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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of November 18 - Light Refraction

Light Refraction

Never Going Back Again

The courthouse has a full schedule and plenty of shenanigans this week, between a custody drama, a murder trial, lawyers in love and a reeling, newly-daddied District Attorney. Diane is first out of the gate, cornering Dante in the witness box and bringing her formidable skills to bear on his increasingly shaky resolve.  He knows Lulu lied under oath; the question is, can Diane wrench the truth out of him, or will he withstand the onslaught?  After he is flung, wrung out and exhausted from the stand, Spinelli steps up to give his own heartfelt testimony, and that’s enough for the judge, who proclaims he is ready to rule on the case.  Things begin to unravel very quickly after that, but the fallout has to relocate, since the courtroom is needed for Round 2: AJ’s Murder Trial.
The Quartermaine scion has been cooling his heels in the dungeon of the PCPD, where he has only been able to send paper airplane emails and crudely scratched messages on the bottom of plastic plates. Now, finally, after months of waiting and agitating, his murder trial is commencing. Monica, Michael, and Kiki are there to support him – but the person he most hopes will be there is initially nowhere in sight.  When Liz does show up, AJ is at first heartened and encouraged – but that may not last long.  Nobody is surprised when Sonny points an accusing finger from the stand, testifying about AJ’s assault on Connie.  What causes consternation is when Scott calls Olivia to give evidence – and then introduces hotel security tapes form the night of the murder – tapes that were previously thought to be lost. Scott’s puffed and strutting with satisfaction at this bombshell, but the other bombshell in the room – Diane – challenges him.

Witchy Woman

It’s not easy having a romance in Port Charles these days.  There are all kinds of obstacles to overcome and mountains to climb – the machinations and manipulations of outside forces, the growing pains of change and evolution, the bitterness of child custody,  or just the simple onus of being dead. But the hardest challenge – the one that makes everything else pale by comparison, the one that makes any new couple tentatively groping towards ecstasy tremble in apprehension – the interruption.

Nikolas and Britt are finally engaged in the clinch. It’s a moment of triumph for two absolutely stunning, strong, and angst-ridden characters with great hair to experience, but sadly – and suspiciously like another follically-fabulous duo – someone else barges into the moment with all the finesse of a drunken kangaroo. Faison is atwitter and aghast; Liesl is behaving in a manner most unlike herself, and his world is tilting on its axis even further than is normal for him. And an unhappy Faison just annoys the hell out of everyone, including Robin, who understandably has a lot on her mind and isn’t in the mood for his usual brand of menace. 

Anna and Robert live up to their training and years of experience, finally busting out of the calculus-laden prison in which their daughter formerly languished, and Anna watches, gobsmacked, when Obrecht takes action of her own.   Now it’s a question of who gets to the wedding on time.

 Alive and Kicking

Carlos is thinking. He’s thinking hard. He’s thinking he knows that girl he saw in the lab; he’s seen her before somewhere, but he just can’t place it. So he keeps thinking. And while he’s thinking, he has another go at Sabrina, predicting dire and catastrophic outcomes if she goes forward with the wedding. Predictably,  she sloughs this off as sour grapes and heads off, presumably for another fitting with Felix. Morose, Carlos finds a friendly ear and shoulder in Ava. Yeah, Ava.

Felix, busy with preparations and happier than a pig in mud, finds himself warming a little more to Brad, who almost – and unintentionally – gives away the game about the girl in the lab.  Patrick is the kangaroo this time when he stumbles on a close moment between Felix and Brad, but Felix takes the opportunity to ask Patrick about his true commitment to Sabrina – who has told Felix about her most recent run-in with Carlos.

Back on Spoon Island, Luke shows up, looking for answers and proclaiming he’ll go back to Cassadine Island with or without Nik. Unaware that Anna and Robert have scuppered the League of Doom’s master plan, Nik tries to persuade Luke otherwise, but of course that’s no good. There’s only one thing that would possibly stop Luke from crashing the castle, and it may give him another heart attack.

Venus in Overdrive

On the day of the wedding, Liz and Patrick struggle to recover from the bachelor party, Felix is in a rapture of last-minute preparations which even Maxie would admire, and Robin is contemplating the wisdom of revealing herself to her loved ones.  There are ramifications, and it’s not going to be as simple as just picking up where she left off. Does she have the right to interfere in a relationship which Patrick so clearly cherishes? And what about Emma? Robin knows things will come to a head as the cure she has finally formulated is due to mature almost at the moment Patrick and Sabrina say their vows. 

Also Next Week:  Mac and Patrick have a heart-to heart, and a surprise visitor has a special gift for Sabrina. Felix is outraged and creeped out when he finds out about Carly’s tryst with Franco, while Franco is creeped out by the possibility Mom might be perambulating again. Britt realizes her mother has disappeared, Luke faces off with an old enemy, and an emotional reunion takes place. 


Never Going Back Again:  Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
Witchy Woman: The Eagles, The Eagles
Alive and Kicking: Simple Minds, Once Upon a Time
Venus in Overdrive: Rick Springfield, Venus in Overdrive 

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