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Hard Landing - Easton and Perkins' CREDENCE

Hard Landing

Michael Easton and Stephen Perkins

Michael Easton’s books are not for the faint of heart, but then, the things that make you think and shake usually aren’t.  As with his ethereal and moving Soul Stealer trilogy, Easton’s Credence is thought-provoking, frightening, saddening, shocking and encouraging at different turns of the page.

From Blackwatch Comics

Detective Danny Credence has a gold shield and some dubious morals. An insolent man in a profane society, the madness doesn’t stop when he walks out the precinct doors…he’s more than the tough, ruthless cop he’d like you to think he is. In his heart and his head he knows. The criminality of the world is only a symptom. What eats away at him is the deeper sickness of a society in which notoriety and self-exploitation are the cornerstones of success.

All this comes to a boil when Credence finds out he’s just been scratching the surface of human depravity.  His latest assignment is about to drag him under, bringing him face to face with a new kind of evil. Every violent, wicked moment in his miserable life has been a buildup to this reckoning…

Credence is dirty, gritty, profane, messy, angry, and naked. There is no cover or artifice to filter the confrontation, no blunting of the ragged edge. It’s right in your face – the sex, the violence, the profanity and depravity – and the stubborn, inexplicable perseverance of Danny Credence – and the spark of resolution somewhere inside him that says there’s got to be something, anything – better than what he sees and feels.  And it’s damn good story.

This is not a book you read leisurely. It’s packed, dense, and demanding; you better pay attention, or you’ll find yourself in a back alley somewhere in this universe and no one will find you.  Easton grabs you by the throat with the narrative, while Perkins holds you rapt with his masterful artwork, until you are dropped in a heap at the end of the story. Then you’re gonna want to go back and read it again after either a Scotch or a brisk walk.

You might think that, given the subject matter, Credence is depressing, and yes, sometimes it picks up pieces of festering rage and holds them right under your nose. But ultimately, Easton’s books are about going to the bottom--the darkest, coldest, dirtiest parts of a human being – and still finding light.

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Wow. That sounds amazing. I still haven't read Soul Stealer, though I definitely will. Think I'll read those first before jumping into this new one.

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