Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Far From Over - GH Wednesday Bullet for December 4, 2013

Far From Over

Port Charles reels from yet another mindblowing revelation

Sam and Silas run into Julian

A distraught Sabrina finds a willing shoulder

Sonny extends an offer to Duke 


Anonymous said...

ANOTHER revelation? What am I missing? Do we the audience know? My mind is reeling.
And yay! Siam returns!

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Your mind is reeling? Good! That's good soap!! :D

Anonymous said...


So damn happy to see Sam & Silas. Though many have called them recently scene fillers, I think of them more as scene stealers, the way they've been playing their parts. But I am so glad to see them back front and center in their own storylines.