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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of May 12 - Submerged Displacement

 Submerged Displacement

There are very few gatherings of two or more people in Port Charles which do not end in some kind of carnage – sometimes emotional, sometimes physical. Sometimes both. But it’s almost impossible to leave unaffected in some way, and this year’s Nurses Ball is no exception. Because of choice or circumstance,some go home with second chances in their pockets and with renewed optimism for what lies ahead. Others are not so lucky, grappling with abrupt change and devastating loss and struggling not to sink into the mire.  Lucy and Kevin have probably suffered the worst of the fallout, and that isn’t over yet by a long mile. They say a journey begins with the first step. For some, the question now is – which direction and where will it lead?

Angels and Demons

After an eventful evening together watching Liesl Obrecht commandeer and cabaret her way across the stage, followed by the palate-cleanser of granddaughter Emma tango in the night with Cameron, and finally visiting Baby Boy Drake in NICU, Anna is ready for some private time with her kilt-tripping boyfriend and a dance of their own.  Anyone who starts playing bagpipes now does so at their own risk.

Later in the week, Anna has game-changing news for an anxious Dante and Lulu, who are waiting on tenterhooks for word about the viability of their one remaining embryo. Once they have the information they need in their hands, the beleaguered couple has a serious discussion and makes an important decision about their family and future.

Shawn and Jordan have a subtext-laden reminiscence of their relationship, going over old territory and tiptoeing around the new. TJ overhears a strange phone conversation his mother has with an unknown associate, which Jordan hastens to try and cover, but is her son completely convinced? 

Prince of the City

Alexis may not tango, but she’s dancing. She and Julian retire for the evening at the lake house, all tension and drama of the Ball forgotten as other, more pressing matters are attended. It’s enough to make Alexis want to sing…except that it bothers her that here she is again, involved with yet another mobster. When she and Julian have a serious discussion about the possibility of him actually leaving the life, Julian considers it with surprising open-minded candor. Later, he sets up a meeting with Luke to talk about their partnership, while Duke and Sonny, unaware of the possible recusal of their sworn enemy, continue scheming to take him down.

While Luke isn’t exactly pleased with his bad Lieutenant at the moment, he has other issues piling on top of him like kittens at a catnip convention. After Tracy lost the throne to Tommen – er, Michael – Luke is aghast and pissed off that his carefully laid plan has gone into a tunnel and begins to wonder just how much Sonny knows. Before he can find out, the universe sits back with popcorn and beer, laughing it’s butt off, as Luke is further confronted by a new and terrifying challenge – his amorous, eager wife.  

Also this week: Carly and Franco need entertainment and find it in the most unique places. Liz makes a decision about the men in her life. The fallout for Lucy starts tumbling downhill, and friendships are put to the test.


Angels and Demons: Director – Ron Howard/ Writers – David Koepp, Akiva Goldsman, Dan Brown (2009)

Prince of the City: Director – Sydney Lumet/Writers – Jay Presson Allan, Sydney Lumet, Robert Daley (1981)

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