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Colliding With Andromeda - GH Preview for Week of September 22

 Colliding With Andromeda

Second Hand News

Franco’s warning bells have probably been tinkling in the back of his head for a few days now, and even in his desire to believe in the woman he loves, he knows something is off.  Franco knows ‘off’. Being also a rather astutely observant man – it’s how he used to create such elaborate games for his victims, after all – he notices Kiki’s agitation and, exasperated, pleads with her to finally unburden herself and tell him what’s going on. Already at odds with herself and at her wits’ end with holding everything in, Kiki may not be able to refuse him. It promises to be one of Franco’s more memorable and eventful birthdays, as Carly makes a touching and affectionate toast at his party, prompting Franco to make one of his own. Kiki, hearing this exchange, resumes a new round of agitation and flummox.

Unsettled, she once again takes her concerns to a supportive Morgan, and expresses her trepidation about the entire situation with Franco. Later, during a romantic evening with Michael, she continues to struggle with feelings of guilt at keeping things from the man she loves and grapples for answers about what to do next.

San Jacinto

As Sam and Sonny are sharing warm memories of Jason on what is also his birthday, Robin is moving as fast as she can to extricate herself and her friend out of a dangerous situation, and is running out of options. Faced with impossible odds, she and Jason make a decision. 

Later, Robin has an opportunity to connect to her loved ones, just as Emma is sharing her unhappiness over her parents’ looming divorce. Patrick and Sam have discovered the PCPD is investigating Fluke, and realizing that maybe Spencer isn’t making stuff up after all, discuss their suspicions with Alexis.  Patrick also learns some shocking news that sends him reeling, and sets the stakes much higher than he can even comprehend.

The Painter’s Link 

Ava is given some unexpected assistance from an unlikely ally when Max and Shawn show up to collect her and invite her back to Casa Corinthos for an extended engagement.  This is enough for Ava to decide it’s time to discreetly and speedily remove herself from the environs of Port Charles.  She takes immediate action to flee, but her plan hits an unexpected speed bump, and she has to make some last-minute changes.  Desperate, she begs Morgan for help and a safe place to hide – while Morgan tries to talk her out of running away. 

Shawn unhappily reports some bad news to Sonny, and Julian later comes to call, demanding answers and wanting to know where his sister is.  Meanwhile, upon hearing news of these latest events, Sabrina reacts with stunned consternation and renewed resolve.

Also Next Week:

Elizabeth comforts a new John Doe patient who is brought in to GH. Fluke sends an emissary to find answers about Ava, and Tracy is distressed to admit she hasn’t heard from Luke – but she’s beginning to remember key details which stand out to her.  Julian and Olivia are each respectively demoralized to find out about Ned and Alexis’ date, and Nathan has a question for Maxie.


Second Hand News:  Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
San Jacinto:  Peter Gabriel, Security
The Painter’s Link:  Kate Bush, Aerial 

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