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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of Feburary 3 - Bending the Event Horizon

Bending the Event Horizon 

Madman Across the Water

With so many problems having those meddling kids underfoot in the stables, Heather has to regroup and find a new location for her lair. Being on an island, you would think her choices would be limited, but this being Wyndemere, it has its own labyrinth of catacombs under the battlements, which were put to good use by another asylum escapee just a year ago. So she finds a cozy spot with bathroom niches and sets up housekeeping. Carly, understandably piqued, expresses her displeasure at the accommodations, and things begin to crumble at an alarming rate, until the showdown puts both lives in the balance, and Heather finds herself in a much worse predicament than she anticipated.

Back on the mainland, Kiki is rendered insensate by Franco’s revelation that she couldn’t have seen Heather at Miscavige.  Her incapacitation gives Franco his chance, and he takes it at a run – defying the threat of being plugged with a bullet and leading Nathan and Dante on a wild chase across town.  Dante’s bad day gets weirder when his mother asks an unusual and out-there favor – even for her. And the icing on his cupcake comes in the form of an irate Mrs. McClain, who reports a suspicious character in the graveyard where her husband is buried. At the same time, Franco manages to contact his father and plead with him to go check Miscavige and make sure Heather is wrapped in her special bunting.

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
With the wild-eyed stares of Helena and Stavros Cassadine googling up at her from her coffee table, Robin is incredulous at Victors’ blithe statement that she will help find a way to bring them back to an earthly, sentient – if not rational or sane – plane of existence.  She did just get back home, after nearly two years in captivity with Boris and Natasha, and demands to know what would possibly inveigle her to leave the husband and daughter she’s missed so much that entire time. Then Victor brings the coup de gras with a flourish, and it’s a pretty compelling one – but Victor is stern when he tells her she mustn’t reveal any details to anyone.  And she doesn’t…not even when Patrick returns home with news of his own.

Emma, precocious and inquiring, has precociously inquired as to whether she’s getting a baby brother or sister…again.  Sabrina realizes she has to make a decision, and either way she chooses will impact and alter the life paths of several people.   

Don’t Change

Surprisingly, Britt finds herself in a heartfelt, honest conversation with Patrick, during which they finally address their past together and her duplicity in trying to trick him with Ben.  Britt has been feeling the gnawing guilt over her son for weeks, and it’s exacerbated when Lulu notices a small rash on the baby – a rash very similar to the one Dante gets from an allergic reaction.  Britt sinks lower into remorse and hopes no one thinks anything of it – particularly Nikolas, who is clear with Elizabeth about his feelings for Britt. Liz, being who she is, finds the back door. Stunningly observant when there’s a payoff in it for her, she notices Nikolas and Lucas both dropping off the same prescription for Ben and Dante. At this point, and in a very Pre-Ben Britt way, she strong-arms an extremely reluctant Felix into doing some dirty work.

A Long Time Ago
Renewed in his resolve to prove himself to his children, Julian promises to help prove Silas’ innocence for Sam’s sake – but he warns that they both need to tell him the truth, or there will be consequences.  Sam wrestles with her doubts – she truly wants to keep her faith in Silas and believe he didn’t do anything to Nina. But she is confused when she learns he’s kept yet more crucial information from her, and doesn’t understand why. 

Julian is feeling hopeful for a possible repairing of his relationship with Sam, but is delivered a new curve when Lucas openly and frankly comes out to his father.  Julian isn’t sure how to deal with it; he is discomfited and says so – which in turn causes Lucas to be understandably defensive.  
Not exactly auspicious beginnings, but pretty typical for Jeromes, when you think about it.

Driven to the point of zealotry, Nathan is triumphant when he comes into possession – by an anonymous source – of new proof against Dr. Clay. Problem is, he needs the D.A. in order to bring charges, since he’s the only one with such authority. Scott Baldwin, however, is nowhere to be found.

Also Next Week – Kiki’s subterfuge leaves Michael feeling confused and betrayed, while AJ begins to remember details from the night Connie was murdered. Morgan and Ava make it known how much they miss each other, and Lulu has a pleasant surprise for Dante at work.

Madman Across the Water:  Elton John, Madman Across the Water 
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You: Stevie Nicks, Rock a Little 
Don’t Change: INXS, Shoobah Shoobah 
A Long Time Ago:  Jim Croce, Time In a Bottle 

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