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The Glacier Chase - GH Preview for Week of September 2

  The Glacier Chase

In 19 BBY, Anakin Skywalker fell, consumed by rage and grief and ultimately hubris.  Having had prophetic dreams about losing that which he loved and cherished most, he spent all of his time pursuing ways of preventing those dreams from becoming reality. Secret piled upon secret, lie upon lie, until he was isolated from those he should have trusted and vulnerable to those who lay in wait. The singular pursuit of his goal made the outcome almost inexorable – a slow, gathering revelation that gained momentum with each missed chance for truth and trust.  In using any and every means available to stop his own prophecy and the reveal of what he had done, he all but willed their manifestation. 

Cold Sweat 

Carly is feeling cornered and increasingly anxious as moments tick by; there are so many things hidden in dark corners which threaten to spill out into the light. Her world is contracting to focus on very specific, precarious points with very few avenues of relief.  Ironically, one such avenue happens to be her ex-husband, who is both one of her dark corners and shares another. He is both conspirator and conundrum, and the inexorable weight of both is taking a toll on whatever equilibrium she has.  When she talks to him about her fears of exposure and the inevitable fallout, Sonny comforts her, calming her down and offering what support he can – while unbeknownst to both of them, the touchy tete-a-tete is inadvertently overheard by possibly one of the worst persons imaginable.


While Carly and Sonny are trying their best to stuff their secrets out of sight, Ava is still determined to find them and hang them out on the line. She has a few walls of her own closing in on her, and like the preservationist she is, senses she’s marked by more than one enemy.  Ava knows her life depends on finding the leverage she needs over Sonny – and that she has very little time left.  She attempts once more to convince her onetime paramour Franco to help her – further cementing Franco in the mind-boggling position of Secret-Keeper and Go-To Guy for half the women in Port Charles.


Sabrina’s time in Puerto Rico gave her a pause and a chance to regroup and recuperate – which is a good thing, because the discoveries are coming thick and fast now that she’s back home in Port Charles, stunning her all over again and stirring an implacable resolve.  With Silas’ help, Patrick is able to unearth some new information, which he then shares with Sabrina.  The two find themselves vehemently at odds, disagreeing about who is responsible for Gabriel’s death.  Sabrina is convinced she not only knows – but she has spoken to the culprit.  Angry and resolute, she rejects Patrick’s position and takes one of her own, vengeance in one hand and a reckoning in the other.

Having received shocking and devastating news of her own, Nina is unwavering in her pursuit of  her own reclamation and informing Silas of her wish to go ahead with plans for a baby – plans she also shares with the ever-more omniscient Franco.  Rosalie is becoming wary and suspicious of her employer’s new resolve, with good reason – as Nina draws her into a new conspiracy to take down the next person on The List.


Ever since Rafe’s death, things have been in upheaval for Silas Clay, and the better part of his time since burying his nephew has been spent with the broken pieces.  The shift in his relationship with Nina has caused him no small amount of confusion, and he struggles to reconcile his feelings about it. Offering a sounding board is his ever more supportive and surprisingly objective daughter, who has her own suspicions and thoughts about her father and Nina.  Candidly, she gives Silas her perspective on the situation, and perhaps in the process, allows him a new view on it as well. 

After her recent trip to the Crichton clinic, Sam possesses an even firmer conviction that Nina is lying – and lying about more than just her ability to walk.  Seeking out Silas, she tells him of her concerns, warning him to be careful and not drop his guard.  As discoveries continue to unfold, Sam learns something she didn't expect -- and confronts Patrick with the fact that he knew – and didn’t tell her.

Also Next Week:  After talking to her mother, Britt starts questioning the true identity of Nathan’s father.  Levi takes extreme measures, and a new person is revealed in his master plan. Emma hears some startling information she shares with Spencer – who then makes a startling confession.  Alexis and Julian continue longing for one another, Franco tries making headway with Josslyn, and Carly asks a huge favor of Kiki.

Cold Sweat:  Band of Skulls, Himalayan 
Diary:  Alicia Keys, The Diary of Alicia Keys 
Imogene:  Gretchen Peters, Halcyon 
Blackbird:  Marcy Playground,  Leaving Wonderland …In a Fit of Rage 

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