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Listen To Angela: GH Preview for Week of April 14 - Bean Sidhe

Bean Sidhe 

Man Made the Gun

Sonny is grappling with the unusual and stupefying feeling called “guilt”, which has crept upon him with the inexorability of a glacier, rending his world and carving crevices. After a disconcerting visit from Michael – whose rage and frighteningly focused determination are even more unsettling – Sonny realizes things may not be as tightly wrapped as he had hoped. To make things worse, he begins hearing whispers in his ear – whispers in a stunningly familiar voice which taunts and mocks and digs at him until he’s fighting to keep himself together. Concerned, Olivia , tries to help in her own way and is rewarded by a blast of pent-up, Vesuvian-style plume.  Overwhelmed and untethered, Sonny turns to the only person he believes he can trust. 

 When You’re Falling
A different sort of fear is crawling up Carlos’ back – the prospect of being caught between Anna Devane and Ava Jerome. With the realization dawning that he left a crucial piece of evidence at the Quartermaine home during the botched hit on A.J., Carlos’ fears of being brought in for questioning are realized when Anna and Dante come to collect him.   

Even with Ava attempting to help create a counterstrategy – while the intrepid detectives manage to covertly obtain Carlos’ DNA – the beleaguered henchman is feeling the pressure to spill what he knows and who he knows about what he knows. Unbeknownst to him or Ava, Carly and Franco are hatching a new plan of their own to deal with the Blonde Donna, and Ava’s instincts tell her the walls are closing in, and she needs to do something fast. 

The Winner Takes it All 

A sight for sore eyes and a balm for sanity, Ned Quartermaine, Eddie Maine, the Great One, is in town less than five minutes before he susses out that something is very wrong with the situation in front of him; namely, his once-and-future stepfather and his presently Stepford mother. Gobsmacked at the announcement of her impending nuptials, Ned makes it abundantly clear he doesn’t trust Luke’s motives for one hot second and demands some safeguards.   

This alarms Luke, who has up to now been coasting on the scotoma of Port Charles residents with really admirable grace and aplomb.  However, given Ned’s suspicions and discernment, Luke pivots to dispel Tracy’s creeping doubt – even as he continues to haunt and shadow Kiki.  

Also Next Week:  Ava and Morgan have another discussion about exes, and Carly is touched by Franco’s dedication and commitment when he reveals a new plan.  Lulu goes to Britt for advice about how to deal with Liesl’s latest offer, Patrick and Sabrina learn the sex of their baby, and Nik gives Spencer more bad news. Sonny tries to make amends with Olivia, while Spencer tries to warn his uncle of impending danger. Duke and Shawn share information about Jordan and the Jeromes. 


Man Made the Gun:  Simply Red, Love and the Russian Winter
When You’re Falling:  Afro Celt Sound System w/Peter Gabriel, Vol. 3 Further In Time
The Winner Takes it All: ABBA, Super Trouper 

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