Tuesday, March 08, 2011

GI: Happy Horseshit

Hello, my darlings, and thank you for stopping by.  I took a week off to attend to some life priorities, but am back with my trove of GI gems full to the brim with farcical foolishness. 

Take a deep breath, gird your midsections, and brace for impact.  A la vie!

"I can tell I am growing closer to Christ because this world just makes me sick. I really can't tolerate it anymore.

“A thought did cross my mind today though. Since God is Holy and cannot fellowship with us when we sin and Jesus is God, how did he hang out with sinners?"

First off, that queasy, sick feeling you have?  I doubt it’s holy divinity—or if it is, I have to wonder just how much of a paradise Heaven really is.  You probably just have indigestion from swallowing so much horseshit whole.

As to your second question:  I believe Jesus was asked that very question by his disciples and the Pharisees at varying times.  He pointed out that “preaching to the choir” was kind of redundant.  It was the so-called “sinners” who needed ministry, and therefore with whom his time was well spent. 

Plus, sinners have the best parties.   

“First of all, I'm not very convinced that Leonardo Da Vinci was a very intelligent person. He invented a couple of things and made a few paintings. So what??? I'm not very impressed with anything he has done. Not to mention he was a liar. Jesus never married, or had children. So, I think Leonardo Da Retardo's code is just a bunch of lies coming from a mouth of a human with low intellect.”

It would be a reaaallly good idea for you to at least read the front cover of the book, because it plainly says, in big gold letters, “By Dan Brown”.  It is a work of fiction, not history, although it does incorporate historic elements with known facts, sprinkled with conjecture to make a pretty decent yarn.  The fact that it was a ginormous bestseller makes me wonder how on earth you could get the writer’s name wrong. 

Having said that, Leonardo DaVinci was a painter, sculptor, inventor, writer, engineer, mathematician, botanist, architect, musician, and prankster.  Many of his paintings, interestingly, were religiously iconographic--Virgin of the Rocks, The Last Supper, St. John the Baptist, Annunciation, The Baptism of Christ--and The Last Supper, which incidentally loomed large as a key clue in The DaVinci Code.  Interestingly, he rather mucked that one up, painting it on a dry surface rather than as a fresco, resulting in its almost instantaneous deterioration. 

He also made several portraits, the most famous of which is inarguably La Giocanda/The Mona Lisa.  His sketch, The Vitruvian Man, is regarded as a cultural icon, recognizable instantly almost everywhere in the world.  His was a formidable intellect, and he had an insatiable curiosity that exemplified the Renaissance era. 

Finally, with regard to the idea of DaVinci leaving codes in his works, or of Jesus being married, who knows?  That’s not the point here. The point here is:  When you start bashing people about and calling them names, make sure you’ve got the right names attached to the right people and the right issue.  Otherwise you just look stupid.


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