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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of April 7 - The Unicorn Revolt

The Unicorn Revolt

Karma Police

Being a Prince, Nik is used to getting his way. He’s a man of action; a guy who is used to making a decision and making things happen. He is not, therefore, terribly pleased when he’s blindsided and blundering into a situation which he has absolutely no control or advantage whatsoever.  Finding himself face to face with his incensed almost-mother-in-law would be one of those situations, and is complicated by the wee addition of a gun and wee Elizabeth as hostage.  It’s bad enough Nik threw her daughter off  the island, but now Mutter’s inky wrath intensifies with her almost-son-in-law showing up yet again at the former flame’s abode. This much history, combined with resentment and tension, cannot bode well for anyone involved.

Britt gathers her courage and her resolve, and despite the instinct to lie or run – instinct bred into her since childhood – she gives Dante and Lulu the information they so desperately need about their son, and they begin piecing together what Obrecht is up to, and by the time the shouting is done, battle lines and battle wounds are drawn – and nobody really comes out unscathed. 

Obrecht, for all her Teutonic redoubt, has weak spots in her armor, and is reminded of them when she, for once, is rendered speechless at coming face to face with phantoms of another life.  Overwhelmed at the inevitable confrontation and moment of truth, she is anxious to deal with this new wrinkle – and offers Dante and Lulu a cold and calculated proposition.

Half of My Mistakes

  It’s a night of gobsmackery and revelation, as Silas picks his jaw up off the floor when he sees an anxious and worried Ava at General Hospital. This of course causes his mind to turn to the events happening at the Metro Court, and the now-unforeseen dangers for Sam.  For her part, the diminutive private detective has Madeline by her Chanel lapels, furiously demanding answers from a dumbfounded Nathan – who finally, finally admits his connection to the case.  It’s not over for him yet, as Madeline has yet more revelations in store for him, sending him adrift and floundering. The flounder gently sets him ashore at the Floating Rib, where he happens to find an equally-anchorless Britt, and the two connect and form a bond over their really bad day and insane mothers.

With Madeline in custody and spilling her guts to the authorities, Silas and Sam unclench, finally able to relax after nearly three months of tension and uncertainty.  They put the final pieces of Nina’s case together and realize the shock and sadness of what actually happened.  His anger and grief notwithstanding, Silas is also relieved to finally know, and to know he did what he could to honor Nina’s memory. With the weight of twenty years’ loneliness and guilt eased away, he and Sam finally feel able to breathe, put this behind them, and turn to their future.

Torn Between Scylla and Charybidis

After an argument with Morgan about their respective exes, Ava is stressed and a little shaky. It’s understandable, considering the busy schedule she’s been keeping, with many projects needing her keen attention. Unfortunately for her, Carly is suspicious; she’s positive Ava has a lot more to hide than just involvement in A.J.’s death, and now that Carly is recovered and rested from her Heather experience, she’s fully alert and loaded for bear. An inquisitive Carly is a rather dangerous one, and Ava may actually underestimate this particular facet of her nemesis’ personality. Franco, concerned, wants to help ease the worry he can clearly see in his girlfriend’s demeanor, an urges her to share what’s bothering her – an offer Carly very much needs and wants – but will she accept it?

Sonny finds himself in the odd position of listening to his brother, who in no uncertain terms sets things straight, with no deflection. Ric also disengages himself from Julian’s employ, and girds himself to win back the one thing he truly wants.  Alexis happens to stumble onto their conversation, and after Ric leaves, makes it clear to Julian that they need to decide where this thing between them is going. This being an open gallery where anyone can and does walk in, he –erm—shows her where he stands.

Also Next Week – Anna gives a stressed Lulu some much-needed reassurance and support, while Nik breaks the news to Spencer about Britt and Ben. Spencer wants to tell his father about what he heard in the stables, but will Nik listen? Luke assures Julian he’s covered tracks with Sonny.  Nathan is rubbed the wrong way by Port Charles’ newest resident. 


Karma Police:  Radiohead, OK Computer
Half of My Mistakes: Radney Foster, This World We Live In
Torn Between Scylla and Charybidis: Trivium, Shogun 

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