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Listen To Angela: GH Preview for Week of May 5 - Fire and Music

Fire and Music 

Last time we saw Ava, she was preparing to flee Port Charles without so much as a by-your-leave to her beloved daughter or a text for Morgan, to whom she had professed her love and devotion via voicemail only hours before. She finds herself staring down the barrel of a Glock instead, so close she can see the firing chamber, aimed squarely at her heart by her very ticked-off brother. If Ava knows the family history in even in the most rudimentary sense, she knows Julian has disposed of a sibling before.  It may be this knowledge that has her pleading with him to spare her life, even as she’s likely forming Plan B at the same time.  Later, Julian divulges some key information about his sister to someone unexpected – and will that someone spill the beans?

Against all odds and formidable power of denial, Olivia begins piecing things together and finally susses out what Sonny might be hiding. With nary a jackal to shadow as her spirit guide, she goes to Sonny with her suspicions, whereupon the increasingly stressed-out multitasker pulls out every stop, every trick, and every dance move he can to deflect and delay the inevitable. The walls are definitely closing in, as Morgan reluctantly admits to Kiki about their parents playing find-the-urn in the Quartermaine crypt. It’s pretty much not a question of if, but when and how the normally impregnable Corinthos bastion cracks and crumbles. 

Bonnie and Clyde 

Duke has had a lot on his mind lately and probably not a few moments of déjà vu – twenty years ago he was working against the Jeromes – setting himself against Julian and a Jerome sister.  That war didn’t end well, despite all noble intentions Duke had of protecting those he loved – particularly Anna. Duke’s a stubborn man, a smart and strong man whose determination and clever mind have proved formidable to his adversaries.  But perhaps the familiarity of his own patterns are beginning to breed contempt. He doesn’t like keeping things from Anna, and he certainly doesn’t like the wall that is between them – gossamer, perhaps, but it’s there. Reconsidering that perhaps old ways aren’t always the best ways, he suggests to Anna they try something different.  As it so happens, Carly and Franco  make a significant discovery in AJ’s case and bring it to the Commissioner – but Anna is suspicious and wary of this evident manna from heaven. 

The Firm

Exasperated and increasingly enraged, Ned is still determined to stop his once-and future stepfather from laying hands on the Quartermaine lucre; however, the more he seems to uncover, the more his mother digs in her heels.  It is inexplicable to Ned that Tracy, in the face of what appears to be significant evidence, still stands firmly behind her fiancé and still believes that Kiki chased Luke. However, Ned gains yet another unexpected ally when Michael visits Luke at ELQ and subsequently discovers just what’s been going on.  Already simmering with pent-up frustration and fury, Michael hits the roof and decides to help his uncle bring down this new nemesis.

Also Next Week:  Maxie and Nathan argue over Levi’s weird influence and Sabrina questions Carlos’ confession to PCPD. Obrecht has a startling announcement for the GH staff that also leaves Lucy reeling and dumbfounded.  And the Nurses Ball begins, with notable absences from the red carpet, entertaining performances, and significant developments in the lives of some participants. 


Diabolique: (1955) Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot/ Writers: Pierre Boileau, Thomas Narcejac, Jerome Geronomi, Frederic Grendel  

Bonnie and Clyde: (1967) Director: Arthur Penn/ Writers:  David Newman, Robert Benton, Robert Towne 

The Firm (1993) Director: Sydney Pollack/Writers: John Grisham, David Rabe, Robert Towne, David Rafiel 

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