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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of June 2 - Clutching Cloud Nine

Clutching Cloud Nine

A History of Violence

Only a short time ago, Julian Jerome was brimming with confidence and optimism.  He had—he thought—divested himself of the organization into which he was practically born, but over which he has no evident control or power. He and Alexis embarked on a new phase in their relationship, and his children were meeting him halfway in his desire to be family to them – something he has really wanted since he was small—a real family with real care and love and support, and not so much the kind of family you end up having to shoot. However, shots were fired anyway, and now Lucas is lying in a hospital bed recovering from his wounds, stalked by the nemesis 
no one knows about but Julian himself.  The father, desperate to protect the son and everyone else he loves, has played a difficult gambit, and he feels cornered at every turn.  To Lucas, he promises vigilant protection, but is it a promise he can really keep? And when Alexis has to break some very difficult news to Molly about Ric, it is Molly herself who begins to have suspicions about Julian’s actions.

Cruel Intentions

After dropping Ava’s luggage off with a thud and a muttered curse, Sonny knows the crap is really about to hit the fan, but before it does, he wants to make sure Ava’s actually telling the truth about being pregnant. After informing Carly of this latest wrinkle in the de La Renta, Sonny considers his next move very carefully – and then, takes charge.

Carly and Morgan are broadsided, and Morgan himself, understandably, wants answers too.  After his father begs him for forgiveness, Morgan and Kiki talk about the shocking development and the quandary in which he is mired.   Carly, for her part, is livid, and this time she and Ava don’t hold back, unleashing fury which hell hath no equal and drawing definite battle lines in the brimstone.

Music and Lyrics

Nathan is a good guy. One would not be surprised to peek in his closet and find a superhero costume in there, because he just has that aura of Truth, Justice, and…well, you know.  But having come into the information – via the parting shot from Mama Maddie – that his sister is still alive, he grapples with whether or not to tell Silas.  On the one hand, it is the truth, and Silas, as Nina’s husband, deserves to know. On the other hand, what on earth could he possibly do about it, and what purpose would it serve? Silas is finally free of the shadow of suspicion which hung over him for two decades, and he’s happy in a new relationship.  It’s a difficult decision, so…Nathan focuses on being there for Maxie at her custody hearing, providing much-needed moral support while Mac and Levi have a tense exchange off in their own corner. When Nathan is then informed of some confusing new information, he and Maxie share a close moment, bonding even more in shared commiseration.

Silas and Sam’s relationship has deepened to a new level of intimacy, as they prepare to celebrate Danny’s second birthday – a birthday that a year ago was engulfed in bleak panic and tears. Now Danny is fully in remission and happily toddling about the penthouse, exploring and digging and wreaking general mayhem, to the delight of everyone who loves him.  His birthday, therefore, is cause for celebration for many people, and promises to be a memorable and eventful day.  Later, Sam confides in her mother about her relationship with and feelings for Silas, who for his part, reassures her about his own.

Also Next Week:  Patrick and Sabrina begin to wonder if their accident wasn’t an accident. Patrick and Elizabeth spend some time bonding over their current situations and families. Sam finds out that Rafe is in trouble, and Carly has an idea for a discouraged and stymied Franco’s artistic muse.

A History of Violence:  (2005) Director – David Cronenberg; Writers – John Wagner, Vince Locke
Cruel Intentions:  (1999) Director – Roger Kumble; Writers – Choderlos de Laclos, Roger Kumble
Music and Lyrics:  (2007) Director – Marc Lawrence; Writers – Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Scott Porter, Nick Bacon 

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