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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of January 20 - The Rain Collector

The Rain Collector


9 Crimes
Armed with a net and holding no small amount of trepidation, Luke had headed into the boathouse ready to do battle with furry, bandit-faced barbarians at the behest of his beloved Spanky—who is surprisingly squeamish at the thought of fanged vermin in her vicinity, considering her upbringing. Luke is flabbergasted to find instead his niece, flopping helplessly on the floor like a trout, bound, gagged, and sorely in need of a blow-dry.  It’s a golden opportunity for freedom, but Heather has the luck of a drunken Irishman.  She spirits her hostage to Spoon Island and stashes herself and said hostage in the stables, which are fast becoming the place to see and be seen in this town.  Carly makes another desperate move just as Emma, Spencer, and Cameron show up for a playdate – and Heather’s amorality knows no bounds when she tells them a terrible lie explaining why she’s there.

Back on the mainland, Franco scuttles to Kiki’s house, having gotten wind that Anna Devane is after him with a pair of handcuffs—and not in the good way.  Kiki wants to help, but she questions her decision when Michael tells her about the new evidence that surfaced.  Franco insists he’s being framed – and Kiki thinks she might have an idea as to who’s behind it. Things get even more complicated as Kiki wrestles with lying to Michael, Dante shows up with questions, Kelly’s Diner is swarmed by the PCPD, and Michael finds himself unsure as to whether Kiki might not be hiding something from him.

J’ai Deux Amours

It’s a new experience for Felix to be in the doghouse – he having chained Brad there more times than a canine pees on trees – but now he’s feeling the forced introspection that comes with a freezing-out.  Having yet again inappropriately blurted confidential information in a public space (and been inconveniently overheard), he’s still worried about Sabrina and how the information about her baby will shake out. However, when he’s allowed to bound forth from exile again, is attention is fully focused on a date with Brad, which they both look forward to with eager anticipation.  It’s a total surprise to Brad, then, when he meets another young man with whom he has a lot in common, and whose frank interest in him is a refreshing compliment.

Lucas meets Julian Jerome, the man of two faces and his biological father, and at the same time meets his long-lost sister, Samantha McCall.  It’s his first day back in Port Charles, and already the snowball has reached proportions of a pissed-off elephant. He has a long talk with Mama Barbara about how it would have been good if he had known about these family jewels before hitting town. 

6 Days 

 Now that the painful and long-buried story of Nina has come into the light again, Silas sits an already-overwhelmed Kiki down and tells her all of it. While Kiki is processing the information, word is announced that the new Chief of Staff has been chosen, and none of the doctors on the short list are prepared for this introduction.  However, Silas has other, more pressing issues on his mind.

Nathan is bent on putting Silas away, but Anna warns him that he doesn’t have unlimited time or resources to put towards this case; there are other crimes to solve and other criminals to apprehend.  So he needs to find something definitive or let it go – and letting go is clearly not one of Nathan’s character traits. 

Sam is convinced there’s more to the story than Nathan’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ version, and being quite a good PI, follows up on leads until she finds someone who might know a few details about how Nina ended up in that coma.   A figure from Silas’ past has some key information, which is relayed to  both Sam and Nathan – information that causes more suspicion and may give Nathan the ammunition he needs to get what he wants.  

Without You
Like everyone else at GH, Britt reels when she finds out who the new CoS is, and she reacts with fury, almost resigning as sweeping changes affect everyone at the hospital. Nik, however, dissuades her from such a rash decision and encourages her to stick things out.  The PCPD, being in a swarming mood this week, descends on GH – Anna having some idea how the CoS was chosen, and uncaring that said CoS is most displeased with the encroachment on the hospital. 

To her dismay, Britt learns of Dante and Lulu’s separation, and puts aside her outrage about work and picks up her guilt instead, urging Lulu to try and save her marriage.  And although Lulu has a stalwart and strong shoulder on which to cry over her current straits, she does share a poignant moment with her husband that gives them both some hope.


After overhearing some key information, Morgan reluctantly purges to Julian and Ava, fully aware that he is putting lives in grave danger by doing so. This isn’t a game anymore, but he has no idea how to pry himself out of this sinkhole. And if he asked for help, who would trust him?  Things start unraveling as Duke, whose actions of late have piqued Anna’s spidey-sense, walks straight into trouble on the docks.  But the tables turn with dizzying speed with new arrivals on the scene, and Sonny finds his worst fears are realized. Now, he only has to decide what to do about it.


9 Crimes: Damien Rice, 9 
J’ai Deux Amours: Madeleine Peyroux, Careless Love 
6 Days: DJ Shadow, The Private Press 
Without You: Junip, Field 
Sinnerman: Nina Simone, Anthology 

Additional Song contributions by @jerron1234

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LHumes said...

Great summary/ but please get the characters' name correctly especially if you are going to use a character's fullname. Sam's name is Sam MORGAN.

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Sam is listed in the GH credits as "Sam McCall"; therefore,I have chosen to go with what the show uses,and therefore I have used the character's correct name.

I am sure we will all adjust and go on.