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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of January 6 - Can't Touch Bottom

Can’t Touch Bottom

 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me

Franco, by his own admission, has seen and done some pretty creatively heinous things in his vaunted and colorful past.  He’s taunted, he’s baited, he’s manipulated, and he’s killed.  But despite Olivia Falconeri’s inexplicable foray into his family dynamics, and Michael’s understandable rage upon finding out about Franco and Carly’s budding relationship – Franco is struggling to divest from his past and carve a new future. This is hard to do when he keeps seeing his mother – who he thought he had killed and buried in a neatly-dug grave – ambling about looking disheveled and somewhat pissed off.  Heather’s not happy, and an unhappy Heather is a scheming Heather. And a scheming Heather is a deadly one.

After Ava’s little spat with Carly, Franco warns his former flame to keep her distance, but Ava, having had a bad day overall so far, spits back with a few threats of her own.  When Franco discovers that Carly is missing – disappeared without explanation or trace – he and Kiki immediately suspect Ava…but Michael has another candidate in mind. 

Silent Running

With a pocketful of wishes and a bucketload of angst, Morgan makes a big decision that will have far-reaching consequences no matter how things shake out.   Julian isn’t about to let him simply tender a resignation letter, conduct  an exit interview over cappuccino, and depart with a severance check.  The only severing in this business usually happens to body parts. Stuck, Morgan becomes one of the  most derided and loathed forms of mob life, out of a desire to protect the people he loves.  But however benign his motivations, the prodigal is still trapped, forced to lie and obfuscate, and the emotional toll is only beginning for him.

 Hardest Part

After introducing himself to Silas so politely at GH, Nathan pays a visit to Sam, clearly surmising that the girlfriend is the soft spot and easiest to turn. Clearly he doesn’t know Sam.  When she demands to know the reason for his visit, his answer stops her in her tracks, and then he begins bombarding her with questions – forging ahead to the point of harassment, until finally he drops the second bomb on Sam.  When Silas arrives shortly afterward,  the time has come to speak of many things – and Silas does, finally telling a shocked Sam what he’s been holding back for so long.  Nathan believes Silas’ version is nothing but a cover and a lie…but does Sam?

Kind of Woman

Sabrina is juggling and multitasking like nobody’s business  -- taking down the Christmas ornaments, tossing out Britt’s voodoo doll collection, and sending her mother’s wedding gown back to Puerto Rico. Oh, and nursing the ex-with-a-gunshot-wound-in-Felix’s-bed while grappling with the fact that she’s pregnant.  She considers telling Patrick, discards the idea--and reconsiders again. Carlos, even in the throes of pain and possible sepsis, affirms his support for her and says he wants to be a significant part of her life. Sabrina is understandably confused and unsure of just what she should do, but the decision may be taken out of her hands when Felix opens his mouth and…speaks…to Patrick. This in turn galvanizes Patrick into demanding some truth-telling from his former almost-wife.

 Also Next Week:

Sonny Catches Morgan and Ava in entangled circumstances, while Anna susses the truth about the warehouse shooting, confronting the witness who saw it all.  Heather’s plan for Carly goes into overdrive, and Franco finds an alarming clue.


Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me:  Elton John, Caribou

Silent Running: Mike and the Mechanics, Silent Running

Hardest Part:  Coldplay, Special Feature

Kind of Woman:  Stevie Nicks, Bella Donna

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