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Asleep in Gethsemane - GH Preview for November 5 - 12, 2014

 Asleep in Gethsemane

Like a modern-day Caiaphas, Sonny has plotted and schemed to achieve one overarching goal – to eliminate the one person who could topple him, at long last, from the precarious pinnacle on which he has resided for over two decades.  While Ava is by no means a prophet, she is a portent and a crucible, and a dangerous, costly obsession which turns Sonny blind to all other consequence and option.

Even as his left-hand henchman Max
lies in ER struggling yet again for life, having been shot in the service of his employer – Sonny’s focus is on Ava as the culprit.

Morgan isn’t so sure. Given Ava’s gravid condition, the likelihood of her sauntering into the foyer of Casa Corinthos, and shooting into the lion’s mouth, as it were, is almost nil. Even Morgan, in his shock at the recent turns of events, realizes this, and entreats his father to reconsider the order on Ava’s life. Whether he can convince Sonny of alternatives is probably irrelevant.  With his own single-minded purpose resounding in his ears, the Don of Port Charles can’t hear the precipice cracking and breaking right under his feet. 


Nina, out of control and maintaining only the most tenuous grips on reality, ends up with a bundle in her arms and a bombshell in her brain.  Terrified for her newborn daughter and enraged at the gall of her nemesis, Ava proceeds to do what she does best. Despite the pain and shock of giving birth, she deftly and expertly reaches into Nina’s brain and gives it a little scramble – causing Nina to further detach and become even more unstable.  But it ultimately isn’t enough to prevent Nina  and Madeline from fleeing the Brownstone, Baby Girl Jerome in tow, while Ava is left to crawl to the front door  in agony – and find on the other side a lethal foe.

While waiting on Danny’s labs, Silas comforts Sam and fills her in on what’s been happening with Nina, apologizing to Sam for allowing his very damaged and dangerous wife to come between them.  After a quiet, open conversation together, some wounds begin healing, and Silas confides that he’s worried about what Nina will do next.  He ends up having to gently but bluntly explain to Nathan just how far Nina’s psychosis goes, and the two begin to work on figuring out how to locate her and Madeline before it’s too late.

A Little Reminder That I’ll Never Forget

Enraged and akimbo, Michael is struggling for psychological purchase while at the same time hugging his rage tightly, like a talisman for resolve. Dante is worried for his younger brother, and he and Morgan fear the worst when they compare notes – but it may be too late for Michael, who is intent on tracking his father down and confronting him. A lot can be said about Michael, but no one can say he doesn’t have perseverance…so Sonny may have very little time to gloat at having cornered Ava. Michael is faced with some harsh choices, the repercussions of which will shape him and the lives of those around him for a long time to come.

After making the colossal mistake of provoking her onetime amour, Carly’s gambit succeeds only in validating Franco’s logic, and he kicks the next phase of his strategy into gear. You can almost hear the clank of the drawbridge being brought up as Heather stalks Pier 52, having trussed and stashed Jordan and Shawn out of the way.  While Franco’s father is thrilled to bits at finally having a prosecutable case, Mama Heather finds joy in the simpler things: BLT’s from Kelly’s, lollipops, and pointing a loaded Ruger at Carly Corinthos Jax. But the twists aren’t over yet—this is Franco, after all, who volleys another shocker of a cannonball over the bow, disposing Carly to realize a grim reality and for Franco himself to grapple with his next move. 

Also Coming Up:  Jake considers Elizabeth’s offer.  Duke is concerned about the impact and fallout of his bogus alibi, and how it might affect his relationship with Anna. The Commissioner, meanwhile, is taking some bold steps and making big choices of her own.  Franco calls Nina as their bobsleds careen downhill, and Kiki has a shocking encounter.


Fire:  U2, October 
Unraveling:  Sevendust, Cold Day Memory 
A Little Reminder That I’ll Never Forget:  Lostprophets, Weapons

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