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GH Preview for August 6 to August 12 - The Mote and the Beam

The Mote and the Beam

Any Colour You Like

The Crichton Clinic is a maze of hallways, cameras, secrets, and subterfuge. Seemingly designed by Daedelus on a gargantuan bender, it throws obstacle after surprise in both Sam and Patrick’s respective paths as they peer into the corners.  After the shocking discovery of finding his wife bustling away in a first-class laboratory facility, barely an hour’s flight from home, Patrick is in livid disbelief, demanding details. While Sam is elsewhere in the building trying to creatively talk her way out of a predicament with one of the maze’s Minotaurs, Patrick discovers new information which he decides to keep to himself. 

Back home, Kiki’s father fills her in on his recent breakup with Sam, and Kiki is understandably perplexed and concerned. Silas admits his shortsightedness in enabling his current living arrangements with Nina, but he also can’t bring himself to consider that she would ever act maliciously or duplicitously to cause conflict.  Later, when Molly begins recalling details of what Rafe told her, she divulges them to Silas: Someone ordered Rafe to run down Patrick’s car.  Stunned, Silas then shares the information with Sam, who is determined to find out who gave the order and why.


Against the grain of every moment of lifelong training, Julian realizes he can’t keep up the masque any longer.  Reluctantly and with no small amount of trepidation, he confesses his crimes to a gobsmacked Alexis.  Truth she wanted, and truth she shall have – but not without scratches.  After walking the middle line of loyalty between Julian and her daughter, her choices are thrown into new relief.  Alexis is confronted once again with choices she has made before, and choices she must make now.

Sonny touches base with his sons, who are still anxiously attending Alice’s bedside in hopes of a miracle for their friend – but they know the more time that goes by, the less likely that is.  Sonny and Morgan have the opportunity for an honest talk about what lies between them – specifically, Ava.   Sonny is emotionally exhausted, leaning on Carly for support and encouragement, and Nina notes this carefully after seeing them in a quiet moment together. Carly, infuriated at the clear unfairness of the situation, makes a demand of Ava which brooks no refusal. 

Pennyroyal Tea 

Nathan is growing increasingly irritable. He hates weddings. He hates Levi. He hates Levi’s wedding. It takes a few push-ups and a green power shake, but he finally comes to the realization that he might have a thing for Levi’s blithely stubborn bride.  And yeah, he really loathes Levi; the guy is just off, somehow.  


When Nathan takes a report about some stolen property, his suspicion kicks into high gear, and the walls begin  closing in on the world’s only horrible Australian. Felicia almost catches Levi in a duplicitous moment, Mac pulls Maxie aside to share some thoughts about her husband-to-be, and finally, Levi’s colors are revealed in Technicolor glory. Lives are on the line and every moment is fraught with jeopardy as a fuller scope of reality is made clearer to everyone. 

Also Next Week:  Britt finds out why her plan with Spencer went awry, while Ned tells Morgan and Michael some disheartening news.  Lucas’ proposition piques and intrigues Felix and Brad, Olivia tries to make Sonny jealous, Lulu learns whether she can proceed with treatment, and Maxie gets ready to walk down the aisle again.

Any Colour You Like:  Pink Floyd, Dark Side of The Moon 
Circles: Incubus, Morning View 
Pennyroyal Tea: Nirvana, In Utero 

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