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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of November 25 - Unboxing



The way the human animal deals with loss is as different and unique as humans themselves, with shades and layers and colors which impact themselves and those around them in various ways. Each loss is different, so each person’s reaction will be equally singular and personal. Our histories are our own, and the history we make for ourselves we carry with us into new experiences.

Maxie is plummeting. The validity or irresponsibility of her decisions nothwithstanding, she has labored under a deception that has weighed on her for the better part of the year, and it’s all out now. She has caused unyielding grief to a woman she considered a friend and is herself emotionally prostrate, wrung out, from the crushing weight of her own consequences. She resists when a very worried Mac and Felicia implore her to accompany them to Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding, instead making a foolish attempt at seeing her daughter. But a rather surprising obstacle is thrown in her path.


Anna is pissed. She’s been holed up in her daughter’s former prison for days with her sarcastic, acerbic ex-husband, anguished over whether Robin is alive or dead, and hasn’t had a decent shower in days. Now, having cuffed a complaining Jerry Jacks to the bed in Luke’s hotel room, all she wants is to get her hands on Faison, and not in the way he’s been dreaming for thirty years. 
Obrecht is equally pissed, because she knows that it probably won’t make any difference how much fire and brimstone Anna rains down on the Danish; he’s gonna take it as some kind of validation. Longing for payback, Liesl contemplates an idea of how she might be able to get it. The rage meter hits Defcon 1, as Anna and Robert discover they’re missing the Danish, plus a gambler and a prince. When their location is discovered, time is not on their side.

Love is the Seventh Wave

Despite himself, Patrick is curious when Ava, playing proxy for Carlos, dispatches the news of Robin’s status as an actual living person. But is there any reason for him to believe a veritable stranger -- who is helping the man who wants Sabrina back? Patrick has had a lot to deal with lately, but having this drop on his wedding day is enough to make him want a do-over of the bachelor party. 

Sabrina is over the moon when her cousin Juan shows up for her big day, and who has brought a special surprise for her. Emma and Felix, both equally giddy and excited, help with  the bridal preparations while Patrick plays host and greets the guests as they arrive at the decked-out church. Things finally get under way after a few minor hitches and snafus – but is there any real doubt that there will be at least one more before this is over?

Also next week: Britt runs into Brad when she goes to fetch Luke’s bubbling bloody brew at the lab, while Bobbie Spencer comes to call on her brother and gets a jarring surprise instead.

Thursday, November 28 – Encore Halloween Episode: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Song Titles:

True:  Spandau Ballet, True
Shakedown:  Bob Seger, Greatest Hits Vol.2
Love is the Seventh Wave: Sting, The Dream of the Blue Turtles

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait. Wonder what Maxie's obstacle is.

Any news on a Quartermaine Thanksgiving?

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Thanks, Teresa! No, sadly, I have no information of a Q Thanksgiving, but who knows? :)

Anonymous said...

Awww... I look forward to that EVERY year. Hope they don't skimp on it. I know it's a little busy with all the s/l's going on right now, but I'll be P.O.'d if they skip the Q Thanksgiving.