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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of Dec. 9 - Practicing Kisses

Practicing Kisses

Heartache Tonight

For Sabrina, the last twenty-four hours have been a challenge to her sanity, her self-control, and her tear ducts. She’s just left her former lover and her former almost-husband to paw and snort as they glower menacingly at each other, while all she wants is a hot bath and a carton of Chunky Monkey. 

Unfortunately, her morning isn’t going to get any easier. Robin shows up at the door, and while she expresses her gratitude to Sabrina for taking care of Emma, she wants her family back. To Felix’s later outrage, Robin asks an already-unnerved Sabrina to let Patrick go – and Sabrina tells Felix she wants this to be Patrick’s decision.

For his part, Patrick isn’t doing much better. His daughter, understandably confused, just wants everyone to be happy and is struggling with her joy at having her mother back, juxtaposed with the love she has for Sabrina. Once again, Patrick goes to the woman in his life who has always been his rock – Epiphany Johnson, who may be able to help him begin putting things in perspective. 

After being instructed—emphatically—by an incensed Dr. Drake to steer clear of Sabrina, Carlos is feeling pretty confident despite the dire warning. Carlos isn’t particularly concerned about Patrick, and he’s probably right – seeing as Sonny and Shawn show up to collect him for a chat.   Carlos, desperate, is going to have to do some epically fast talking to convince Sonny he’s worth more alive than dead.


AJ Quartermaine may be the only person in Port Charles having a worse day than Sabrina.  His murder trial is slaloming towards the cliffhanger, and things do not look good for him, particularly after Ava’s calculated turn in the witness box.   Diane takes her client aside and gives him an ultimatum, and he subsequently gives a statement to the court. 

Scott Baldwin, sniffing blood, moves in for the final coup de gras – skewering AJ on cross, and delivering what he clearly feels is a slam-dunk closing, after which the case goes to the jury and everyone settles in to wait for a verdict. . However, in a stunning turn of events, AJ never even makes it into handcuffs for the transfer back to his cell.

Heavy In Your Arms
Devastated and adrift after losing Connie, Lulu blames her husband for his failure to back her up in the custody hearing, confiding in Carly of her resentment and feelings of betrayal. Carly is sympathetic, but urges her cousin to re-examine her own part in the events; Dante is not totally to blame. Anguished, and finally unable to hold it in any longer, Lulu breaks down over the loss and the uncertainty of what happens next.

Sonny puts aside his goals of vengeance and mayhem long enough to counsel Dante to be proactive in saving himself, Lulu, and his marriage, and Dante agrees. After a long talk, he and Lulu muster the courage to try for another baby, even though Lulu is apprehensive. However, when they go to the hospital to start the ball rolling, they find there are some pieces missing.  

In This Life

Last time we saw Heather, she was in Franco’s hotel room, having produced a finely-honed cooking knife that could easily filet a rhinoceros, her expression full with satisfaction and anticipation. Her attempt at emulating Mrs. Bates, however, is waylaid by her not-so-dumb son, and the ensuing events reveal yet another stunner about Heather that have Franco twitching in his sleep, almost beside himself with anxiety. Finally, unable to deal with it on his own, he goes to a surprising source for help. When he asks Kevin Collins to take him on as a patient, the psychiatrist is reluctant – and wants to make up time for his wife. Franco, however, is desperate enough to beg – and when Kevin relents, he is shocked by what Franco tells him.

Lucy has been feeling neglected and abandoned, and in moments like those, she perhaps doesn’t have the best decision-making ability. Scott, ever pragmatic, reminds her about the comments she’s made about her marriage, but Lucy is feeling conflicted and wrestles with coming clean to her husband – and whether she and Scott can remain friends.

Concerned for their mutual brother’s safety, Sam goes to Carly and tells her about blurting Lucas’ name to Julian on the docks.  Both women debate whether or not to tell Bobbie, as Julian and Ava cudgel over the out-of-the-blue name.  Back at home, Sam, after a long year of changes, adversities overcome, and fears faced, opens her door to find Silas and a Christmas tree, ready to usher in the holiday and a new year. 

Also Next Week: Before leaving for Portland with Ellie, Spin makes a quick stop with a surprise visitor.  Britt and Nikolas decorate the Wyndemere Christmas tree with Spencer and Lesley, and Spencer, discerning as always, asks some very pointed questions.  Robert meets with Anna, who in turn wants Duke to promise he’ll stay clear of Julian—but Duke has a mind of his own, and takes Robert to task for facilitating Julian’s deception. 


Heartache Tonight:  The Eagles, The Long Run
3AM:  Edwin McCain, Honor Among Thieves
Heavy in Your Arms:  Florence and the Machine, Between Two Lungs
In This Life: Chantal Kreviazuk, What if it All Means Something 

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