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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of November 4 - Day for Night

Day for Night

Cat’s in the Cradle

Say what you will about Michael “Sonny” Corinthos – he’s a killer, he’s a gangster. He’s a womanizer and an opportunist. He’s smart and he’s canny and he’s manipulative; he’s vulnerable and lost and groping for light. Love him or loathe him, there is one thing that no one can argue – that he loves his children with ferocity and passion.  To him, they are the Omega to his Alpha, the mortar in the cracks of his morality.  To him, they are the good things he will leave behind – proof of not only his legacy, but of whatever decency he might have. Sometimes the sins of the father are not visited upon his sons.

Sometimes the son embraces and surpasses them.

Sonny is feeling back in control and confident, knowing what he knows about Julian Jerome and Derek Wells. What he doesn’t know is the fox is in the henhouse, and when D.A. Lazaro drops by for a visit to discuss the matter, neither is aware their conversation is being overheard.  Morgan, having proven his quality to his father’s enemy, is tasked with new responsibility when he meets with Julian – a meeting that is witnessed and misinterpreted by Franco.  Later, Olivia sees Morgan give something to Scott Baldwin and it isn’t until it's almost too late that, to her horror, she connects the dots – presumably without a single jackal in sight.  Sonny is devastated, and even though Olivia once again tries to reason with him, he is determined to make an end of things.

Sugar We’re Going Down

Misinterpretation seems to be the breakfast of champions this week; this time it’s Carly, when she interrupts Franco and Diane and misconstrues their interactions. Franco confides in Carly about seeing Derek and Morgan in suspicious circumstances. Later, Max sees Diane with the increasingly neurotic artist, and he misinterprets – completely oblivious to the fact that the tumor-tossing attorney still carries a torch for him.  Diane, meanwhile, is preoccupied with the very real worry that the actual artist whose work Franco has absconded might find out what he’s done. And of course, the real artist shows up, bright and early for the gallery show. 

Scotty, riding a wave of confidence after putting to effective use what Morgan gave him, is more expansive than usual. He and Lucy are cooking up plans, just like the old days, only this time it’s actually stuff that could benefit people. But someone else has other plans, and it all comes to a rolling, Valdez-worthy crash and spill at the gallery opening. Franco’s eggshell walk crunches beneath his Manolos when he is asked to explain a particular piece of work. He is stymied to the point of blithering when Heather steps in with a confession that results in utter chaos, mayhem, and above-the-fold headlines.

I’m Yours

Back from New York City, Sam and Silas are fortified with new information they intend to use carefully.  Silas goes to Kiki, giving her the background they learned about Ava, and Silas tells his daughter that Mom may very well still be in the thick of nefarious activity.  Sam, meanwhile, goes to pay a visit to Auntie Ava, and it’s a fair bet to say that after the encounter, Ava’s going to need a lot of bourbon.

Sam can’t really abide Franco; this really isn’t a surprise – there’s a lot of blood under that bridge. But she is curious and intrigued by his apparent charity and interest in donating proceeds of the gallery sales to leukemia research. So she and Silas decide to go to the opening together in their third attempt at a date. Both decide to play their cards close to the vest, throwing distraction from their suspicions by professing that they may need Derek’s help in the future.  Ava, who has grown more apprehensive and edgy about the opening since Sam’s visit, didn’t want Derek to be there at all, but when Bedlam is loosed among the canvas BLT’s, she urges her brother to leave before things get worse. Sensing a threat, Silas becomes protective of Sam and calls the police, while the two of them find themselves chagrined at their inability to have even one normal date.

Also Next Week:  Carly reaches out to Franco, while Michael and Kiki consider Morgan’s reasons for staying with Ava.  Scott worries for his future, and Sonny denies accusations hurled by Lazaro.


Cat’s In the Cradle: Harry Chapin, Verities and Balderdash
Sugar We’re Going Down: Fall Out Boy, Under the Cork Tree
I’m Yours:  Jason Mraz, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. 

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Thank you so much for posting. I have been waiting impatiently for your update and you didn't disappoint!

Tired of Carly's "misinterpretations" already. Can't wait for the mayhem of the gallery and I can't help but wonder what Sam is going to say to Auntie Ava.
And what the hell is this threat against Sam? I can't think of anything (I mean, her past is FULL of enemies).