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The Fire Dance - GH Preview for October 7 - 14

The Fire Dance

Some Become Strangers

The last six months have been tough on Maxie. Having left Port Charles on New Years Eve in search of clarity and direction, she came back brimming with optimism, towing a vendetta, and falling into new fortune. Now, just when it looked like she was on the cusp of a new start with Nathan, Judge Walters has become the newest boulder in the middle of her road to redemption.  While likely illegal and almost certainly unethical, Walters’ ultimatum to Nathan and Maxie is nonetheless daunting, and both are stymied for what to do, if anything. A dinner date that began with such anticipation and thrill has quickly descended to bereft disappointment, and they confide in Dante and Lulu about their predicament. Maxie loves her daughter and wants to be able to see her – but does that mean she has to give up a burgeoning possibility of a relationship with Nathan? Then again, with an ongoing and developing relationship with his newly discovered Mutter, Nathan has a lot on his plate as well.

The Reflex

After a strategy session with Tracy, Sam and Patrick have found that their swanky hotel is so popular that it overbooked reservations and gave them the same room. After discovering that all available cots have been disbursed to other guests with first-serve privileges, Sam nixes the idea of Patrick going across the street to another hotel and offers him the floor. Then she offers him a pillow. Then she offers him the other side of the bed.  The only thing missing is the ice cream, curlers, and S’mores by candlelight in what is definitely not a teeny bopper slumber party.

Meanwhile, back on the shores of Lake Erie, Nina gets in some unscheduled physical therapy when she chases after Franco in an energetic sprint down the hospital corridor – a sassy dash that Usain Bolt would envy and praise. Less enamored of her athletic prowess is her dumbstruck – and then livid – husband, who levels a look at her that would ice Etna. Nina does some fast talking and backpedaling, while Silas watches balefully from the confines of the now-erstwhile wheelchair. For a moment, it looks as if Nina has won the day yet again. 

But this time, Silas is aware and
awake. Wanting more answers, he proactively gets an update from her physical therapist. The clock starts counting down. Ongoing developments on both sides of the Atlantic cause a turn in their relationship when Silas calls Sam to tell her she was right all along. 

Calling All Angels

Ava is the most sought-after woman in Port Charles. Anywhere else, anywhere else, this would be a source of massive ego boost for La Donna, but in this light metropolis, it’s nothing but a source of massive fear. She has at least four targets aimed squarely at various points of her ever-more-pregnant self; three of which she’s blithely unaware. However, she knows Sonny is unlikely to give up on ferreting out her location, and that Shawn is equally unlikely to talk his boss out of the chase.  The stress of that alone causes some alarming pain and discomfort, and Morgan, increasingly worried, scrambles to find her some pain medication.  

Sabrina, who is probably simply not cut out for the vendetta business or killing people in cold blood, begins to rethink her theory about Ava; maybe, just maybe, someone else was responsible for strong-arming poor Rafe into such a desperate act.  Chagrined and remorseful, Sabrina tries desperately to figure out how to undo what she’s done...but is she too late? 

Illegal Alien

If there was any doubt of Franco having had his crafty edge removed -- along with the tumescent blob of floating tissue Diane keeps on a shelf – we may wonder no further. While his taste in fashion accessories is woefully lacking, his ingenuity and conniving creativity is at peak hum. After happily toying with his nemesis and bride apr├Ęs le petit dejeuner, he forges ahead with his plans for retribution even as Sonny buckles down for countermeasures.

Bobbie has been hiding her daughter’s clandestine activities from Scott, and isn’t feeling all that great about it, considering that Franco is Scott’s son. However weird and fraught that relationship is, it is a relationship, and Bobbie lets Carly know she feels guilty for harboring the secret. Cracks widen in Carly’s veneer, with the mounting stress and inexorable guilt gnawing at her psyche. One thing is for sure – this wedding is going to be anything but placid. But it will be entertaining.

Also Next Week:  Rosalie reluctantly agrees to keep an explosive and valuable secret.  Tracy tells Sam and Patrick she needs to see Luke alone first, and makes plans for the meeting. A determined Elizabeth, confident in Jake’s recovery, goes to Dante for help in discovering her patient’s origins. Milo and Epiphany have a rocky outing for their first date, while Nik and Spencer have a request for Britt. Obrecht opens the door to someone she least expected to see.

Some Become Strangers: Stevie Nicks, Rock a Little 
The Reflex: Duran Duran, Seven and the Ragged Tiger 
Calling All Angels: Train, My Private Nation 
Illegal Alien: Genesis, Genesis 

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