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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of November 11 - Pocket Change and Paper Hearts

Pocket Change and Paper Hearts

 Change The World

Silas and Sam have been hanging in with a united resolve all evening – playing Greek chorus/peanut gallery to near perfection. The evening hadn’t started out auspiciously, with their initial, divergent gut reactions to the artwork. Then Ava started spilling Derek’s beans, inaugurating the real displays of the evening – and Silas was for all the world goosing Sam, saying, “Get the beer! The show is about to start!”

Of course it was a careening slide from there, punctuated by catfights, BLT’s, and mercifully flowing whiskeys.  Dizzy from the carousel of revelations, the two grab some time alone to commiserate over the story so far and share a quiet, intimate moment before the next wave starts.  Which it does, and on several fronts.  When it’s all over, both are reeling from the implications and revelations. Sam and Silas run home to make sure Danny is safe, find they are alone again…and maybe this date isn’t going to end the way it looked like it started.  

When Sonny, beside himself with grief and rage at Morgan’s deception, confronts his son in front of the entire town, it’s too much for the conflicted, embattled, and bitter younger son, who runs from the family conflagration – as his older brother chases after him. 

The two have finally reached the point where things either have to come to a head or break – or both, and it is a violent, furious, and dangerous clash from which neither will emerge unscathed or unchanged. Michael ends up in dire, life-threatening circumstance as his mother happens along to find him. Sonny, worn out, heartsick, and taken to pieces from what he’s learned, turns to Olivia when the shouting stops.

All in a Family

Baby Connie is, sadly, becoming the rope and the prize in the single-minded tug of war between two mothers. Maxie, Lulu, and their respective clans – Felicia, Dante, Spinelli, and their lawyers  -- gather at the courthouse for the custody fight, and the gloves were never on.  Witnesses are called to give evidence in heartbreaking ways – including Maxie herself, who is forced to relive and re-tell some of her most painful experiences to the entire room. Her evisceration only fuels her rage, however.  She knows where the secrets of her adversary lie buried – and she tells Diane to fire back in equal measure at Lulu. 

Luke and Tracy are at the hospital to run some follow-up tests on Luke’s condition, and are stunned when Lulu and Dante fill them in on what they missed during the Cassadine caper. They end up babysitting Connie together, while Ellie draws Luke’s blood sample for tests.

Wracked with despair, indecision, and grief, Spinelli is probably as much in the middle as his infant daughter, and is truly at a loss for what the right thing is to do.  He confesses to Ellie that Diane suggested a radical solution to him – but is it the right way to go?

Strong Enough To Break

That blood sample Ellie took from Luke is what Robin is itching to have, determined to whip up a savory antidote for her salty Australian nemesis so that she can step back into her old shoes again. She makes a beeline for her old lab, and is shaken by the onslaught of memories from the last time she was there – that time when she ‘died’, everything she loved was ripped and torn and left for debris, and she mourned a life that moved without her.

Sabrina catches up to Patrick just as he is on the way to the very same lab, and the two happily discuss their wedding plans – both having told Emma they’re getting hitched next week. Felix is already in an ecstasy of tulle, lace, and embroidered angels as he brings upon Sabrina enough white dresses to cover Kilimanjaro. 

This does not make Carlos happy, and he again darkens the Drake door to plead his case with an exasperated Sabrina, with little success. Undaunted, he stakes out the hub—but instead of Sabrina, he runs into someone else.

Also Next Week:  Carly tries to make Franco realize her feelings aren’t about pity, while the despondent artist receives an ominous delivery.  Scott frets about the scandal knocking him off the DA running before he even starts the job. Robert and Anna cook up an escape plan. Britt gives Nik support, while Felix and Brad get closer, and Olivia tries to let Sonny of the hook easy.


Change the World:  Eric Clapton, Phenomenon
All in a Family:  Loudon Wainwright, Older Than My Old Man Now
Strong Enough To Break: Hanson, Underneath

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Debbie Corte said...
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Debbie Corte said...

I am really loving these previews! I wish I could take a vacation next week to watch live!

Unknown said...

ROBIN! I see her name so I will watch! GO GIRL! I just feel sorry and disappointed with Patrick. He should beat himself up for a long time for his quest to "move on". The not taking a lot of time (years) to just grieve and adjust on his own. That's probably what Robin really expected.

Unknown said...

Well really the pod Patrick thing is the writers. I hope the writers do not mess up Robin's Return and her/Scrubs life after they reunite. Robin and Patrick have been through horrible experiences I expect to see lots of prolonged pain ONSCREEN as each character survives this, especially Robin.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kimberly McCullough for coming back! I really can't watch GH without Robin and Scrubs.

Anonymous said...

I hope Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) stays for along time. I really enjoy Robert and Anna Devane. The seriously need to get back together!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say I FLOVE your previews into the next week? Thanks so much for the update. Can't wait for the Siam loving, the hopefully Morgan pounding, the Brik closeness, and I want Patrick to be slapped for rushing this ridiculous marriage.

Roc N Rose said...

Wow, Angela, another colorful commentary. It's going to be an action-packed week! From the hint of 'romance' (again), to brother against brother, to baby Connie or baby Georgie (who's it going to be?), to a race against time for cures and weddings. You never fail to entertain...Thanks so much. :)

Anonymous said...

Gee I was mislead by other spoilers that said Olivia comforts Sonny so I was expecting them to get closer like sex. But this spoiler says that Sonny
tries to let Olivia down easily . Bummer