Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Open Door Prisons - GH Preview for February 25 to March 4, 2015

Open Door Prisons

Fourteen Black Paintings

Perched on its rocky outcropping just off the shores of Port Charles, Wyndemere is a bastion of Cassadine power and dominion over – well, to their minds, everything. Isolated and insulated, it is a symbol of their overwhelming Otherness which separates them from those who live on the common soil.

It’s also a pain in the rear end if there’s ever an emergency.

The conflagration which signaled the end of Spencer’s birthday party leaves a panicked and worried Nik in a complete tailspin.  The fear of losing Spencer galvanized him into heroic action -- literally walking through fire to save his son, and now a conflicted Nik goes to great lengths to repair the circumstances and the damage that’s been done.  Elizabeth rushes to console and support him after her fiery confrontation with Ric, and though Nikolas is comforted by this,  he still battles with guilt and inner turmoil, ultimately deciding later to tell Sam some key information. 

Ric is fuming with frustration at his current situation, feeling wounded and disgruntled at Liz’s loyalties, which are inexplicable to him.  After an unexpected and startling event, he and Sonny come to common purpose as brothers, resolving that family sticks together against adversities. Jake, after having a weird and nebulous dream, confides in Elizabeth about it, but aware of her clash with Ric,  stresses that he does not want to come between them. 

Arc of a Diver
Newly reconciled and happily aflirt, Alexis also finds herself feeling apprehensive after Ned’s unexpected revelation about Olivia’s baby and subsequent deflection of her wakening instincts. Olivia is clearly grateful for Ned’s staunch and solid support and intervention, but Alexis confesses to Julian her doubts about the entire situation. Later, Julian runs into Duke, who, fresh off a tense and loaded encounter with Anna, extends to his erstwhile nemesis a surprising offer. 

Not surprisingly, this takes Julian aback – has Duke really put the past behind them? And Duke may not be the only person Julian has to worry about.

Nothing in My Way

Everyone is somewhat stymied at Michael’s custody bid for Avery – Alexis is suspicious of the motive, and Julian issues a sober warning – but Michael is determined to forge ahead with plans of vengeance.  Morgan, in an attempt to reason with his brother, ends up in a stormy confrontation over Michael’s intentions instead, which visibly upsets Kiki.  Her choice not to contest Sonny was heartwrenching and difficult after Ava’s loss. Her only support now seems to be Morgan and her father – and while Silas is concerned, he’s also a mite preoccupied lately.  To his chagrin and frustration, he’s sitting 0n a whopper of a secret, which he finds himself hard-pressed to keep under wraps. This becomes even more exasperating when Kiki calls him with some news. 

Meanwhile, a forlorn and frazzled Nina receives a visit from Nathan and Alexis, who bring tidings of great joy – with certain stipulations and conditions. Elated, Nina and Franco compare notes and schemes, as well as a few revelations with each other. LSD and coma hangovers notwithstanding, their commiserations bond them even more tightly against their obstacles.

Also Next Week: 

Bobbie, Tracy, and Lulu decide to hire a PI to find out more about the Spencer history, while Sloane makes a proposition to Jake. Olivia opens up to Dante about the latest developments in her life, and Luke reveals more darkness. Franco receives support from an unexpected source, and he and Nina get a surprise visitor. Nathan is honest with an off-guard Maxie.


Fourteen Black Paintings: Peter Gabriel, Us 
Arc of a Diver:  Steve Winwood, Arc of a Diver 
Nothing In My Way:  Keane,  Under the Iron Sea

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