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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of May 19 - Drunken Angels and Penitent Thieves

Drunken Angels and Penitent Thieves

Grey Gardens

Her newly minted husband is acting weird, and up to now Tracy Quartermaine has been steadfastly oblivious – although it did seem that perhaps Kiki and Michael had been able to find a chink in the otherwise impervious casing of denial.  However, Tracy is made of stern stuff, and it may also be that the part of her who simply yearns to be loved – to not have to make ‘a meal out of crumbs’, as she once said – that feeds the space in her heart and her mind which simply doesn’t want to see that something is very wrong. Unaware of the agenda driven nature of his visit to Alexis, or the fact that Luke is hellbent on having revenge on one particular soul in his crosshairs, it takes a momentous and startling event to shake Tracy’s apathy loose. When she comes upon Luke and Ned in a clearly loaded and evidently hazardous situation, she is faced with choosing which of them to believe – her son, or her husband.  What she decides will likely determine the course of her relationship with both men.


After braving the rest of their flight under the baleful glower of an Oceanic flight attendant, Carly and Franco arrive at their destination with hopeful anticipation.  Needing some help with their investigation of AJ’s phone recording, they look up some old friends and are able to uncover some enlightening information as a result. But then, they’re left to figure out what, exactly, to do with the evidence they have – a complicated decision with broad and encompassing influence, and the effects of which will be felt by everyone they care for – most importantly to Carly, her sons.

Ordinary People

Shawn is still suspicious and incredibly rattled by Jordan’s unexpected and abrupt presence in his and TJ’s lives, and he’s none too pleased at the way she’s breezed right back into her son’s life, gifting him with cars and taking up employment with his boss’ nemesis. Even though he’s not at all convinced Jordan is on the straight and narrow from her previous career as a drug dealer, Shawn thinks about discussing a possible situation with her which presents itself and could be pivotal. Meanwhile, as the PCPD plots to take down their target in an surprise operation, TJ learns the truth about his mother’s past—and which Shawn had been so determined to keep from him. Dismayed and upset, he grapples with the new information as Molly offers her shoulder and consolation.  As TJ makes the decision to confront his mother with what he’s learned, Jordan floors Anna with a surprise of her own.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Realizing he has to move quickly and decisively after his bold tete-a-tete with Luke, Julian calls a family dinner at the gallery with Alexis and his children , and invites his progeny – Lucas included – to bring dates with them.  Everybody by now should be prepared for gatherings of more than three people in this town to render unto chaos and anarchy, particularly if it’s a dress-up affair and everyone shaves. This one is no different, even if it is just a small family soiree. It’s a Jerome soiree, and a Jerome soiree in which the paterfamilias divulges such news that results in the aforementioned chaos. Aftershocks ensue, havoc reigns, and Sam reels in confusion at her father’s announcement, unsure how best to process this new development. But Julian isn’t done, not by a long mile.  He has another card to play –an ace in the hole, as it were—involving a rather unlikely ally.

Also Next Week:   Morgan pushes at Sonny for explanations, while Duke has some things to tell his partner in crime. Maxie is served a notice to appear in court, and Nathan is bewildered at her reaction. Flowers are delivered to a surprised Silas at the hospital, and Lucy, still guilt-ridden after the events of the Ball, is excited when Kevin says he has some news to share with her.


Grey Gardens: (1975) Directors - Ellen Hoyde, Albert Maysles, David Maysles, 
Muffie Meyer

Magnolia:  (1995) Director /Writer – Paul Thomas Anderson 

Ordinary People: (1980) Director – Robert Redford, Writers – Judith Guest, Alvin Sargent, Nancy Dowd 

The Royal Tenenbaums: (2001) Director – Wes Anderson, Writers – Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson 

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