelieving, and piqued, and flounces off to find herself at the business end of an invitation to lunch.  Tongue may or may not be on the menu. 

After a short stint in Hypomania, land of no boundaries and endless enthusiasm, Sonny’s bags drop with a thud.  He begins connecting dots that had only before seemed like happy balls of sunshine, lighting the way of truth and hidden lies, and actually realizes that maybe some things at which he had scoffed might be worth further consideration. He meets with former mob counterpart and rival, the astute Duke Lavery, who shares some details about Julian Jerome’s death – how it happened, when it happened – and who identified the body.  

After a bout with his demons -- which cost him valuable time and leverage -- a nearly-blindsided Sonny is not in a good mood at all, ready for a fight, and he isn’t about to lose the scent now.  Now it’s a hunt – and will he find the enemy before he’s blindsided again?  

Also Next Week :   Morgan learns some new things about Ava’s past and makes some extreme decisions. Patrick confides in Liz about the phone call he received, Sonny starts putting it together, and Sam catches Alexis talking to a lab tech about ‘tests’. 


Drops of Jupiter: Train, Drops of Jupiter 
Moonshadow: Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat 
A Little Less Conversation: Elvis Presley, Almost In Love 
Superstition: Stevie Wonder, Talking Book 

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Roc N Rose said...

Angela, titillating and insightful as usual. It's going to be an action packed week for Sonny (hope he has refills on his meds). And Derek is going to be a busy little bee, between the "Don" of PC and the hilarty that is Franco/Carly. I am also cheering for the "apron". I don't ever remember seeing Michael Easton wear the domesticated cloth and preparing a meal in any of his character portrayals; I would love to see it! (Love Cat Steven's Moonshadow) :)