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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of January 13 - The Monster Holding Your Hand

The Monster Holding Your Hand


Heather is having more fun now than she has in ages, waving a nice sharp knife around and grappling yet again with another perceived female obstacle to her current obsession d’annee.  Carly -- perhaps forgetting who she’s dealing with -- actually tries reasoning with the furloughed mental patient, with predictable results.  While the two women do their own demented version of Waiting for Godot, Carly’s family and friends are alarmed when Michael, Sonny, and Morgan make a disturbing discovery in the Metro Court garage – a discovery which causes everyone to think the worst, and Michael to peg Franco as the culprit.
The apprehension mounts as both Franco and Bobbie – for their own respective reasons – go to Scott and pressure him to investigate Carly’s disappearance. Bobbie is beside herself with worry for her daughter, but confides to Lulu that Lucas doesn’t know about this situation yet – and Bobbie has been reluctant to tell him.  However, once Lucas is apprised of events, he immediately comes to Port Charles to support his mother and help in the search.  

Nathan finds DNA on a bloody knife and also ferrets out the source of Carly’s goodbye letter – to Franco’s consternation, as it implicates him even more.  At wits’ end, he seeks professional help with Kevin and even goes to Sonny to plead his case. The mob boss is skeptical when Franco insists he’s being framed – both unaware, of course, of Heather’s machinations.  Even as it seems the PCPD is closing in on the truth, Heather has a head start, and her plan is almost complete. 

Perfect Way

After picking herself up off the floor from hearing the news about Sabrina’s pregnancy, Robin finds herself feeling apprehensive and unsure about the future. She has a long talk with Elizabeth, who can definitely understand the feeling. Robin is afraid Patrick might rethink his decision to return to her and their family, and forging a future with her and Emma, now that another baby is in the picture.  For his part, Patrick asks Sabrina some very direct questions about the baby, and Sabrina’s answer will set the course for several lives, for several years to come. 

Modern Day Delilah

Wary of his wee Benedict, Julian takes Morgan aside and reinforces his threats: he will cause harm and drang to those Morgan loves if the turncoat doesn’t stay on course and get the goods on Dad.  Sonny, however, is no idiot. He has his own misgivings and doubts about Morgan’s sudden prodigal return, which he confides to Olivia.  Shawn also has questions about Morgan’s loyalty – and gets some answers when Duke runs into father and son on the pier. 

Ava is feeling bereft without her stocking-stuffer, and ends up needling Sonny about Connie’s murder.  Julian stuns her with news of yet another heretofore unknown offspring – this time a son – and then has her cage rattled by the impeccably coiffed Detective West – who has a theory that implicates her in Nina Clay’s attempted murder.

Silas isn’t very happy with Nathan West, since his girlfriend was given an an unexpected third degree and resulting bombshell of revelation.  Nathan also conveniently left out a few facts with Sam regarding Silas’ marital status—namely, that Nina Clay has been brain dead for over twenty years.  Silas confronts the detective smack in the middle of the PCPD, which gives Nathan the opportunity to fire off more questions.  And while Detective West has his theory about Ava Jerome’s complicity in the case – Sam, having found her feet and regained her equilibrium – has one of her own.

Also Next Week – Lucy confides her secret to Felicia after she has a steamy dream, while Scott is put in an impossible position with Franco.  Sam wrestles with putting her animosity for Franco aside to help investigate Carly’s case, while new evidence also comes to light with Silas.

Barracuda:  Heart, Little Queen 
Perfect Way:  Scritti Politti, Cupid and Psyche ‘85 
Modern Day Delilah: Kiss, Sonic Boom 

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