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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of Feburary 10 - Dragonfly Footprint

Dragonfly Footprint

Bleed Red
After almost six months mired in guilt, insecurity, memory loss, and vodka, AJ is trying desperately to find a way through to some sort of light – any light, even if the answers he finds aren’t good ones.   

Recall is coming to him, fast and vague and tantalizing. As he begins to remember the night Connie died, he also sees things in his mind’s eye which put Ava in a not-angelic light.  Ava, on the other hand, has her own memories of the evening – and the news which she imparts to the flailing AJ send him to Connie’s grave, where further enlightenment could come from an unexpected source.

Sonny intends to keep his promise to Michael – as he wants to support both sons as much as he can without compromising himself -- and allow AJ’s continued existence on the earthly plane.  However, he’s suspicious of Second Son’s persistent attachment and moping mourning for Ava.  When Morgan suggests she switch allegiance and join the Corinthos outfit, Sonny is understandably reluctant to buy into that scenario.  With his warning not to try a double-cross ringing in her ears, she plans a clandestine, romantic evening together with a now chipper, more optimistic Morgan.
Climbing Up the Walls
Scott Baldwin has pulled some stunts in his life, some so outlandishly foolish it’s a wonder he didn’t end up sharing a cell with Blackie Parrish back in the day. This time, his humdinger is stashing his son into hiding while he reluctantly calls on Miscavige to make sure its most famous patient (that we know of) is still playing bungee with the windmills in her mind. While he’s gone, information about Heather begins pouring in at an alarming rate, coming to a head even as Franco overhears key intelligence of his own from Cameron and Spencer. The gambit to save Carly goes terribly wrong, and everything goes sideways.  Family and friends stay close as the injured, fighting for their lives, are rushed to GH.
More Than Anything in This World
Lhasa Apsos, for all their beauty, are reported to have the strongest jaws in the canine species. Once these little Ewok dogs bite down on something, there is nothing between Heaven and Earth -- aside from a pneumatic clamp -- which will induce them to let go.  Detective Nathan West is the human equivalent of the Lhasa, without all the hair and twice the stubbornness.
Undaunted and indefatigable, the persistent detective is hellbent on finding more evidence against Silas, but Alexis has had enough.  Equally as formidable as the Police Commissioner, she demands that Anna either charge her client or let him go.  Naturally, this smothers Nathan’s ambition to see his nemesis wearing orange and rooming with a guy named Misty, but the law is the law.   Later, Anna has significant news for Silas, and it allows him the release and relief of finally being able to explain things to Sam.

Perfect Day
Valentine’s Day has probably not been the holiday Britt looked forward to most in the past, but this year is different, as the day begins, to her delight, with Spencer presenting his own Valentine to her.  Thrilled, she is further gobsmacked when the Cassadine princeling spills the beans on Dad’s surprise – a secret Valentine mission.  Britt’s happiness is adorably giddy, but Liz is lying in wait across the water, waiting for lab results to arrive.  When Liz confronts her rival, Britt surprises her with an unexpected reaction, and the ensuing dialogue is nothing if not, erm…animated.

Also Next Week:   Duke wants a reconciliation with Anna, and the contention over their very different lines of work leads to a fiery solution.  Julian is somewhat stunned at the level of Ava’s machinations, and Michael and Kiki have a terrible fight.  Molly and TJ’s study date develops into a discussion about taking their relationship further.

Bleed Red:  Ronnie Dunn, Ronnie Dunn 
Climbing Up the Walls:  Radiohead, OK Computer 
More Than Anything in This World: Lenny Kravitz, Mama Said 
Perfect Day:  Lou Reed, Transformer

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