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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of Feburary 17 - Fairy Tales and Frost Heaves

Fairy Tales and Frost Heaves

Throwing it All Away
After two years as a hostage, two years lost with her family and friends, two years of isolation and loneliness, Robin announces some stunning and rather unfathomable news to Patrick – news that instantly arouses his suspicions and initiates questions.  When he finally finds out why his wife is so intent on distancing herself from her family, he is absolutely stunned. And then he’s incensed – resolutely telling Robin what her choices are.  Distraught, he plans to go to Anna for help with this untenable predicament, but he and Robin are able to talk and almost work things out – until Victor shows up again. This time he has a new wrinkle that ultimately has Robin devastating her husband and leaving Emma in tears.

Love Somebody

Valentine’s Night is promising to be one of the most romantic and giddy evenings Britt has had in a long time, with Nik planning surprises and Spencer dropping hints like chocolate kisses.  But Britt has another problem – the inconvenience of Elizabeth Webber’s discoveries.  Britt has legitimate cause to worry, and expresses her concern to her love-drunk prince – who wants to put those concerns aside for now. 

Liz seeks out advice on her dilemma, grappling with her feelings for Nik and the information she knows.  Finally, buttressed and bolstered, she faces Nik and pours it all out to him, hoping she’ll induce him to see things her way.

Things can be kept quiet for a long time, but it’s a foregone conclusion that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. In this town, though, even that’s not a guarantee.  Eventually, things come to a revelatory head, and Dante and Lulu are blindsided by the out-of-the-blue news. Lulu is of course reeling and stunned, and truly wants to be happy for Dante. But it’s clear that she’s conflicted and having a very difficult time hiding it – or dealing with it.

What with all the drama of Carly’s rescue, Franco revealed not to have been the culprit, and baby drama with Ben, Lulu realizes she hasn’t seen her father in a pretty long time. The same realization dawns on Lucy Coe, who suddenly observes that she hasn’t had any clandestine nookie in days. By this time it’s evident something happened to both Luke and Scott, and the last time anyone saw Scott was when he was headed to Miscavige.   

Anna, probably feeling pretty chagrined now at brushing Tracy’s concerns away, leaps into action to find out where the two Port Charles stalwarts are stowed. Tracy, probably feeling pretty vindicated and smug, isn’t so wrapped up in gloating that she doesn’t notice how very very keenly interested and agitated Miss Lucy is.


Come Talk To Me
When talking of the Jerome siblings, to say that cracks are showing in their relationship is masterful understatement. To say the chasm is widening is being modest;  on a scale of fault lines, it’s not so much Grand Canyon scale as it is on a par with the Valles Marineris of Mars.  Both have new priorities and both have secrets, and neither is talking to the other.

Julian is still yearning to repair and forge relationships with his children—both of whom are leery and reluctant to go out on that limb with him. But Julian, for all his mobbery, his mercenary nature, secrets, and ruthless gamesmanship – may not be totally unfeeling or unselfish. When he is able to show Sam a caring and thoughtful side of himself, she can’t help but soften – and perhaps begin to reconsider her assessment of him.  Another daughter seeks out her father as Kiki leans on Silas, worried for her relationship with Michael and the shaky trust between them.

Also Next Week:  Obrecht wants Victor to tell her what happened to Faison, and Morgan warns Lucas about Julian.  Felix wonders if he and Brad are really in synch with each other, while Nik is put in a difficult position by an unexpected visitor. TJ has surprise plans for Molly, but Olivia worries and wonders if they will listen to her advice. 


Throwing it All Away: Genesis, Invisible Touch
Love Somebody: Rick Springfield, Hard to Hold
Shambala: Three Dog Night, Cyan
Come Talk to Me:  Peter Gabriel, Us


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