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Listen To Angela: GH Preview for Week of April 28 - Outside Gethsemane

Outside Gethsemane

Black Widow 

Carlos is pissed. After a frustrating stint in stir with the endlessly chatty Franco, anyone would be ready to spill guts just to bargain for a way out of hoosegow, but Carlos’ motivation goes far beyond Franco.  After hearing about Sabrina’s car accident and the peril it caused for her and her baby, that was enough for him to nearly blow the top off his lushly curly head.  But now he goes for an all-out Free Carlos! campaign, making a staggering confession to the ever-persevering, protecting and serving cops at PCPD, despite Ava’s less-than subtle warning and with his passion for vengeance on full throttle. 

Ava, meanwhile, has placed herself in rather uncomfortable stations, and she finds herself on the receiving end of more questions, when Kiki, after discussing the matter with Michael, decides to visit her mother and ask just how well Ava knows Carlos.  On top of that, Anna and her posse find some crucial evidence in AJ’s case – evidence that could possibly be a game changer and reveal everything. Despite this development, Carly and Franco are determined to be vigilant and dig even deeper – as they are positive Ava has a lot more to hide.

At Close Range 

The pyroclastic flow rolls inexorably downhill, as Morgan, enraged and brokenhearted, is trying to find an outlet –any outlet—upon which to vent his pain and shock.  Bad enough to find your lover cheating on you. Even worse when it’s your own father with whom said lover is cheating, and even worse than that is the memory of people warning him about Ava – his mother, Kiki, even Michael – ringing in his ears.

Displaced and yet eerily focused, he interrupts a rather intimate and romantic dinner between Julian and Alexis, burning to tell Julian about Ava’s cryptic shenanigans. When Julian relays the information to Luke – who has been busy feeding Shawn  nefarious insinuations about Ric Lansing --the increasingly weirdly-coiffed imposter hands down a lethal and implacable ultimatum.


Unaware that Nathan has been tasked to keep an eye on her, Britt is singularly focused on the survival of Patrick and Sabrina’s tiny baby boy, who is struggling to stay alive in the NICU.  As the anguished parents wait with a mix of hope and sheer terror, Patrick is suddenly and unexpectedly presented with an opportunity to get in touch with someone he loves – but will he leave his son’s side to do so?  Later, Britt has news for him and Sabrina as she updates them on their baby’s progress.

Britt herself is surprised and shocked when Nathan delivers a revelation that absolutely floors her, even as he’s reeling from the information himself. Their mother and aunt are still tucked snugly in the everlasting stronghold of Anna Devane’s battlements, but neither are planning to stay long. Having schemed and strategized creatively during their stay, both Mutter and Magda are supremely confident that their individual plans will secure release and restoration – but who actually has the last word on the subject and the power to make the decisions?  Nathan, still full of questions, finds himself floored just as much as his sister, when Madeline drops him with another secret – and then tells him to keep quiet about it.

Lady Snowblood

TJ is excited and happy when he is accepted into the college of his choice, but he also confesses to Molly that it makes him miss his father, who would have been just as thrilled and proud.  His guardian is exasperated and worried – particularly when Luke’s hinting places doubt in his mind about Ric, which are unsettling enough in an already dicey climate between two crime families. Shawn is completely fed up with Jordan’s involvement at the gallery and threatens to expose her past to TJ. All of her past.  However, Jordan shows a keen interest in the Jerome family business and no evident inclination to divest herself, proving her loyalty once more – further cementing her place and heightening the stakes for Shawn.

Also Next Week:  Alexis and Ned are happy to see each other after so many years, and have a chance to catch up and commiserate.  Olivia wants to work things out with Sonny, despite the explosive fight they had, while Levi comes face-to-face with a less-than-impressed Mac Scorpio. A mysterious man comes to town with a special delivery, and a perplexed Sam questions Patricks’ odd behavior towards her.


Black Widow:  (1987) Director – Bob Rafaelson/ Writer – Ronald Bass 
At Close Range: (1986) Director – James Foley/Writers – Elliot Lewitt, Nicholas Kazan
Inception: (2010) Director/Writer – Christopher Nolan 
Lady Snowblood: (1973) Director – Toshiya Fujita/ Writers – Kazuo Kamimura, Kazuo Koike 

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Thanks so much for posting! It looks like it's gonna be a great week.

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