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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of January 27 - Mummers and Guisers

Mummers and Guisers

The Day Before You Came
Silas is hauled off to the hoosegow in handcuffs, and despite reassurances, his nephew Rafe is unsettled by this turn of events, having become closer to his uncle in recent weeks and grown to admire and respect the elder Clay.  While the kid reels at the new development, TJ takes the opportunity to make a taunting crack about Rafe’s family connections in front of Molly  -- as if TJ himself didn’t have a few demerits in that department himself. Rafe, however, immediately retaliates with a helpful and revelatory reminder of this fact.

While Silas cools his heels in lockup, Nathan is over the moons at first, making a mysterious and cryptic call and generally pulling his impressive muscles with back-patting himself.  Anna brings him back down to the mat with a crash, informing him that he has just 48 hours to get something more concrete on his target – or the good doctor will be released into the loving arms of his girlfriend and Dr. Obrecht, both of whom loathe Baby Colombo. 

Said girlfriend is livid at the mad reversal of fortune, and Sam fumes to Dante over his partner’s obvious glee and alacrity in Silas’ predicament. Dante is sympathetic, but of course unable to help – and is distracted by thoughts of his wife, to which Sam is also sympathetic and of course unable to help. Nathan, on the other hand, is able to help – well, help Lulu, with whom he commiserates over lost love and failed relationships. This is a surprising sight to Dante when he discovers them comparing notes.

Down in the dungeon, an epic recap of mammoth reckoning takes place as Silas and Franco compare notes on their respective situations, shuffling the decks and tossing ideas back and forth.  Sam gets nothing out of Ava, who vehemently denies any involvement in Nina’s coma – but Silas and Franco both come to the inescapable conclusion they’re both being framed. Now they just need to figure out who is responsible and how to prove it. 

I Have the Touch

Tina Estrada just wants to see her psychiatrist, just like she does regularly each week to keep her on an even keel. Dr. Collins is her mainstay, her rock, her safe haven. And there’s a strange nurse in his office who has never been there before and she doesn’t recognize. It does not bode well for the ‘nurse’, whose scrub-clad form cannot hide the fear in his face, and he is subsequently hauled off  to the protective walls of the PCPD, where he theoretically can cause nor wreak more havoc. However, this is Franco…

After Franco and Silas have their brainstorming-cum-jailhouse jam session, Kiki has an idea of who might be framing her almost-daddy.  With an apologetic shrug at Silas, she hies off to visit Miscavige, which probably gets more visitors nowadays than the Metro Court Hotel, whereupon a suspicious-looking person invites her to see Heather Webber’s room.

Baby Jane is at that moment still haymaking over at the Cassadine stables, gloating to Carly about Franco’s arrest and savoring her inevitable victory.  When the kids – those meddling kids…!  -- return to the scene, presumably to retrieve swords and breastplates,  Heather comes up with a horrible way of distracting them and taking care of Carly in one fell swoop. 

Something About You

Anna’s juggling act over the past few weeks has been nothing short of awesome – in every sense of that word. She has welcomed her once-dead child back into life again, nullified her nemesis and worst enemy with the help of her ex-husband and colleague, tracked down a wanted fugitive, collared another maybe-murderer, and begun breaking in a new recruit, all while looking casually fabulous. The fly in the ointment is, unfortunately, the light of her life, the sun to her moon, the Duke to her Duchess – Duke Lavery.  While she is still cudgeling over Nikolas’ startling news about a non-existent job interview, the truth of the situation is dropped on her head with all the subtlety of a drunken Irishman.
Duke is not going to stop doing what he feels he needs to do, and this puts he and Anna at a philosophical and ideological loggerhead.  Anna finds counsel and consolation with Robert, who gives her some sage advice before he departs Port Charles for Wisconsin – er, parts unknown.

Demolition Man
Now that he knows of his son’s duplicity, the reality and depth of Morgan’s betrayal, Sonny has only to decide what to do about it and where to buy his next set of barware.  Despite the sting and the very real heartbreak he feels, Sonny still loves his son.  But he can’t protect Morgan  -- not as long as the prodigal is in the same sandbox as the Jeromes.
That sandbox is slowly, but surely, showing lines.  The Jerome siblings’ united front may be cracking, and a schism begins to manifest as dueling priorities and goals redefine and redraw the picture.  Julian presses Ava to reveal what she knows about Nina’s coma and the circumstances of how it happened, and things get very tense.   When Julian confides to Alexis that he truly wants to be part of Sam and Lucas’ lives, an unexpectedly close moment results, and may reshape not only Julian’s relationship with Alexis – but with everyone in his life. 

Also Next Week:  Ava gives Morgan a gun for protection. Elizabeth challenges Sabrina, while Tracy demands Anna open a case on a missing Luke.  Lucy begs Felicia to keep quiet about her indiscretion, and Victor Cassadine returns to Port Charles with scandalous news and shocking plans. 


The Day Before You Came:  ABBA, The First Ten Years
I Have the Touch: Peter Gabriel, Security
Something About You: Level 42, The World Machine
Demolition Man: Def Leppard, Euphoria  

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