Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of June 9 - One Hundred Years Later

  One Hundred Years Later

The Lay of our Love

With Nina’s abrupt resurgence onto the living landscape, everyone in her time warped orbit is reeling from the shockwave, floundering for purchase and trying to figure out how to proceed.  Nathan is confused but happy to see his sister conscious and cognizant, almost instantly pledging his fealty  with no reservations and with the pure intent of a five-year-old, worshipful brother. Silas and Sam are both stunned, with Silas groping for some form of cognition in the haze.  Having held back telling Nina about his love for Sam, he struggles with the decision as to how to break the news and when. However, events make him realize he can’t delay the inevitable any longer – he has to make a choice and follow through. 

The situation is equally distressing for Sam, who wants to be gracious and patient – but she’s as human as anyone else, and would prefer a resolution sooner than later.  When she is asked to investigate the culprit responsible for Patrick and Sabrina’s accident, she agrees – glad to help her friends and perhaps to give herself something else to focus on at the moment.

High n’ Dry

Still squirming under Fluke’s thumb, Julian remains conflicted about staying in the business and wanting to smash his way out with whatever cudgel he can find available.  But he’s trapped by his overarching concern for his children, which makes him an unwilling and disgruntled minion. Dutifully, he gives Jordan new instructions on the next phase of operations, and Jordan, who has important decisions of her own to make, manages to suss out some key information during their meeting. Later in the course of the day, her travels find her in a dicey situation alongside none other than the Police Commissioner.

Not to Touch the Earth

  Ric, the cudgel of the moment, is cooling his heels in hoosegow as his friends and foes alike plot for and against him in a battle that might rival the Five Armies. Anna, fed up with constantly being stymied, informs him of new evidence in his case, and despite a fiery row with Duke, proceeds doggedly on her chosen course.   When shots are fired at the station, someone goes down – and as loved ones mourn the victim, Anna takes charge and quickly establishes her new endgame strategy that will – hopefully – topple the mob as a whole in Port Charles.

Also This Week:  Rafe has a memory of something horrific.  Morgan leans on Michael for support while Sonny and Ava continue to intimidate and taunt each other in their own private revival of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.  Levi and Maxie argue, and Britt’s jealousy over Elizabeth and Nik may tempt her to revert back to form.

The Lay of Our Love:  Tyr, Valkyrja
High n’ Dry: Def Leppard, Pyromania
Not to Touch the Earth:  The Doors, Waiting for the Sun 

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