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The Player With Another Face - GH Preview for week of September 8

The Player With Another Face

Alcmene, Jouis de Bonheur

For a guy who thinks there’s nothing left to tell and no reason to feel pinpricks of uneasy guilt, Patrick sure is indulging in a lot of stop-and start confessionals and blue-tint flashback lately. Jason’s dead, and why would it matter to Sam to know that now? Not like she has a right to know, or might want to bury the body, or check it out herself, or…well, anything like that.  It’s only lying if Jason is alive, right? Which he’s not, because Robin told him so, and Robin would have no reason to lie, right? None at all – except big beefy armed guards, sinister slithering Cassadines, and a bug-eyed, shaky misdirect from a woman he knows better than he knows himself? – might be a few clues.


But Spencer interrupts the latest almost-torrent of confession and drops the Fluke bomb on the disbelieving and shocked adults, who, with some prodding and help from Emma, finally unburdens the information he’s been harboring for the last six months. Even though the scenario before them seems outlandish, Sam and Patrick agree it needs checking. And when Sam prods him once again about what he was going to tell her, Patrick brushes it off – in light of this new information, what he was going to say isn’t all that important.

They regroup later to figure out the next move, and Danny pays a visit as they’re formulating a plan.  The little boy’s presence reminds Patrick of Gabriel, bringing the loss more acutely home of what might have been and can’t be anymore. Sam’s instinct is to be cautious and careful in this investigation, and she’s probably right.  After walking in on a potentially explosive moment between Nina and Rosalie, Silas has told his wife about Sam’s trip to the Crichton clinic—which raises Nina’s hackles and may have painted a brand new target on Sam’s back.

Damon and Pythias

Locked up together in an unfamiliar place, Lulu and Dante have some time to catch up and talk about things – their captors, her father, how weird things are lately. When they discover the identity of their captor and, horrifyingly, also realize his plans, it’s made very clear to them how badly they need to get out and alert the authorities.
Elsewhere in the building, Nathan has bonded with the guards through contact sport, had his DNA stolen and sent to a presumably more reliable laboratory than the one at GH, and had a candid conversation with companion-in-chains Maxie – about their feelings, about how weird things are, and about how they really need to get out of here and alert the authorities.  A new plan for escape may bring them both more shocks than they bargained for as they roam the halls of Crichton, trying to avoid the Minotaur and searching for cracks.


Meanwhile, the authorities are loaded for bear and ready to go – if only they knew where to go and what bear to hunt.  Anna butts heads with Obrecht, grappling with her nemesis as each tries to get what she wants from the other. But it is Britt who convinces Mutter to finally lay down arms long enough to help save the captives – among whom is Britt’s brother and Liesl’s imperiled son.  Anna is shocked at the revelations, and in utter disbelief when Obrecht reveals the true nature of Victor’s status in the scheme of things. Determined, she
ushers the assistance of her enemy in a rescue attempt – but Liesl may have other plans which don’t include anyone but a certain Armani-clad puppetmaster.

Also:   Jordan attempts to pry the boss’ identity out of Ava, but Ava’s sudden pregnancy alarm forestalls her. Sabrina is solicitous when they arrive at the hospital, but has her own agenda. Upon pressure from Nina, Rosalie attempts to drive a wedge between Kiki and Michael. Levi wants payback, and Victor wants answers.


Alcmene, Jouis de Bonheur:  Chantal Santon, Intermede
Damon and Pythias:  Michael Forestieri, Growng Strong
Thermopylae:  White Summer, White Summer

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