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Listen To Angela: GH Preview for Week of April 21 - The Feather of Maat

I apologize for the lateness of this preview.  Computer problems and life got in the way, as sometimes happens; with any luck, next week won't be as bumpy. Thanks for being patient. :) 

The Feather of Maat

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Ava is feeling confident and smug, having tied off the problem of Carlos with what she thinks is a pretty red bow.  Of course, she has no idea that her former paramour and pseudo-babydaddy Franco finagled a spot in the cell next door to Carlos.  Having already sussed out the beleaguered hit man’s motivation to protect Sabrina from Ava’s retribution, Franco has already gone to work skillfully picking apart the madness in her method. Practiced and persistent, Franco patiently and inexorably whittles away with a singular focus for which he is quite well known.  When he fills Carly in on his discoveries, some new information gives him pause to wonder if Ava might have followed through on her threats, and both he and Carly agree it’s time to go to Anna.

 Now, Voyager

Surprised but pleased to find Sabrina prepared to attend Emma’s dance recital, Patrick is also relieved when his daughter – after an initial ambivalence and understandable demand for extant proof -- expresses excitement and anticipation over the arrival – finally – of a new baby brother. They head off happily to the recital, where Spencer, frightened for Emma’s safety after his confrontation with Luke, sneaks backstage to warn her.  With enemies coming from more than one front, Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina find themselves in a dangerous position none of them expected or understand, and it is Anna and Nathan who ultimately are left to figure out the aftermath. 

The Ghost and The Whale

Despite a moment’s distraction with the weirdness between Spencer and Luke, Sonny is tormented and tense.  He doesn’t want to be here at the Quartermaine Mansion, but having pledged his support to Michael, he sets his jaw with masochistic determination and digs in – much to the displeasure and outrage of Monica Quartermaine, who lets it be known just how unwelcome her son’s nemesis is. When he runs into an equally distracted and distressed Ava, he’s flummoxed at finding her at the mansion, of all places.  Sensing his wavering resolve, an impassioned and vehement Ava pleads with Sonny not to destroy them both.  The walls are starting to feel very close for both of them – surrounded by enemies, and no one to confide in but one another.

Also: Ned, Kiki, and Morgan set a trap for Luke, while Monica mourns her last son. Sabrina and Patrick hear some frightening news, and Carlos confronts Ava.  Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal from the person he least expected.


Kiss of the Spider Woman:  Director:  Hector Babenco /Writer:  Manuel Puig (1985)
Now, Voyager:  Director: Irving Rapper/Writer:  Casey Robinson (1942)
The Ghost and the Whale:  Directors: James and Anthony Gaudioso /Writer:  Anthony Gaudioso (2014)

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